The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 362

Jing Liuli also indulged in Zhang Luyang's infatuated love with Rong's maiden and Zhang Luyang revealed the secrets of former Queen Zheng Xiu and Emperor Yuanwu. At this moment, she suddenly heard Ding Ning's words. Even if her sword heart was calm, she could not help but be slightly shocked. , Softly: "What do you mean."

Ding Ning glanced at the thatched cottage in the tea garden and said in a very simple way: "He has too many flaws."

Jing Liuli frowned deeply, and said, "I didn't see any flaws."

Ding Ning said slowly: "The biggest flaw is that what he knows comes from the dream words of Rong Gong. Even if there are more secrets in your heart, how many practitioners in the Six Realms have heard that they will dream after quiet at night language?"

Jing Liuli turned his head and looked at him without a word.

"When we arrive at the Five Realms, our minds are like psychic spirits, and the truth and the spirit of the earth and the earth are better than most of the medicines in the world. The spirits are stable. If you speak dream language, I am afraid that if you wake up in an instant, how can you say a long A paragraph?"

Ding Ning said calmly: "When you are in the Six Realms, you are close to the Seven Realms, not to mention the sound of wind and rain, and the sound of grass and insects moving in the distance is clearly discernible. All the abnormal reactions of the body are like lightning and thunder in front of you. .. unless this spiritual practitioner has arrived, but has been seriously injured, or has been ill all year round, this will make the soul weak... Only you and I have seen the Rong Gong girl, the Rong Gong girl's breath is calm, only the talent is limited Qijing Miaomen, how could she often dream language?"

Jing Liuli's expression became more and more dignified, and said coldly: "This is indeed a great flaw."

"He was fooling us into the Six Realms and felt that we should not know about the Six Realms." Ding Ning raised his head and said with a hint of coldness: "It's just that his cultivation practice has been seen by you, and he has reached the Six Realms. How could the Six Realms not know about the Six Realms."

"With a sufficiently shocking thing, people's emotional shock, it is easier to lose their usual judgment."

After a pause, Ding Ning said slowly: "He said that Zheng Xiu directly disguised as another woman and had a relationship with the Emperor Yuanwu, which forced the Emperor Yuanwu to have to launch a mutiny. This kind of thing is enough to make People's hearts are shaken. In addition, what he said is that Huohuohong Confucianism and other things should be true, and they are well documented. The person who listens to him will naturally take his thoughts down, and he will naturally I think what he said is true. This is the most common way of attacking the heart, and many people, especially many generals will use it when they are fighting."

There was a layer of frost on Jingliu's face, "Do you mean that even this thing is fake?"

"Regardless of whether the whole thing is true or false."

Ding Ning’s calmness carried a kind of coldness that he didn’t usually have. “At least some important links are fake. Even if we can let such things reach Zheng Xiu’s ears, this matter certainly has nothing to do with the surname Rong. , Zheng Xiu will only feel that we have resorted to falsification to insult her reputation for any revenge, and we will not have a good ending at that time."

Jingliu exerted a little force on both hands, and couldn't help but want to stop the carriage directly.

"Don't stop, maybe he is looking at us." Ding Ning shook his head and said softly.

Jing Liuli took a deep breath, continued to catch the car, and then said: "So he doesn't want Ronggong to die, he wants to help Ronggong against us?"

Ding Ning smiled and nodded: "He still has a lot of flaws... When I said that Minshan Jianzong could protect him, and even revealed that he could let him go directly to Minshan Jianzong to take refuge, he was not happy, even His eyes were still dodge. When we left, he was just relieved that he had finally done one thing, but he didn’t want to ask who would come to Jianshan Zongzong, and how we would arrange him into Jianzong. It’s not certain, we didn’t make arrangements... he’s not worried about life and death."

Jing Liuli was silent for a moment, and said, "I understand everything you said, but since you knew from the beginning that he was lying, but you did not expose it, you could not get some secrets of the surnamed court lady from his mouth. Do you still Can it be counted?"

"I can't count it."

Ding Ning looked at her, a strange emotion flashed in her eyes, "Just talking to him, but it reminded me of something, and made me think of a way to deal with Rong Gongmai."

Jing Liuli turned his head and looked at him strangely: "What way?"

Ding Ning looked at the direction of the imperial palace far away, and said lightly: "Now Changling, there are many things, only Zheng Xiu and Rong Gongnu know... As long as a third person knows these things, it must be revealed by Rong Gongnu. . Even if this kind of thing doesn’t reach Zheng Xiu’s ears, Rong Gong Nu will surely be really afraid.”

Jing Liuli looked at Ding Ning incomprehensible, speechless.

She just thought, if only the queen and Narong’s maiden knew, how could anyone else know?If anyone else knows, even if it is something known to the elders of the Zhou family or the elder Changling like Xue Wangxu, how can it be known only to the empress and the court lady?

"You don't need to understand now. Since you are following me, as long as you remember these processes, you will naturally understand in the future."

Ding Ning didn't explain more, just met her puzzled eyes, and then said: "Zhang Luyang hooked us with such a shocking story, risking enough to anger Zheng Xiu, this is a bet on his own life and death...he can By doing so, it only shows that Rong Gongnu and his play are real and fake, and deceived everyone."

Jing Liuli suddenly understood and said, "So Rong Gongnv and Zhang Luyang are really happy."

Ding Ning nodded and said with a hint of pleasure: "So it is useful to deal with Zhang Luyang. At a critical moment, Zhang Luyang is enough to overwhelm the last piece of defense in her heart."

Jing Liuli was silent for another moment, and said, "You seem to know these things by nature... Actually, you are more suitable than me to be the next suzerain of the Sword Sect of Minshan."

Ding Ning glanced at her, this time he did not respond.

Not because of the statement of Jing Liuli, but because he looked at Jing Liuli and thought that Jing Liuli was really like someone's before.

The conversation has stopped, but the car shop has not stopped.

From the slightly secluded tea garden, the carriage started to drive into the bustling streets of Changling.

Ding Ning seemed slightly tired in the carriage, his eyes narrowed.

Jing Liuli's eyes suddenly rose sharply, but she was hiding very well this time, neither raising her head nor subconsciously focusing her attention on the waist where the sword was previously placed.

There is a big tea house in front.

At the entrance of the tea house, a young man in a blue shirt was walking out of the tea house and approached the carriage where she and Ding Ning were.

She still didn't stop the carriage, but just continued on without knowing.

When there were more than ten feet away from her, the handsome blue-faced boy's hand fell on the hilt.

A slight sword intention radiated from him.

The dust in front of him slowly floated forward, and then formed a horizontal sword in front of the carriage.

This is an obvious meaning.

Even the idlers on both sides of the road, even those teahouses leaning against the window, squashing the seeds, clearly felt the meaning of the boy at this moment.

This young boy in blue shirt wants to challenge the man in the carriage.


There was a porcelain-like brilliance on Rong's face.

She was walking on the way back to the palace at the moment. Although she didn't even stop for a while, things about Ding Ning kept passing to her ears.

She knew the dung car that hit Ding Ning.

She also knew that Ding Ning went to the tea garden.

She also knows that there is a blue shirt boy who wants to challenge Ding Ning.

Her face didn't seem to change, but some of the cold flames deep in her eyes slowly burned.

That dung car, including the blue-shirt boy at this time, everyone in Changling would probably soon think of her as a sign.

However, she knew very well that it had nothing to do with her.

So are you doing such a thing, is it Ding Ning himself, or the big names in Guanzhong?

She couldn't understand.

What she didn't know was that a general in ordinary casual clothes was looking at the scenery at a teahouse in another street not far from the blue-shirt young man at the moment.