The Sword Dynasty

382 The Ink Roll Pulled Out of the Sky

In this big summer drama, it seems that more and more interesting plots are changing.

There was an underground lover in the ordinary tea garden of the confidant maid next to the queen who had been living for a long time.

Originally everyone thought that the young boy with no background seemed to have inextricable relationship with Fanghou Mansion.

Some news is spread deliberately, and the speed of spread is very fast.

Soon, most of the people in Changling knew this fact, and even got confirmation from the neighbors of Ding Ning who lived in Wutong Luo at that time. Before Ding Ning entered the Baiyang Cave practice, Fang Xiumu and Ding Ning had Over contact.

Although in the investigation file of the Shendujian at that time, only Fang Xiumu came to Wu Tongluo and saw Ding Ning.

But who knows whether the "look" of the Fang Xiu curtain is a superficial look or what has been done in secret?

Ever since the Emperor Yuanwu of the Lushan Association had signaled that the Fang Xiu Curtain would follow, and that the Fang Xiu Curtain was away from Changling, many powerful practitioners in Changling had begun to feel that Fanghou's most powerful one was not Fang Ji, but Fang Hou. The emperor's practice idiot Fang Xiu curtain.


"Don't the Fang Xiu Curtain really teach him anything, but I don't think so, but if not, how can he explain his intention to borrow swords from Fanghou?"

Xie Changsheng stood in front of the blue window, murmured a few words, and then couldn't help turning to look at the middle-aged monk wearing a sapphire robe standing behind him.

This middle-aged practitioner looked back at him silently, thinking that you are Ding Ning's best friend, you don't understand, how can I understand.

"Actually let me do such a thing, it seems that his battle with Rong Gongmai is coming soon."

Xie Changsheng, who couldn't get the answer, sighed and extended his right hand out the window.

The torn letter paper flew like snow from his fingertips.

"It's a pity that I'm still badly hurt, and I still can't see you in battle with my own eyes."

Hearing Xie Changsheng's previous sentence, the middle-aged practitioners wearing the sapphire-colored robe of Minshan Jianzong behind him shone some hopeful glory in their eyes, but hearing Xie Changsheng's next sentence, even if it is common He still couldn't help being stunned after the big winds and waves, thinking how could there be such a cheeky person in this world?

Seriously hurt?

What hurts?

I have been in Laishan Jianzong's dead skin for so long. I want to steal the teacher every day, and I still want to continue to rely on it?

Thinking of an uncle said that cheeky to the extent that people appreciate it is also a skill, this middle-aged practitioner can not help but shook his head, but there is no anger in his heart, but some love house and dark brows frowning slightly : "You are one of Ding Ning's best friends. Since he feels that his duel with Rong Gong Nu is imminent, don't you really want to go to see Minshan Jianzong? Take your..."

He originally wanted to say that, with your cheekiness, even if you think of Minshan Jianzong, you might find an excuse to come back. Anyway, the Sect Master Baili seems to have a tacit attitude towards you.But after thinking of such a disagreement, he finally did not say the last sentence.

Xie Changsheng has been in contact with several Minshan Jian masters in this temple for a long time. He has long been familiar with the temperament of these people. He has guessed what he will say in the second half of the sentence, but he smiled and did not blush at all. Just take it for granted: "I'm not worried, anyway, it is all due to Ding Ning's victory. There is no suspense in this way, and I am not even interested in betting on those underground gambling houses."

This teacher, Minshan Jianzong, who has long admired Ding Ning, was a bit worried, saying: "After all, there is too much difference in cultivation."

Xie Changsheng glanced at him sideways and said, "This kind of thing is harder than Minshan Jian will win the first place? It's harder than to force the maid to this degree? It's a shorter time than the inexplicable practice. Is it hard to pass the five realms?"

Hearing Xie Changsheng's three sentences like this one after another, this master of Minshan Sword Master was shocked, and immediately felt very reasonable.

Xie Changsheng turned his head to look out the window, looked at some Minshan Jianzong practitioners in the valley and practiced his sword, and smiled proudly, saying: "Not to mention that the number of frontiers in this guy's frontier has no obstacles, if it is now Tell me that he went directly from the four realms to the five realms, and when he closed his eyes, he completed the enlightenment, and I would not be surprised."

This time, the middle-aged teacher of Minshan Jianzong couldn't help being pale.

Following these words, he thought subconsciously that if there was no hindrance in breaking through the environment, then such a practitioner would be too horrible, and there is nothing in the history books at all.

Changling, and even the entire Great Qin Dynasty and the whole world.

For all practitioners, the time to break the border is always above the practice time of the previous level.

Because the real difficulty is always to explore the invisible world ahead, to perceive the operating rules of an unfamiliar world in front, to perceive the unknown vitality world, but not to the accumulation of body strength and true yuan.

Water droplets are worn by stupid people, and it is determined that some people are strong above the seven realms, while some people can only stay in three realms and four realms in their lives. It is the ability to discover the new world.

If the new world can be seen at a glance, there are no obstacles at all, what kind of genius is it?

What kind of state can he finally reach?

The middle-aged teacher of Minshan Jianzong felt terrible the more he thought, and the more weird he felt.

His body began to tremble.

With a buzzing sound, there was a sword light on the heavenly spirit, and the whole blue room was green.

Xie Changsheng's reply has been sent back to Changling.

When Guan Xie's family started to move again, many of the Changling people's nerves began to tighten again.

These people feel that this matter seems to be coming to an end, either the palace girl surnamed Rong died, or Ding Ning in the Moyuan died.

It's just that even if Ding Ning has done so many things, she has suffered many humiliations and made her a true lonely widow, but at this moment she still lives deep in the palace.

Even those things didn't force the Ronggong Maid out of the end, what other means could Ning Ding finally let Ronggong out of the palace?


The most important thing about Jingliu in Changling these days is to observe Ding Ning.

She knows better than Xie Changsheng that the time for this big drama is coming to an end, especially when Ding Ning uncharacteristically did not practice in the small courtyard where she lived in the early morning, but walked to the highest hill in the Mo Garden She felt strange again.

But she couldn't think of the last straw that crushed the camel.

Ding Ning reached the top of the hill in Moyuan.

There is a pavilion in the height, where the head of the Zhou family and Xue Wangxu had tea here.

Ding Ning looked at the table where the tea case should be placed at that time, and remained silent for a long time. Then he walked out of the pavilion to the platform in front, overlooking the entire Moyuan, and then looked in the direction of the palace in the distance.

"In fact, some things are far less complicated than imagined."

He turned his head to look at the Jingliu who was following him, and said slowly: "Just figured it out, it feels so simple, but if I don't think about it, I feel like there is no way at all."

"The last straw that overwhelmed the camel actually came from me."

After finishing this sentence, he raised his head and looked up at the sky.

Jing Liuli suddenly sensed something. Although she had long known that such a thing might happen, at this moment, she was still pale and her breath stopped completely.

A fresh breath spread out from Ding Ning's body, flowing down the hillside like a place where mercury lays.

Many heaven and earth energetically rushed out of the sky and merged into Ding Ning's body.

With a bang in Ding Ning's body, his eyes seemed to brighten several times in an instant.

A white cloud appeared strangely above the hill, like a white fairy tail.

Many people outside the Moyuan saw such anomalies, and shocked and unbelievable emotions began to appear in their hearts.

But this is still the beginning.

Ding Ning's waist-end residual sword began to shine.

Ding Ning's hand didn't move, he didn't lift the hilt, but countless white flowers began to bloom on the residual sword.

Then the remnant sword flew unhindered and flew upward.

Many fine flowers fell from the sky.

Many people saw this sword light rising from the sky, full of sword light that would rather bend the sword.

This sword light burst into the white clouds above.

A loud bang.

It seems that a bubble burst.


No need to think, these three words have appeared in the minds of many people.

Then came the roaring rock like a mountain.

Then came thunder and drums.

Then Baiyun became a dark cloud.

Then the sky was wet.

Jing Liuli breathed still looking at the sky.

The sky seems to have opened a long ink roll, and the whole sky seems to have become an ink roll.

Countless rain lines began to fall.

Even all the rain lines are black and white!

Countless people looked up in shock at this picture over Mo Yuan.

They saw the sword light still shining in the picture, flying in the rain line.

That is a flying sword.

Ding Ning's flying sword.

"Five Realms!"

"Ding Ning broke through the five realms!"

"Break through the five realms and even fly the sword!"

"How could this be…"

Countless fine voices converged into a torrent, and even passed into the ears of Jingliu in Moyuan.

Jing Liuli began a hard breath.

She finally understood what the last straw was.

Ding Ning's breakthrough... Ding Ning's performance is to break the straw of the last line of defense in Rong Gong's heart.