The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 345 Return of Destiny

Practicing the truth is just the constant exploration of the mysteries of the body and the surrounding world, and to a certain level, many truths are common.

For some practitioners who already have practice experience unimaginable by ordinary people, many things only need to know the method.

Just like the lines running around the world for countless days, they all already know the existence of those lines, unlike ordinary practitioners, they don't even know where those lines are.

They only need to know the method, they only need to know which lines are useful, they only need to know how to touch those lines.

Or in the most apt words to describe, in the past years, countless excellent and extremely practitioners have been constantly trying to dial those lines in different orders and with different strengths to test the reactions.

Most of them are unsuccessful, because this process of temptation is also related to luck, but a small number of people have finally tried out powerful exercises, which has left many future chapters.

For those who have the same spiritual experience as those who are even higher than those, getting such a shocking chapter just directly omits the process of blind trial.

To anyone in Minshan Jianzong's eyes, Ding Ning is only a cultivator who first glanced at the door court. He needs to understand the simple runes, some things to be expressed in this book with no words, and related worlds. Both the vitality and the route take a long time.

Because even many geniuses who had arrived in the Seven Realms before Jianzong Minshan spent half of their lives, they did not realize all the true meaning of the continuation of God's tactics.

However, no one would think that the continuation of God's tactics is just a door for Ding Ning.

As if he just pushed it lightly, he opened the door easily in the early morning.

It only took a moment to push open the door, but it took many years to see the continuation of God's Secret and see the door.

What impressed him most at the moment was that the most noble hostess, Zheng Xiu, in the depths of the imperial palace could not see this supreme treasure of Minshan Jianzong, otherwise she would definitely be aware of this practice and what she had done. Some commonalities and similarities of the exercises will surely be obtained or destroyed at all costs.

If it were not for that year, the man and Baili Suxue had an evil relationship, and he would not enter Minshan Jianzong for life.

What if that person could enter Minshan Jianzong, and Zheng Xiu could follow him into Minshan Jianzong, so that he could also see this exercise?

So this is destiny.

The most speculative is fate.

Ding Ning breathed deeply, his eyes changed from sentimental to quiet again.

He slowly put away this sapphire scroll and put it in the box.

At the moment when he closed the sapphire box, the vitality no longer spewed out from the continuation of the God of Heaven. The hair he had been dancing began to droop, but at this time, the remaining sword on his waist was not The quivering stopped.

The true elements within him began to flow.

The countless silk filigree at the end of the last flower's residual sword began to shine slightly. At the moment when the countless small white flowers were in full bloom as usual, the tip of the sword filigree also began to shine, just like a starlight was coming out.

The five qi in Ding Ning's body itself has been unusually turbulent.

The five qi in the five internal organs radiated violently like a boiling steamer, and his five internal organs dried up like the water in the steamer.

When the water is dry, the pot will crack, and the five internal organs will be decaying.

At this time, the five qi in Ding Ning's sea burned violently.

The combustion produces a higher temperature, which makes the five qi more violent, and the water in these "pots" will soon be evaporated to dryness.

However, when these burning five gases collide and compress instantly in a small space, at extremely high temperatures, there will be countless silver bright lights generated, just like countless real stars formed in the explosion and combustion.

The vitality of the stars drifting away from the vast sky outside the body began to shake.

As the silver stars continue to compress in Ding Ning's body, like a magnet, the attraction of these thin stars has become greater and greater.

In countless unseen lines, those stars with the same nature as these silver stars are naturally absorbed, as countless unseen Yu Lin keeps infiltrating his body.

The five qi are still being forced out of the five internal organs and burning, but the star power that is constantly pouring from all directions is more than these burning five qi.

So the water in the "pots" in his body did not dry out, but slowly increased.

The dried meridians and flesh in his body were infiltrated, and they gradually became fuller and glowed with vitality.

This is a real sense of separation from death and rebirth.

The countless small silkworms hidden in the deepest part of his body also withstood the rain and dew, and became moisturized, suddenly burst into joy.

The piece of faint yellow flame that jumped like a figure in Wang Yubi's body in his arms seemed to sense something, and it was like a crazy surge like never before.

Ding Ning's eyes were closed, but his eyelashes could not help shaking.

He was shocked.

This is the speed of practice that even he can't imagine.

The nine dead silkworms and the continuation of the gods' tactics have already shown amazing effects. At this time, the effect of the human king Yubi is even stronger than usual!

With the passage of time, the real element that was flowing in a trickle in his body became more and more thick, and gradually began to be like a running river.

Those dry internal organs started to flow like springs that had accumulated a lot of clear water.

Even if he intentionally suppressed, he really broke through the four realms when he was at the Minshan Sword Society, and then he was seriously injured and did not have much time to practice. However, what shocked him was that the middle level of the four realms gave him the feeling that it was not far away. .


"Many destinies, gathered in Changling."

In the depths of the quiet palace, in the queen's study room, the queen Zheng Xiu stood in front of the Linglian Pond, looking at the aura of spirits permeating the white and flawless Linglian, facing the surname of Rong who bowed to the next head as usual. The maid said slowly: "As early as when my great Qin destroyed Han, there was already such a saying in the world. Because the brightest stars in the sky were always directly above the Changling Tomb, in many years in the past, the time Geographically, this statement has always been confirmed. My Daqin and Guanzhong are 800 li of fertile soil, and the weather has been smooth in the past few years. I have never encountered a natural disaster. What I was most worried about in the past was Zhao. The former Zhao dynasty was destroyed. No worries, all you need to worry about is Changling’s own business."

"There must be prestige before others can be afraid."

"But just like the rules of Minshan Jianzong, it also needs to make people feel that you have the rules, and also let people see that as long as Daqin's talents, you will retreat and tolerate, so that everyone will naturally focus on Daqin. "

"Everything is in the light. Everyone will only feel that I am bossy, but not too many other ideas."

After the Queen finished speaking these words, she really raised her head and looked at Rong’s maiden, saying, “As for you, you are a little afraid of Ding Ning’s talents. I’m afraid that after he got the continuation of God’s formula, he will practice faster and one day he will really challenge If you kill you, I can only tell you that since you are doing these things for me, I will naturally not let him have the opportunity to challenge you, and will not let such things happen. In his hand, it is naturally easier to obtain from him than in the sword tower of Jianzong Minshan." Rong Rong was not as afraid of the queen as the rest. She nodded quietly and said, "I understand Now."

"The only one who can really scare you over the years is this wine shop boy."

Looking at the respectful court lady who surrendered, Rong smiled slightly and said lightly: "I am more and more interested in this young man."

The maiden named Rong lowered her head a bit lower, and thought to admit that fear is always better than the real death.

"A lot of destiny, gathered in Changling, but who is the one who really gets the destiny, but not necessarily."

The figure of Rong surnamed Gong disappeared in this cold palace, the faint smile on the queen's face also disappeared, and she returned her absolute indifference to the depth of her eyes.

She said indifferently, but suddenly her body was slightly shocked, frowning and looking up at the upper patio.

When her eyes touched the blue sky, she felt that she had fallen to a farther starry sky.

For many years in the past, those cold stars are like her own unique playthings. No one can touch the stars that she can't touch.

However, at this moment, she clearly felt that there was a slight change in the vitality of the stars between heaven and earth. It was only where the change came from and why did it change that she could not grasp it.

Even at this moment, she thought it was her own illusion.