The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 347

The summer afternoon is the most sleepy time of the day.

A turret guard will walk down the turret and walk slowly along the wide roadway.

There were no followers beside him. The eyes of some sergeants and lower-ranking officials around the turret moved with his shadow, but no one felt that peace was different.

This turret guard will be Mu Fengyu. Like all other turret guards, he is the highest official around this turret. However, compared with the rest of the turret guards who have outstanding achievements, his practice and past are extremely mediocre. The vast majority of sergeants don’t even know why he could be the guard here.

Mu Fengyu's daily life is also extremely monotonous. His residence is located away from the turret. During the rest of the day, he will return to the residence for half an hour as usual, and then return to the turret.

Mu Fengyu also used to leave in the sights of these sergeants and lower-ranking officials. Thinking of the incomprehension of these sergeants and lower-ranking officials, his mouth often showed a sense of self-deprecation.

He certainly knew why he became the guard of this turret.

Among the dozens of turrets in Changling, the turret he guarded is located in the most central area of ​​Changling. It seems to be the center, but it does not rely on the outer periphery in front, and does not rely on the imperial palace in the back. It is one of the least important areas. At this moment when the turret found any trouble, the turret elsewhere might have been discovered.

So this is where the most nothing is.

The least thing means safety and no responsibility, it also means boredom.

So he even had a dog like many noble ladies in Changling.

This dog is an ordinary black dog, but it is quite spiritual, very cute and cute. An important reason for returning to the residence at this time every day is to help this black dog prepare some food and water and tease This black dog for a moment.

As usual, when he pushed open the bamboo fence wall and walked into the yard, the grass dog with black hair and oil seems to be greeted happily, circling around him, jumping with joy and followed him into the backyard .

However, just after entering the backyard, the black dog's head fell off.

There was no blood flying, the black dog even kept standing, the neck fracture seemed to be sealed by a thin film of light, and even countless blood vessels and white bones and flesh could be seen, which looked disgusting. .

Mu Fengyu's body instantly became cold and stiff, but his face instead became cold, he didn't do anything, he just sneered and said: "I don't know who you are, but you should understand, as long as the world here The vitality is violent, and at least three corner towers will notice."

No one responded to him.

Only the footsteps sounded softly.

When I saw the touch of white in the afterglow of my eyes, Mu Fengyu's indifferent face suddenly faded, and he exclaimed in disbelief: "Yushi Division?"

With a cup of cold tea in his hand, Ye Celian stood in the shadow under the eaves and looked at him quietly, still silent.

Mu Fengyu's body was soaked with sweat in an instant. He laughed strongly and said, "What do you mean, Ye Sishou?"

"In the three years of Yuanwu, I found out about you. At that time, I always wanted to see you." Ye Celen no longer looked at him, but began to look down at the green tea in his hand. Only a piece of green tea leaves, half sinking and half floating: "I didn't expect to wait until today."

Mu Fengyu was sweating and sweating more intensely, and his throat also stiffened, saying: "Xiaguan still don't understand the meaning of Ye Sishou."

Ye Ce Leng said indifferently: "If you didn't pretend to pass the news and change the military order, at least the Nagato Army will rush to him. Even if he is killed, he will not be so easy to die.

Who would have thought that a small herald dared to dismantle and forge military orders at that time, killing at least seven powerful men above Seven Realms?"

Mu Fengyu's body continued to tremble, and he finally understood that the events of the year had not concealed everyone.

"The most important thing is that you have leaked me from your forged military order." Ye Celian's mouth twitched with a self-deprecating coldness, and her eyelashes continued to tremble: "As much as when I knew, Everything is over, and almost everyone thinks that I should know, that I just deliberately lead the army. Even Zheng Xiu and Yuan Wu may think that I am finally on their side because of it."

Mu Fengyu, who was so pale, knew that any resignation was useless. He smiled with a hint of madness, and said coldly: "In this case, you should thank me even more, Mr. Ye Si, since everything can't be changed, since Because of one of my mistakes, you survived and became my chief of the Great Qin Dynasty. Then you should make mistakes. After all, no one wants to climb to your position, you can climb to your position!"

"Changing and forging military orders was not something you could do at the time. There were more important people on it." Ye Celen didn't look at his crazy smile, but looked at the tea soup in his hand quietly, saying: "Tell me the name of that person."

"If you are determined to kill me, what's the difference between telling and not telling?" Mu Fengyu's eyes narrowed and said, "I just don't understand, why have you endured it now that you have endured it for so many years?" live."

Ye Celian looked up and glanced at Mu Fengyu.

She didn't speak, but Mu Fengyu suddenly thought of something, and her voice became weird: "You... are you sure that person's heir..."

Ye Celang didn't answer his question, but just said: "It's a great difference between dying comfortably and uncomfortably."

"I know that you are one of the strongest practitioners in Changling at the moment, but you can't kill me silently without letting those three turrets notice." Mu Fengyuqiang calmly looked at Ye Celian, " And I’m just a small person, I can’t understand why you take such a risk in order to kill a small person like me.”

"You don't have any talents in spiritual practice, and just now you have just passed five realms, but you are a very smart person. Since you are smart enough, you want to understand." Ye Ce sneered, revealing two shallow 'S dimple: "Because I know you should still have a yellow rhinoceros horn."

The yellow rhino horn is not a rhino horn, but a yellow elixir that looks like a rhino horn in the deep ocean overseas.

There is only one effect of this elixir, which is to greatly improve the practice of the practitioners under the six realms.

Yece Leng had already passed seven realms, and this elixir was naturally useless to her.

Mu Fengyu's breath stopped completely, and he couldn't believe that that person actually had some successors left behind.

"Since you are determined to let me die, die together."

Mu Fengyu naturally couldn't sit still. He opened his mouth and wanted to say this, at the same time the real element in his body flowed violently.

However, one of his words has not yet been exported, and the tea soup in Ye Ce-Leng's cup has dried.

The green tea soup in her hand disappeared without warning, and even the moisture in that tea leaf completely disappeared into a piece of dry tea that fell to the bottom of the cup, putting a piece of dry tea that had never been brewed.

With the disappearance of the tea soup, Mu Fengyu only felt that his whole body suddenly became heavy.

His body was extremely stiff, and there was only fear in his mad eyes.

The sweat from his body was pulled by a powerful force, forming a film of water on his body, and absorbing the water in the surrounding heaven and earth, gradually becoming a transparent water mass.

He couldn't breathe, couldn't move, and even the true elements and the vitality of the world could not be revealed.

Ye Celian just gave him a faint glance.

He can no longer move.

There is no violent fluctuation of the world's vitality.

This small courtyard is very calm, and nothing seems to happen.

The water mass swelled a little silently, and a slight gap appeared in some tiny water drops, and there were tiny bubbles slowly flowing in, as the fine water drops pressed into the heart of the wind and rain.

Like the drowning man, he was flooded with lungs, and it was difficult to suffer extremes, but he got some oxygen to sustain life in his body, and he could not die for a while.

Because of the unbearable pain, his face twitched and twisted violently.

"I said that there is a big difference between uncomfortable death and comfortable death."

"You don't have a nephew, and you are not afraid of revenge from some people. I don't understand what you are insisting on."

"As long as you say that person's name, I will let you die very simply, just like your family's dog."

Ye Celen finished these three sentences, then looked at him and waited.

Mu Fengyu's lips began to wriggle, and he could not make a sound, but Ye Celen could clearly see what he was saying through his mouth shape: "Even if you kill me, someone will see that you killed. I."

Ye Ce-Leng laughed again, and his chest shivered with laughter: "It's not you who killed me, you killed by Baishanshui. I'm in Zhoujiamoyuan now."

Mu Fengyu was indeed as smart as she evaluated. He thought of a possibility, and the last trace of hope in his eyes completely disappeared, leaving only fear.