The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 363: Challenge

The young boy in the blue shirt stopped between the roads blocked the carriage driven by Jing Liuli with a dust sword. His name was also very interesting, so he was named Chen Fuchen.

Looking at Jing Liuli, who stopped the carriage, the blue-shirted boy bowed slightly to the compartment behind Jing Liuli, and said, "Under Chen Fuchen, I want to challenge Ding Ning."

Pedestrians on both sides of the road slowly released a slight sword meaning in Chen Fuchen, and felt the extraordinaryness of this blue-shirted young man when he brushed the dust between the roads. , A cry of exclamation sounded.

Although the Minshan Sword Society has ended for quite some time, the name Ding Ning is so loud that it instantly stirred everyone's emotions.

"In this carriage is the wine shop boy named Wutong Luo?"

"This is Ding Ning, the first of Minshan Jianhui?"

When many people made a shocked sound, and their eyes were unconsciously attracted by the seemingly ordinary carriage, the curtains of the carriages separated.

Ding Ning came out of it.

Everyone around saw the quiet-looking young man, and then saw the broken sword hanging on his waist, and suddenly the sound of countless surprises sounded, sweeping towards the surrounding streets like a wave.

Ding Ning won the first place in the Minshan Jianhui, which is only a legend for the people in Changling Streets. No matter how amazing the method is, you can’t see it with your own eyes. At this time, some people challenge Ding Ning on the street. For them, But he got a chance to see Ding Ning's sword.

This is the event in the real market.

Ding Ning calmly stared at the young man in blue shirt with a warlike face, but did not respond for a moment.

Jing Liuli frowned slightly, using a voice that only she and Ding Ning could hear, saying: "You should fight or not fight, you have to make an earlier decision, otherwise the shops here will probably collapse."

"This is not a question of fighting or not fighting, it is how to deal with him." Ding Ning's eyes remained on the blue shirt boy, and he slowly said with the voice that only two people could hear: "The same one Sword, there are many options, whether to kill the opponent directly, or to invade the opponent directly, or just force the opponent to abandon the sword to admit defeat. This is a question that you must consider after becoming the patriarch of Minshan Jianzong in the future. Since you are based on me Teacher, learn from me, this is, in my opinion, one of the most important things you want to learn."

Jing Liuli was a little annoyed, thinking that it was just more than a sword. How could it be so troublesome, but she felt that Ding Ning's words were very reasonable, so she controlled her emotions and said softly, "What should I do?"

"The tea house he walked out of was expensive, and ordinary people couldn't afford it. Although he walked out of that tea house and the clothes he wore were luxurious, his expression was a little restrained, but he seemed relaxed when he walked out. This shows that he is not from a wealthy family. If you look at his face, hands and feet, the skin is slightly rough, unlike the noble children who have various nourishing and maintenance on weekdays. He claimed that Chen Fuchen's tone was very natural and smooth, which means that His real name, his cultivation level is very high, but his real name is not famous in Changling, which shows that he came from outside the county. Looking at his eyes eagerly, his face is eager to become famous... Throughout so many, he can roughly judge that he should be an ordinary teenager who has been studying in outer counties for a long time and longed to come to Changling to become famous. He should just be ignorant of the strength of Changling and be used by others." Ding Ning said quietly Having said this, then went to Jing Liuli and said: "I understand this, how to use the sword to him, it is up to you. You have to understand that when you use the sword in Changling, you must not only consider the two swords in front of you. The question of who is stronger."

Jing Liuli listened to her face more dignified, she felt that she had overlooked too many things before, or that the identity of Minshan Jianzong's next suzerain had naturally made her ignore too many things.

Because some things don't seem to be judged by her own, there will naturally be someone who instructs her to make judgments.

"Whether I need to judge by myself or not, I always need to have my own judgment on some things." She took a deep breath, nodded, and said.

Ding Ning smiled and said nothing more.

When Ding Ning's mouth smiled, Chen Fuchen's brow suddenly raised.

His sword is already eager and restless, the reason why he can wait patiently for a short period of time is just because Ding Ning's calm eyes are intimidating to him invisibly.

In his view, Ding Ning has become famous in Minshan Jianhui, and he is silent and unknown. He needs to take Ding Ning's reputation to become famous. At this time, it naturally belongs to the younger generation.

And the other most important reason is that there are not enough people in the surrounding streets to hear the news...For him, the more people come to watch the war, the next person to spread his reputation The more.

At this time, the streets and streets were already crowded with people. Waiting for a while, I am afraid that there will be no room for hands.

He raised his eyebrows, his lips lifted slightly, and the sword in his hand lifted up slightly, and he would make a noise.

However, at this moment, Ding Ning looked at him and said, "What qualifications do you have to challenge me?"

Just say it, speak quietly.

There was no sound in the chaotic streets all around.

In the sultry weather, these people who came to watch the crowd were crowded together, but there was no boring, but subconsciously thought Ding Ning was right.

Chen Fuchen was stunned.

He just thought that the practitioners of Changling were proud, and in all the rumors, the practitioners of Changling were known for their bravery and never feared any challenge. Avoiding the challenge would be regarded as cowardly and despised, so he never Considered this issue.

"I have cultivated to five realms."

After stunned for a while, he took a deep breath and watched Ding Ning say the most convincing reason he thought.

There was a cry of exclamation.

There is no shortage of practitioners in the field. They naturally know exactly what it means for this young man in blue shirt to reach the Five Realms at such an age.

However, Ding Ning's face was still calm. He glanced at Chen Fuchen and said clearly: "So what? Some of my opponents in the Minshan Swords Club have also passed five realms."

Chen Fuchen froze.

Many practitioners in the field felt that this young man in blue shirt was indeed qualified to challenge Ding Ning's qualifications.

"If you want to challenge me, at least you must have some reputation in Changling first. You're in a hurry." But Ding Ning didn't give them much time to think. He already looked at Chen Fuchen and said, "If you connect me The maids can't beat them, so how can they challenge me?"


Hearing Ding Ning's words, an exclamation sounded, and Chen Fuchen and everyone's eyes suddenly focused on Jing Liuli's body.

Chen Fuchen's body shivered slightly.

Feeling contemptuous, he couldn't help getting angry.

"What if I win your maid?"

He took a deep breath and straightened his chest, then said directly: "Will you fight next?"

"If you can beat her, I will accept your challenge."

Ding Ning smiled slightly and sat in the carriage.

His light smile made Chen Fuchen even more angry, and the flame of anger in his eyes seemed to be burning.

"Then I will challenge you first."

He took a deep breath, looked at Jing Liuli, said one word at a time, and slowly raised the sword he had been holding tightly.

His sword was hidden in a wooden sheath.

The wooden sheath is iron gray, with a very unique texture, like overlapping layers of feathers.

His hilt is made of some kind of jade. At this moment, with the breath of his body, there seems to be white clouds on the pale gray hilt.

Listening to his angry and chilling words, Jing Liuli didn't even move her eyebrows.

She just looked solemnly and calmly at the dust sword on the ground in front of him, as if to see a flower out of the thin dust, and at the same time she said very plainly: "I agree to your challenge."