The Sword Dynasty

383 Unknown Encounter

The black and white rain is unreal and extremely real, covering the entire Moyuan.

In the different streets and lanes of Changling, many young talents looked up at the rain, and their eyes were filled with a fanatical look.

In the distance, a turret that looked dazzling and white in the sun, Huang Zhenwei and Mo Shoucheng's eyes were filled with emotion and shock.

The old man with fluttering hair turned his eyes away from the black and white rain and landed in a nearby street.

He caught the fanatical gaze of these young men and couldn't help but sigh softly: "As in those days."

Huang Zhenwei breathed slightly.

He knew the meaning of Mo Shoucheng.

Only when that person turned out to be born, and when the Changling was compared to the sword, would such a vision appear in the eyes of the young people in the city.

Ever since the death of the man, there has never been such a look in the eyes of the young people in Changling.

It's not just Huang Zhenwei and the old man who actually dominates all the turrets.

At the practice site in the Changling Palace, Pan Ruoye, the master of Weiyang Palace, was also looking at the Moyuan from a corner tower.

She has always appreciated Ding Ning.

In the countless dynasties in the past, in the world of practitioners, among the records, the fastest record is to step into the five realms in three years.

Ding Ning practiced the breakthrough at such a speed, and the breakthrough used the flying sword to show the many sword intentions in the remnants of Moyuan. This undoubtedly refreshed the awareness of all practitioners and broke the record in the world of practitioners.

Just watching the rain in Moyuan today, somehow, she didn't feel the joy.

She knows that some things will have results.

It's just that she couldn't help but think that maybe the ending of Ronggong...whether it is good or bad, it may be her own ending in the future.

There are also many hills outside the Moyuan, not too close.

One of the hills is inside a large mansion.

At the moment, in a pavilion on this hill, there is a flesh-like figure.

Such a fat figure can still give people the feeling of being powerful, only Hengshan Xuhou.

Of the thirteen princes of the Great Qin Dynasty, only a few princes would often live in Changling, while Hengshan Xuhou hardly left Changling.

"Is it a maid, or is the whole world important?"

The flesh-like figure shook a little, and seemed to shake his head in exclamation, but the whole hill seemed to tremble slightly with the shaking of his body.

Bai Shanshui and Ye Celen are also looking at the direction of Mo Yuan.

The two are the most sensitive to the water vapor perception in Changling. Of course, it is clear at the moment why the changes over the Moyuan are caused.

"This is really a rain."

Bai Shanshui couldn't help laughing.

Countless people looked at the direction of Moyuan.

Especially for many people who do not belong to the Changling and Daqin dynasties, this black and white rain not only means a new one in the world of practitioners, breaking the record of everyone’s cognition, but also means that the whole world is in a pattern. It will change completely in the future.

This rain just enveloped Zhou Jiamo Garden.

However, it seems to cover the entire Changling, and the whole world.

In the palace of Changling, the Queen Mother Zheng Xiu stood in front of several lotus petals, all of which had formed a small lotus flower in front of the spirit lotus, silent, but the starlight that could not be seen in the daytime continued to flow from her body. In the former patio, it gradually became brighter and brighter, and her body became more and more beautiful and indescribable cold fireworks.

In the palace that is not far away from her, but seems to be separated by a lot of courtyards.

Emperor Yuanwu, dressed in cloth, also raised his head and looked in the direction of Moyuan.

His eyes were blocked by heavy palaces, but the depth of his eyes reflected the glory of black and white.

"It's a miracle."

This celebrity's most powerful emperor in the world was also slightly stunned, with a heartfelt admiration.

In the large camp of the Tiger and Wolf North Army, Liang Lian heard a strange sound of arrows.

He began to walk out of the camp and out of the camp.


The lady named Rong stood under the yellow eaves.

She couldn't see Mo Yuan either.

But she knew that Moyuan had a black and white rain, and she knew that Moyuan flew a sword light.

After Zhang Luyang left Changling, she stood still under this eaves for a long time every day, just staring blankly at the direction of the tea garden, just like a clay figure.

At this time her head finally started to turn, and she looked at the surrounding walls, and then to the wall of the palace farther away.

She suddenly laughed.

Laughed miserably.

"This is really like a cell."

"I have never lived a day for myself in my life."

"As long as I can kill you, I will kill you."

The middle-aged practitioner in yellow robe, who often walked in the palace, walked from the queen's study to the courtyard where the female surnamed Rong lived.

His pace is as usual.

"I have never lived a day for myself, and if there is a chance, I will definitely live a day for myself. I think you are the same."

He said the words in front of the court of the court girl named Rong.

A smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, not a miserable smile, but a very strange smile with a strong breath and anticipation.

Then he pushed open the false gate and walked in.

He bowed slightly, but he straightened up quickly.

The courtyard was empty and there was no figure of the court lady.

The court lady Rong is no longer here.

At this time, she was walking through a side hall to a side palace gate that was out of the palace on weekdays.

The vast majority of people in the Royal Palace knew that Moyuan's news was much later than that of Rong.

Although many of the court ladies and guards along the way saw her, they were only surprised, and did not understand why she had made up her mind to stay in the palace and why she would go out.

She did not stay in the slightest, as usual, no one dared to stop her.

Before many people reacted to what happened, she went out of the palace gate and walked into the streets of Changling.


This black and white rain did not last long.

When the finely fragmented white sword flower disappeared in the air, the last flower residual sword fell back to Ding Ning's side with a slight shock.

Ding Ning looked at the remnant sword that seemed to be trembling with excitement, he was very satisfied.


He said softly to Jing Liuli.

"Don't drive?"

Jingliu unconsciously prepared the car, but after seeing Ding Ning walk out of the small courtyard where she lived, she did not walk towards the carriage she prepared, but shook her head and walked out directly.When she saw Ding Ning's long worm in the long box on her back, she was stunned for a moment. "How could this worm be like this?"

Ding Ning turned to look at her and said, "You will know later."

Jing Liuli had foreseen such an answer before he spoke, so she tightened her lips very naturally and stopped talking.

Ding Ning walked out of the Mo Yuan.

Outside the Moyuan, Ye Frame Nan stood head down.

Before every time Liuli and Ding Ning left Moyuan, he just watched it. He sorted out everything in Moyuan like a real handyman, but today when he saw Ding Ning walk out, he naturally followed.

He was behind Jing Liuli, a few feet away from Jing Liuli.

He saw Ding Ning's back, and his heart was shaking.

Ding Ning was carrying a large black iron box behind him.

There are many sword masters in Changling who like to carry their sword boxes and hide their long swords.

It's just that no sword box will be this big.

But even if he didn't know it, he was already sure that Ding Ning went out today and it was quite different from usual.

Ding Ning also walked into the streets of Changling.

Although the eyes of countless people have always gathered on him, he is very familiar with the streets of Changling, and he walks through the streets very fast.

So his figure, Jing Liuli and Ye Frame Nan quickly disappeared in the eyes of most people.

The shocking emotions are still spreading and spreading in Changling.

Along with this, there was news that the court surnamed Rong and Ding Ning had the palace and Mo Yuan respectively.

Then more and more people in Changling knew that the court surnamed Rong and Ding Ning had walked into the streets of Changling, not knowing where they were going, and where they would meet.