The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 349 Pain

For the entire world, Gushan Jianzang has a pivotal significance. Baishanshui is especially famous among all practitioners in the world who are enemies of Daqin. It is precisely because she has Gushan Jianzang in her hand, not her. The identity of the master of Yunshui Palace.

Just listening to the words of Bai Shanshui, Ding Ning frowned slightly, not knowing what she was thinking, but she didn't respond for a while.

Bai Shanshui looked at this juvenile but quiet young man, his eyebrows raised slightly, and said, "You can rest assured, I always say that Bai Shanshui is one."

Ding Ning shook his head, looking at her proud face, and said: "The White House Lord is also the most affectionate person. I am not worried about the White House Lord, but the big floating water prison is not as simple as the White House Lord thought."

Bai Shanshui laughed and said: "It is because it is not easy, so I came to ask Mr. and Miss Gongsun for help. The more I see Mr. Cautious, the more I feel that things can be done.

Ding Ning took a deep breath, and since Bai Shanshui entered Ye Yuan with the unique breath of Ye Ce Leng, his heart was full of turbulence. At this moment, he finally couldn't hide the calm, and his hands shook slightly.

"I originally wanted to save people from the big floating prison."

He raised his head and looked directly at Bai Shanshui's eyes, saying: "Just wanting to save people from the big floating water cellar, at least five practitioners with more than seven realms are needed."

Bai Shanshui didn't ask Ding Ning who he wanted to save from the big floating water cell, but he frowned and said, "Ye Celieng won't shoot."

Ding Ning shook his head a bit hard: "If you don't shoot, you can always play a role, but even if you count her, there are still two practitioners above Seven Realms."

Bai Shanshui fell silent.

She knew that what Ding Ning said was still two short, was to count Chang Sun Qingxue.

Although there are only two differences, the practitioners above the Seven Realms were originally scarce, not to mention this is in Changling, where can we find two more powerful Seven Realms who dare to rob people from the big floating water cell?

"Five must be?"

She was silent for a moment, looked up and asked Ding Ning.

Ding Ning looked at her and said seriously: "The top five of the seven realms is the most conservative estimate."

Bai Shanshui laughed.

Her smile has always been proud, but at this time the bleakness that cannot be said, just like a sunflower, but faded the golden color, pale in the sun.

"Please sir think of a way."

She did not leave the carriage, but bowed deeply in the carriage and said.

Ding Ning was silent for a moment and said, "Unless there is still one to be found."

Bai Shanshui looked at Ding Ning and said, "With only one difference, there is at least some possibility of success."

Ding Ning nodded and said, "I will find a way."

Bai Shanshui smiled self-deprecatingly, turned his head slightly to look at the scene of Mo Yuan, and said, "I have to thank you for something. If it were not for you to pour all the elixir given by Zheng Xiu into the ditch, I would not be able to do that. See you soon, maybe this is God's will."

Ding Ning also laughed at himself, and said, "Tianyi is the best at making people."

"It seems that you don't believe in God's will very much." Bai Shanshui laughed wildly, and then slowly smiled down, said: "Apart from Gu Shan Jian Zang and waiting, what else can I do?"

Ding Ning thought about it and said seriously and directly: "Help me kill Liang Lian."

"It seems that General Liang is really unlovable." Bai Shanshui's expression was slightly cold and said: "Relax, I will not hate him less than you."

Ding Ning bowed and saluted and said, "Thank you so much for the White House Lord."

"Now I live in the capital of Ye Division. If you are looking for me, you will find Ye Division. Today I will go back earlier to avoid inconvenience."

Bai Shanshui smiled indifferently, said this, flicked at ease, and a black golden light fell into Ding Ning's hands, while the carriage curtain in front of her fell down, covering her figure.

The sound of high-five sounded from the carriage.

The officer who had waited patiently in the outer court before the brisk walk to the carriage, politely bowed his head as a salute, and then drove out of the Moyuan without any stop.

"what is this?"

The elder Sun Qingxue appeared behind Ding Ning, her brow furrowed, and her eyes fell on Ding Ning's palm.

At this time, lying quietly in the palm of Ding Ning, is a piece of black gold jade.

This piece of jade is not complete, missing several angles, and there are many lines on the surface that seem to be engraved randomly.

Ding Ning's eyes were originally tightly focused between these lines. When Chang Sun Qianxue's voice sounded, Ding Ning slowly turned around and looked at Chang Sun Qianxue without a word.

The elder Sun Qingxue had already understood what he saw in his eyes, and his brows were suddenly deeper, and there was something unbelievable: "Gushan Jianzang?"

Ding Ning looked up in the direction of the carriage away, sincerely said: "Gushan Jianzang represents the greatest sincerity, but just put the Gushan Jianzang in our hands directly without success... The legendary Baishan River is indeed very heart-thinking. Big."

Long Sun Qianxue was silent.

When she saw Baishanshui from the beginning, she didn’t like it. She always felt that Baishuis were too crazy, but now, thinking of Baishui in that big black car, she clearly felt the same loneliness of Baishanshui.

Silence without turning around and leaving, which means that the conversation between the two has not ended.

Ding Ning knew this very well, so he was also silent, waiting for Chang Sun Qingxue to speak.

"You have got everything you want."

After a long silence, Chang Sun Qingxue looked at Ding Ning and said this.

Ding Ning also remained silent for a moment, looked up at her, and said, "In Changling, some things are more important than these two things."

Long Sun Qianxue no longer looked at Ding Ning, said coldly: "What's in this lonely mountain swords?"


Ding Ning's eyes also refocused on the jade symbol in his hand, shaking his head solemnly: "It's completely different from what I had imagined before."

Long Sun Qianxue said: "What do you mean?"

"Because there have been fragments of the Gushan Jianzang before, you should be aware that there have always been two different guesses about the Gushan Jianzang. One is that this jade symbol is the Gushan Jianzang itself. Wen is the most elaborate method of Gushan Jianzong. Another guess is that this jade symbol is the treasure map of Gushan Jianzong. You can use this to find the secret storehouse of Gushan Jianzong."

After Ding Ning paused, he looked up at Changsun Qianxue and said, "Now the Gushan Sword Hidden is almost complete... From this point of view, this seems to be a powerful method of using the power of heaven and earth, hiding the highest swordsmanship , But it doesn’t feel the same to me. The swordsmanship of the Sword Sect of Gushan in the record kills Wushuang, but the method on this jade charm gives me the feeling that the killing intention is insufficient, or that the killing intention is scattered, An indescribable feeling of being big and empty."

"Big and empty?" Chang Sun Qianxue also frowned and repeated involuntarily.

"If the killing intentions are not condensed, then the four fields will flow, unless this is a method to deal with thousands of troops and horses. However, in the face of thousands of troops and horses, it is not a battle of a practitioner. There are so many powerful practitioners in the army. , Can be divided and blocked." Ding Ning looked at her beautiful and cold face and shook her head. "Such a method does not make much sense."

The elder Sun Qianxue thought about it seriously. She couldn't understand it, so she was reluctant to think about it and said, "Will you know if you try it?"

Ding Ning looked at her with a wry smile and said, "The Seven Realms are not enough."

"Seven realms are not enough?"

The old grandson Qianxue had already prepared to turn around. Hearing his words, he stopped suddenly, Huo Ran turned to look at him, and his voice said slightly: "You mean that even the practitioners in the seven realms can understand this. The above method can not be fully displayed?"

Ding Ning nodded seriously and said, "I'm pretty sure."

Chang Sun Qianxue's eyes fell on Ding Ning's Gushan jade amulet in the hand again, and he sneered: "Isn't this thing only useful to Yuan Wu?"

Ding Ning felt what she meant, and quickly put the jade rune into her chest, saying: "Don't have the idea of ​​destroying it, this is useful to us."

"In Changling, where are you going to find two other people who dare to fight against Zheng Xiu and dare to rob the seven realms of the Dafushui prison?"

Long Sun Qianxue no longer entangled in this question, asked coldly.

Ding Ning fell silent.

Long Sun Qianxue sneered again: "Fish market?"

Ding Ning took a deep breath, but did not answer.

The elder Sun Qianxue turned around and sneered, "They have already harmed people like homeless lonely spirits and ghosts. Finally, they have a place to live, but in the end they are still not peaceful."

Looking at her back, Ding Ning's expression became firm again, saying: "Fish market will be the last option."

"Although I never believed that the fish market would be able to stay peaceful in Changling for a long time." After a pause, he added.

The elder Sun Qingxue never said anything mocking Ding Ning.

Because she knew that Ding Ning's heart was very painful.

And there was some pain in her heart at the moment.