The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 361 He Is Lying

The quiet middle-aged man was silent for a long time until the crock on the stone stove began to emit heat.

Then he raised his head, looked at Ding Ning, and said: "The problem is, you want to kill her, and I told you something you want until, will she die?"

Ding Ning looked at the middle-aged man named Zhang Luyang, and looked at the subtle changes in his eyes, and said seriously: "Now it's very simple. Do you want her to die or not?"

Hearing Ding Ning's words, Huo Ran, who has been sitting quietly like Ding Ning under the head of Ding Ning, raised her head. She suddenly reacted, and she may have misunderstood Zhang Luyang's previous sentence.

Zhang Luyang looked at Ding Ning and said, "I must make sure you have enough power to kill her."

Ding Ning smiled and reached out his chopsticks.

Zhang Luyang's face changed slightly, and his fingers moved slightly. The chopsticks in Ding Ning's hand had changed direction, and the tip of the chopsticks was pointing below the right rib on his body.

Seeing Ding Ning's two subtle movements, Jing Liuli's face suddenly became dignified.

"I heard that you understood the Jian Jing at the Minshan Sword Meeting, and your ability to understand the Jian Jing is completely beyond the imagination of ordinary people. Seeing today, it is not only a combination of swords, it is also unprecedented for Zhenyuan Xiu to enter the country. Zhang Luyang took a deep breath and looked at the chopsticks that Ding Ning withdrew, and said seriously: "It's just that the mid-level cultivation of the four realms is challenging the six realms, wouldn't it be too urgent?"

"I will go through five realms."

Ding Ning skillfully pressed the firewood in the stone stove, and naturally said: "I can use the flying sword in the five realms. I can use the flying sword, and it is not difficult to kill her."

An unspeakable bitter smile appeared on the corner of Zhang Luyang's mouth, saying: "How long will it take?"

Ding Ning glanced at him and said, "Not long before the end of this summer."

"You and her for so many years, do you really want her to die like this?" Zhang Luyang had not continued to speak, but Jing Liuli on the side couldn't help it, and said with a cold voice.

"It's not that I thought of her death like that, but she would definitely let me die." Zhang Luyang shook his head with emotion and said, "Because I am also her secret, and now that you already know my existence, then she Such secrets will not be allowed to continue to exist for a long time."

Jing Liuli was a little incomprehensible and frowned, "This is also a secret?"

"Of course it is a secret."

Zhang Luyang smiled with emotion, "Before you find me, I thought no one in this growing tomb knew that I had some connection with her."

"Can't the maiden have a lover?" Jing Liuli looked at him incomprehensiblely. "Even if you get married and have children, what's the problem?"

After finishing this sentence, Jing Liuli saw that Zhang Luyang and Ding Ning looked strange at themselves.

"Why, what's wrong with me?" Jing Liuli looked at Ding Ning and Zhang Luyang strangely.

Ding Ning smiled and said: "If the marriage is based on true love for each other, this naturally has no problem, but if this person is only used to resolve her loneliness, it is just that she can temporarily not think about anything else. The tranquility of the matter is meaningless.

Jing Liuli's brow furrowed deeply, she was silent, a little understood.

"Near the queen, she naturally has a lot of difficulties to resolve, but if the queen knows that she feels insecure to follow the queen and needs a solace, this matter should be a secret in itself."

Zhang Luyang smiled bleakly and said, "I was originally a regular swordsmanship teacher at Qingyang Sword Academy. I was indifferent by nature and didn't like to fight for fame. Then I rented a piece of tea garden and lived here in seclusion. When I saw her at first, I thought I really love each other, but when I get along with each other for a long time, I realize that this is not the case."

Jing Liuli's face is still not good-looking, Zhang Luyang's meaning she has been very clear, but she still can not fully agree, even if it is not the same as before, but this man at least really like the court lady, but now he can be so cruel to let that Did the famous maid die?

"Actually, just like you feel that I can get some news from my mouth, she will also think that I am with her and will know a lot of things that should not be known. She does not say when she is awake, but when she is asleep , And I also worry about telling me something by telling dreams." Zhang Luyang saw the meaning of Jing Liuli and laughed at herself, "She has been getting more and more over the years, I don't know it is when she needs more comfort , Still don't worry about me."

"And she may know too many things, and it is impossible for anyone to mention it. So she really can talk dreams."

Looking at Jing Liuli, who suddenly raised her eyebrows, Zhang Luyang shook her head and said, "In her sleep, there will be some threats to me and words to kill me."

"Then why don't you leave her?"

Jing Liuli subconsciously said this sentence, but the words were only spoken. She knew that she actually seemed to have many words.

"If you want to leave her, she will really feel uneasy, then I may be buried directly in this tea garden."

But Zhang Luyang answered her question.

His hand fell on the already boiling earthen jar, and a gentle air of heaven and earth flowed out of his palm, covering the earthen jar, sealing off all the leaking steam.

When the whole crock seemed to be exploding, he lifted the crock and placed it on the side table, then smiled lightly at Ding Ning and Jing Liuli and said, "The rice is already cooked. Bowl of rice."

Until this time, Jing Liuli remembered the identity he played, took Ding Ning's bowl, and helped Ding Ning start serving.

"Minshan Jianzong can guarantee your safety. You can leave Changling whenever you want."

Ding Ning looked at the methods of the practitioners, and apparently each of them seemed to be crystal-filled rice. He scooped a spoonful of thick oil red goose soup on the rice with a bamboo scoop, and then said seriously: "Can you tell us What is her secret?"

"Actually, the Queen's favorite maiden was not her, but a maiden named Huang." Zhang Luyang took Jingluli to help her prepare a meal, slowly ate it, and slowly said, "It's just that name The maid revealed something she should not have disclosed, so she was killed."

Jing Liuli wanted to speak, but this time she remembered her identity and the words that Ding Ning told her to say less and listen more, so she woke up and lowered her head to eat with peace of mind.

"The maid revealed a secret story about the three years before the ascension of the ascension."

Zhang Luyang didn't look at her, just looked at Ding Ning, and then said: "There was a time when Sheng Sheng didn't like female sex. The queen was already with that person, but the queen was posing as another woman and had a relationship with Sheng Shang. There is no room for maneuver in the Holy Spirit, and then a great change has been launched."

Even though Jing Liuli wanted to listen to the story at ease, her face changed instantly after hearing these few words.

This secret is too huge.

Ding Ning took a deep breath, he put down his rice bowl, looked at Zhang Luyang, and slowly said: "So this kind of thing is actually the Rong Gong female pretending to pass on that other maid?"

Zhang Luyang nodded and smiled bitterly, "This kind of thing was almost written in the storybook. The Hongru Academy and Daoyi Bookstore were burned by a fire. They were implicated in this matter and burned by a fire. There are nearly a hundred scholars."

"Just such a thing is enough." Ding Ning also nodded and said.

"In fact, there is a flaw in this matter, so she only remembers day and night, and only mentioned it in many dreams."

Zhang Luyang looked at Ding Ning, and then said softly, "What she did caused the maiden Huang surnamed later to reveal this matter. At that time, when the maiden Huang surnamed was seeing someone, that person could actually be a human being. It’s just that the man didn’t know that Huang’s death was related to the burning of Hongru Academy and Daoyi Bookstore, or what happened at that time, and Huang’s palace didn’t know that the clues found were pointing to that time. point."

"The investigation files at that time would certainly not have any records in any company, but the queen's memory is very good, and this matter is very deep for her, so she will remember any details."

"That person is Mo Shoucheng. She can't have the ability to set up to kill people with such status, so this is always her heart."


When Zhang Luyang finished this, Ding Ning had already finished a bowl of rice.

He looked at Jing Liuli with half a bowl of rice left, stood up, bowed slightly to Zhang Luyang, and said, "Mr. Xie helps."

Watching him get up and say goodbye to leave, Jing Liuli immediately got up and followed.

After returning to the ceremony, Zhang Luyang did not send it out to the tea garden.

It was only when Jingliuli started to catch the car and the carriage moved slightly, Ding Ning said softly, "He is lying."