The Sword Dynasty

Episode 346

The carriage was farther and farther away from Changling, and the outline of the majestic Changling gradually disappeared.

Wang Taixu lifted the curtain of the carriage and looked back at Changling, but there was not much emotion in his eyes.

He didn't even say goodbye to Ding Ning.

Because for him, the important thing is not to say goodbye, but whether to reunite.

The convoy stopped at a ferry.

A driver who helped Wang Taixu drive to the carriage at the end of the convoy, ready to rest.However, what puzzled most people in the convoy was that they were about to start boarding soon, but no one succeeded the driver.

At this moment, a man in black walked down from a large boat leaning on the shore.

He walked straight to Wang Taixu's carriage, and a pair of exceptionally stable hands held the reins on Wang Taixu's front.

He is very skilled at doing this because he was originally Wang Taixu's driver.

Two men dressed as porters stayed in the shadow of a warehouse by the dock, sitting back against the wall.

They seemed tired and drowsy. The bamboo poles and ropes used to pick things were leaning casually, but they had been observing the team where Wang Taixu was.

Seeing the man in black walking down the boat, the two men dressed as porters looked slightly unconsciously.

It was at this time that the two men dressed as porters suddenly felt something, Huo Ran looked up.

Wang Taixu's convoy has already started boarding for the first time.

This is an armored merchant ship that is navigable overseas. At this time, on the deck of the bow, a young-looking man was standing.

Young is just feeling, just thinking that person is full of energy.

However, the man was blind.

Although his eyes were open, he never blinked and did not react to the surrounding light and everything.

But this is probably the most terrible blind man in the world.

Because in the perception of these two dressed men, the young blind man was like a huge stove.

The blazing fire was like burning through the bow of the armored ship he was standing on.

The first man who looked like a husband bowed his head deeply.

Another man beside him also hung his head after breathing and said softly, "General Cui, what should we do?"

The man's voice, which he called General Cui, said in a cold voice: "Naturally, there is nothing to do, otherwise it will be death."

"Is it Zhao Zhaolu?"

The man next to him was unwilling, and said softly, "Do you want to tell Jian Tian Si?"

"This is just the private enemies of General Liang Da, don't forget how we were expelled from Changling." The man known as General Cui sneered: "Since it is impossible to solve them, the people of Zhao Jianlu are always enemies of Zheng Xiu , The stronger the enemy, the better. Not to mention that the other party has left Changling, and what is the point of notifying Jiantian Si?"

The man beside him didn't seem to fully agree with his words. He was silent for a moment and said, "What are they going to do overseas?"

"Boards going overseas do not necessarily mean going overseas." The man known as General Cui said slightly: "They can disembark anywhere at any time. After bypassing many levels, it is impossible to track them down. Where. As for what they are going to do to leave Changling, does this have anything to do with us? We are about to go to the barbarous land of the South Vietnam border. I am afraid we need to consider our own issues."

"It should be two soldiers."

When the carriage that controlled Wang Taixu steadily boarded the ship, Jing Mozong who had disappeared in Changling for a long time said to Wang Taixu in the carriage: "Do you want to kill them?"

His voice is still full of respect for Wang Taixu, but compared with before, it is full of an indescribable sense of firmness and strength, so that people do not need to doubt his ability.

"It should be General Liang Lianliang, I am afraid that most people in Changling, including the Queen, still underestimated him." Wang Taixu stunned slightly and shook his head again, saying: "No extra branches are needed. "

Jing Mozong bowed his head and stopped talking, as if nothing had happened.

The young blind man on the deck did not care about the two practitioners who pretended to be porters. His eyes were hollow and he didn't know where to look, but he walked towards a man in ordinary cloth, sitting in the corner of the bow and washing vegetables quietly And middle-aged kitchen lady who kills fish.

"Can you get along peacefully?"

He walked past the side of the middle-aged kitchen lady who seemed to be responsible for the kitchen on the ship, and said softly: "Including not revealing my relationship with Wang Taixu to Minshan Jianzong, otherwise the ship will leave, I Just kill you with a sword."

The movement of the middle-aged kitchen lady did not stop. She killed the fish skillfully, took off the internal organs, and prepared to throw it to a black cat lying in the shadow not far from her side. At the same time, she spit out a word: "No."

The young blind man didn’t seem to feel her presence either, and didn’t stay towards the cabin, but his voice still passed into the ear of the middle-aged kitchen lady, but the voice changed from absolute killing to a gentle request, "Can you stay Under the swim bladder, I like to eat it."

The middle-aged kitchen lady did not respond, but simply removed the white fish maw from the giblets to be discarded.


The water waves on the river surface connected to the Weihe River are constantly rippling, and the water waves at the deepest part of the Changling Great Floating Water Cell are also rippling, and there are also many white bubbles.

Listening to the groaning moaning in the cell in front, Lin Zhuojiu raised his head a little, and his long grass-like hair fell out of countless strands of water.He smiled lightly, saying, "My hope for survival comes from knowing that there are nine dead silkworms in Changling. The nine dead silkworms are there, which means that my enemies will be scared. I think that no matter how powerful the enemies are, they are still scared. I am very happy. But for you, where does your hope come from?"

After a long time, the moans in the cell disappeared, and there was a vague voice: "My previous life was just to die, and since I was rescued again, then naturally I must live well."

Lin Zhuojiu smiled: "There seems to be some insincere words."

The voice in that cell disappeared for a long time before I remembered: "She will appear in front of me, even if she can't save me, she will die in front of me. I'm waiting for her."

"Interesting reason."

Lin Zhuojiu smiled happily and said seriously: "I will wait with you."

On the cold stone steps not far away from the two cells, Shen Xuan, like a shadow, listened silently to the dialogue between the two.

For many years in the past, he just couldn't pry open the mouth of a man who cooked wine.

But now there is one more nameless young man.


The water in the ditch on the corner of the quiet courtyard of Ye Celang was constantly rippling.

There is no longer any white mist in front of Baishanshui's body.

A crystal drop of water followed her breath, looming in front of her body, and then gave people a more and more heavy feeling.

Looking at such a picture, Ye Celian knew that Bai Shanshui had been repaired, and took a big step forward in the realm, which became more terrible than before.She has also felt Bai Shanshui's thoughts.

However, she shook her head and said, "There is a practitioner of Minshan Jianzong outside Moyuan, which is no worse than Dantai Guanjian. He stays outside Moyuan like a gatekeeper."

Bai Shanshui knew very well what it meant to not be worse than Dantai Guanjian. If she was already in the Moyuan, she might be sure that the hidden breath would not be discovered by the practitioner, but when the practitioner stayed in the Moyuan like a gatekeeper In addition, anyone who wants to enter the Moyuan can't escape his eyes and ears.

She frowned slightly, thought for a moment, and then looked at Ye Ce Leng seriously and asked, "Have he seen you?"

Ye CeLeng glanced at her and said, "Do you want to pretend to be me?"

Bai Shanshui nodded and said, "As long as you help me, you can go in."

"Do you think this is cruel?"

Ye Ce-Leng turned her head away, and no longer looked at her: "If you go, I will naturally have to hide here, but have you ever thought about it, I have been waiting here for so long, now I go to watch... but you can go and I can not go?"

Bai Shanshui naturally knows how many emotions and dangers it contains.

Her face gradually faded, and she bowed deeply to Ye Ce and gave a cold salute, saying: "Please let Ye Si be successful."

"Help me play this scene well. Go at noon, and I have to come back here at dusk."

Ye Ce said indifferently: "I happened to kill someone."