The Sword Dynasty

348 Meeting

The exercises of Tianyishengshui and Yunshui Palace were originally the strongest methods of water defense in the world. The waters of Tianyishen are too rigid, while the practices of Yunshuigong are soft. In the light of Mu Fengyu's cultivation, in the face of this night's cold night, he couldn't even make some movements.

This is a person who has been thinking of killing Ye Ce-Leng for three years since Yuan Wu. However, seeing the fear that filled his eyes at this time, Ye Ce-Leng did not have much pleasure.

The pain at this time was very human tolerable, but Mu Fengyu didn't say the person's name.

In the change of the Changling Mausoleum in that year, in addition to the current Emperor Yuanwu and the empress Zheng Xiu, there was also an extremely important person who played an extremely important role in the dark. The ability, and not one of the two phases and those princes.

This big man hidden in the dark has gathered many hatreds of Ye Ce-Leng, and is always a huge threat to Ye Ce-Leng. If it is said that entering Minshan Jianzong to get the continuation of the God of Heaven is Ding Ning’s first step in the official revenge Then, the first step in Ye Ce-Leng's formal revenge is to find out who this person is.

"What are you afraid of?"

Looking at Mu Fengyu, who was still indifferent in her uncomfortable pain, her face became colder and colder, and the smile on her face did not retreat, but there seemed to be ice in the two dimples. Can threaten you, is his threat more terrible than death and suffering?"

Mu Fengyu has reached the limit of pain, his body began to twitch, and even his incontinence began to incontinence, his lips began to move insanely, but Ye Celian could see that he was just scolding some of the most vicious words.

Ye Ce-Leng's figure disappeared in this courtyard.

The transparent water mass wrapped in Mu Fengyu is not scattered.

This half hour was the most leisurely and relaxing time of Mu Fengyu's day, but now it has become the longest torture in his life.

In the afternoon of this sleepy summer, Mu Fengyu slowly died in infinite pain.


In the afternoon, the Moyuan was very quiet, but the alley outside the courtyard was very lively.

Some shop owners got together to gamble money, and occasionally screamed and yelled at some old ladies.

Ye Zhennan practiced his sword in the shadow of the side of the hut where he lived.

His sword is very unique, the whole body is golden yellow, and the runes on the sword look strangely folded, but on closer inspection, the sword body is unusually smooth and straight, those that look like folded The runes are reflected in the sword body naturally.

His swordsmanship is also very strange.

Each sword was cut out, and the movement of the sword seemed to fold in the air, forming a series of golden waves.

He practiced with great concentration, even forgetting the scorching heat, his clothes were wet and unknown, but suddenly he felt weird and stopped, he could not help but look to the side.

He knew the source of the strangeness.

That was the place where Shao Murder was sitting. It was just before Shao Murder looked at him.

Ye frame Nan stopped.

After thinking for a moment, he collected his sword and walked back to his residence. Then he took Zhang Zhuxi and walked to Shao Sha murdering. Then he spread a bamboo mat not far from Shao Sha murdering side and sat down.

"I won't teach you swordsmanship."

It was only when Ye Zhennan sat down that Shao Murder, who was almost as silent as dumb, said directly.

The rejection of people like him is often more indifferent and hurt than most people.

Ye Zhennan gave Shao a murderous look, but his face didn't change much. He just shook his head and said, "Seniors are interested in me, otherwise I just won't watch me use a sword."

Shao Shaman shook his head and said, "It's not the same thing to be interested and to be interested in teaching."

After a slight pause, Shao Shaman continued: "And I am a member of Minshan Jianzong. To learn from me, at least pass the Minshan Jianhui, and you did not pass the Minshan Jianhui."

This sentence is more hurtful than what he said before, but Ye Qinan still did not feel frustrated or angry, just silence for a moment, said: "I heard that my predecessor is the best practitioner of murder, I don’t need Min For mountain swordsmanship, only seniors need to teach me how to kill people."

"Do you like to kill?"

Shao killing people seemed to hear interesting jokes, extremely rare smiles, and then laughed at himself: "Who would like to kill people?"

"It's better to kill than to be killed." Ye Xiangnan was silent for another moment, and said: "My parents were killed by a group of horse thieves on the way to take me back to their hometown and their relatives. I hid two of them in the forest where the group of horse thieves lived. I killed seven horse thieves in more than a month. If I had a stronger method of killing people at that time, I would have killed all the horse thieves long ago, and I wouldn’t be caught without being noticed."

Perhaps a similar memory was recalled. This time Shao murder did not directly refuse, but kept silent.

Ye Zhennan stopped talking, and just sat silently on the mat beside him.

Shao murdered his brows slightly, and said, "Why do you bring so many shadows when you shoot a sword?"

Ye Zhennan stunned slightly, "My sword is a shadow-changing sword, the sword scripture I am building is a glimpse sword scripture, the two are exactly the same..."

Shao murdered his head and said with a blank expression: "Swords with many variations of sword shadows, it is necessary to make the sword shadows richer and more unpredictable to match the sword scriptures, which is the practice of ordinary practitioners. But to kill, it is to be with Others are different."

Ye frame Nan froze.

No matter whether he understood or not, Shao Shaman directly went on to say: "It is very simple to make a sword that can produce a lot of sword shadows itself to produce more sword shadows, but to make a sword that can produce a lot of sword shadows itself not produce a sword shadow. It's difficult."

"When others think you have to be round, you just take straight, and you can still do it."

Shao killed himself and said, "This is a good way to kill."

A strange glow glowed in Ye Xingnan's eyes. He didn't say anything, just bowed down to Shao murder.

At this moment, Shao murder turned his head.

A black carriage appeared in the road where he looked.

The carriage's roof is very round, like a big umbrella.

Feeling the breath from the black carriage, Shao murdered some coldness on his face, but he didn't have any obstruction, but just coldly watched the carriage drive directly into the Moyuan.

There was silence in the Moyuan, Ding Ning originally closed his eyes quietly, but when the carriage approached the inner garden, his body shivered uncontrollably.

He opened his eyes.

Ye Celing finally arrived.

The black carriage parked at the door of the inner garden.

The officer of the Jiantian Division who drove the car toured the surrounding area to make sure that no one was close to the inner garden. He bowed in awe at the black carriage and then retreated.

Ding Ning walked slowly across the courtyard to the black carriage.

"Actually, I like to see things straight. I'm not the one you want to wait for. But my arrival should be enough to explain."

Listening to the soft voice from the carriage, Ding Ning's steps stopped.


A cold voice sounded, and Changsun Qianxue's cold face appeared not far behind Ding Ning.

"Miss Gongsun, we'll meet again. It's just not easy this time if you want to kill me."

The playful laughter rang.

The black car curtain was pushed away from the inside by a humid wind. Bai Shanshui, who was wearing the gown of Jiantian Division, looked at Ding Ning and Chang Sun Qianxue with a smile.

Long Sun Qianxue did not like this kind of joke, and anger began to appear in her beautiful eyes.

"Yunshui Palace used to have extremely strict control over its exercises. I never expected to meet the water of Tianyi one day." Ding Ning returned to calm and looked coldly at the white mountain water in the black carriage.

"It is indeed the heir to Wang Jingmeng." Bai Shanshui looked at Ding Ning with emotion and said sincerely: "If there is someone in the world who can really admire me, then it must be Wang Jingmeng... even the founder, There is no one else in the world."

Suddenly I heard the man's name, and more than once, the anger and cold in the eyes of Chang Sun Qianxue suddenly surged, and it seemed that there would be a storm.

Ding Ning turned to look at her, and then looked at Bai Shanshui, seriously said: "If you want us to do something with you, at least pay attention to the feelings of others."

"I apologize."

Bai Shanshui said this to Chang Sun Qingxue, and then carefully looked at Ding Ning, bowing slightly as a gift: "I want to ask my husband to help me save the man in the big floating water cell."

Bai Shanshui is much older than Ding Ning, and has become famous for a long time. Compared with Ding Ning at the moment, she is an undisputed predecessor. However, at this moment, she respectfully calls Ding Ning as a Mr. Ding Ning is regarded as a peer of her peers, and she is respected to the extreme.

"That man is from Chu." She waited for Ding Ning to answer, and she looked at Ding Ning again, adding: "He and you have seen it too. If he couldn't bear it in the big floating water cell, he knew your true identity at that time. It's not just me and Ye Celang."

"So Ye Celang is ours?"

When Ding Ning still had time to speak in the future, Chang Sun Qianxue had looked at Ding Ning and asked coldly.

Ding Ning glanced at her.

Long Sun Qianxue said nothing more, and turned directly towards the compartment behind him.

For her, since today's results have come out, then the next thing is not something she needs to consider.

"I arrived here and she went to kill someone. Although she didn't know who she killed, it must be for the thing of the year." Bai Shanshui did not go to see Chang Sun Qianxue again, but looked at Ding Ning, saying: "I'm from There was no mistake in betting from the beginning, she is really a person who values ​​love and justice.

"Without mentioning the Gushan Jianzang and first mentioning the big floating water to save people, the White House Lord is also a first-class person with great affection and righteousness." Ding Ning raised his head, took a deep breath, and said slowly.

Bai Shanshui smiled and said without hesitation: "As long as there is a way to save people, Gu Shan Jian Zang can enlighten together."