The Sword Dynasty

340 Butterfly flapping wings

Geng Renping returned the gift peacefully, and then looked at Ding Ning and said, "Li Xixing has just been here. He had wanted to say goodbye to you, now he is gone."

Ding Ning was silent for a moment, and said, "He is a cherished friend."

After a pause, he asked again: "Where did he go?"

Geng Jian said exceptionally simply: "Outside the customs."

"Alright." Ding Ning thought for a while, raised his head, looked at Geng Blade, and said: "Uncle Geng Blade has thought of a way I can help Minshan Jianzong to make great achievements?"

Geng Jian looked at Ding Ning and did not answer the first time, but said: "Your brother Zhang Yi is going to Yan Chao."

Ding Ning frowned, "It's not like her arrangement."

Geng Jian nodded and said, "'Yi Xiao' met with Zhang Yi after he left Minshan Jianzong personally.'Yi Xiao' was one of the old leaders of Changling, so this should be their arrangement. "

Ding Ning thought about it silently, and then asked: "So what Minshan Jianzong thinks about what I do is related to Yan?"

Geng Jian looked at him and still didn't answer positively, saying: "You and Wang Taixu have an unusual relationship. We want to borrow Wang Taixu's power."

Ding Ning looked at Geng Jian and said seriously: "What do you want Wang Taixu to do?"

Geng Jian said: "I want him to go to Yan, so that he will no longer be the river and lake owl of Changling, but the river and lake leader of the capital of Yan."

After finishing this sentence, he felt that Ding Ning would be a little shocked. After all, a man who had established his foothold in Changling would have to cross thousands of mountains and rivers to go to a strange capital city to claim to be a hero. The capital city of the enemy.

But to his surprise, Ding Ning's expression was always calm.

"Why do you need to do this?" Ding Ning just asked calmly: "Why did Minshan Jianzong think so?"

Geng Ren said slowly: "Emperor Yuanwu was in the Shanshan League with a sword to fight against the three dynasties, but looking at the overall situation of the Lushan League, we still have a lot of doubts. Chu and Qi have done their best, Yan Xian Fu Zong is more than that. Ordinary practitioners may think that Immortal Fu Zong is slightly inferior to my Minshan Jianzong and Lingxu Jianmen, but we are very clear that this is not the case."

Ding Ning listened attentively, frowning unconsciously: "So you think Zheng Xiu may have another arrangement in Yan?"

Geng Jian nodded, his tone was plain, but he did not shy away, saying: "In Daqin, there is no power to make Minshan Jianzong unable to stand, but if the queen still has a powerful hidden chess, the result will be different. ."

"I will convince Wang Taixu to go to Yan Dynasty." Ding Ning said: "He will follow my advice."

Listening to Ding Ning's direct and affirmative answer, Geng Jian was a little bit stunned but unable to adapt.

Ding Ning continued: "In the dispute with the military general last year, most of his brothers have died. Although Xue Dong's relationship with the seven realms was finally revealed, he finally reached his status at this time, but the water mausoleum in Changling Qing, it was originally not suitable for people like them to survive. And I heard that Yanshang is more chaotic than Chudu. The more chaotic, the easier it is to gain a foothold."

Geng Jian nodded and said, "Emperor Yan sees the powerful foundation of Daqin and wants to learn the Qin Reform, but there are no people in Daqin who were able to overwhelm a group of Jiaolong. So now the capitals are indeed better than those of the reform. The Changling Mausoleum is even more chaotic."

After he paused, he looked at Ding Ning and said, "We are not proficient in the roads and rules between the cities and towns. You have such a close relationship with Wang Taixu, and it just happens to be suitable for you to go. It may be involved in such things, so all Minshan Jianzong practitioners who fall into the sight of Zheng Xiu will not go to Yan, but this does not mean that Minshan Jianzong has no sword to go to Yan."

"I understand this." Ding Ning glanced at him and said, "Anyone will hide a few swords in secret."

A rare light flashed in Geng Jian's eyes, which was a true love and appreciation for Ding Ning, and at the same time it was a joy to be able to fulfill things.

"As long as Wang Taixu departs to Yan, you can enter the sword tower to enlighten the celestial tactics.

"Being away from home is someone else's leaving home, but learning the supreme mentality of Minshan Jianzong is you but learning, but your business is doing really well." When Geng Jian left, Chang Sun Qianxue's cold voice sounded behind Ding Ning: "Yandu and Changling are far away, but if Zheng Xiu's hand has been reached, it will not be that simple, let alone you don't know the danger."

"Although it is dangerous, for our situation, this is his best retreat." Ding Ning turned to look at her delicate face, said: "You will not understand this."

"Some things, once you start the first step, you can't stop."

Looking at Chang Sun Qingxue, who no longer speaks, Ding Ning continued: "It stands to reason that if you really win by betting, Ye Celian guesses who you are and will come to see you soon. The more she doesn't show up, The more unusual it is, the more dangerous it is. Those who can walk away without getting involved are better off."

Long Sun Qianxue looked at him with a sardonic smile on his lips, wanting to ridicule him coldly, but somehow, he didn't want to say anything again today.

She turned around, took a deep breath, and looked down at the corner of the wall.

There was a bunch of dark flowers there, and a common yellow butterfly stopped on it.

Huang Die fluttered her wings gently without any wind, but in her heart, there was a big storm generating.


"The medicine was poured into the ditch by Ding Ning...that was the wine shop boy who had just won the first place of Minshan Jianhui. Zheng Xiu sent Rong Gong Nu to see him, and all the elixir he brought was poured into the gate of Moyuan In the ditch."

Ye Ce-Leng held a small paper roll with his fingers and told the contents of Bai Shanshui on his side, then a strange expression appeared on his face.

"During the heavy rain last year, I came back to meet Zhao Jianlu, the seventh apprentice of Zhao Jianlu. Since then, Changling, which has been quiet for a long time, seems to be in constant trouble. I remember I saw this young boy in the famous wine shop once that day."

The paper roll became inexplicably moist in her hands, and then slowly became as soft as blisters for a long time, and finally turned into pulp dripping from her fingers, she looked at the Baishan water with a weird expression, inexplicable smile Get up: "Think about it, it seems that the origin of all these storms comes from that day I glanced at this wine shop boy."

Bai Shanshui did not speak, looking at her strange smile, knowing that she didn't need to explain herself, she was close to the truth.

The country broke the family because of that man, and fell between the rivers and lakes, and the brother Fan Zhuo died because of the elder Sun Qingxue around the man’s disciple, and he met Li Yunrui because of the man’s disciple, even if he was seriously injured, but because of that. The disciples poured many elixir into the ditch, and Ye Ce was able to learn from each other and learned a lot, and gained many benefits. Even the long-lasting hidden injuries can be recovered, and cultivation can even progress.

In his own life, it seems that he has fallen into this fate long ago.

"The buildings and roads of your Changling Mausoleum are so square and square. Are your Mausoleums of the Qin people also square and square?" Bai Shanshui also smiled inexplicably, looking at Ye Celang and asked.

Ye Celian looked at her smile, looked at the eaves of Changling in the distance, and laughed again, "Do you mean that the entire Changling is like a tomb?"

"It's such a big tomb, I don't know how many heroes were buried. Those who are invincible at the same time will eventually become dry soil."

Bai Shanshui laughed without a ladylike appearance. There was nothing in front of her. She once again condensed a few drops of crystal water droplets, but this time the countless sword lights flashed, as if hiding countless smaller transparent swords.

Ye Celian's eyes flashed a flash of color in the depths of her eyes. She sincerely said: "Bai Shanshui, your sword is really strong."

Bai Shanshui gave her a glance and said sincerely: "My strongest is luck."

Ye Celen lowered his head and looked at his hands.

In comprehending the sword tactics and the methods of cultivation, she could not have been slower than Bai Shanshui.

Because she became a practitioner in Changling later than many people, but stepped into the Seven Realms faster than most people.

It's just that since the arrival of Bai Shanshui, guessing that the woman in the wine shop who was so beautiful that even Lilingjun was moved was the grandson Qian Xuexue who had a great relationship with the man, her mood was not as calm as it seemed on the surface.

Especially when it is determined that the successor of that person may really appear... her emotions fluctuate more intensely.

At this time, her hands were not trembling, but the vitality at the edge of the palm was like a subtle flow of water.

She thought that she had experienced countless winds and rains. Even the years before Yuanwu took the throne, she could bear it quietly, but after many years of waiting finally ushered in the results, she found that she was still unable to calm down.

She is very anxious.

"How long will it take you to recover?"

When she looked up again, she looked at Bai Shanshui and asked.

"Be patient."

Bai Shanshui looked at her and said, "It's only a few days before I can kill Shen Xuan."