The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 389 The Burning Scroll, The Long River

A trace of blood oozed out of Jing Liuli's lips.

Jing Liuli bit her lip, but she didn't notice it.

Because she is nervous.

When hosting the Minshan Swords Meeting, those candidates including Ding Ning had very dangerous moments, but she hardly felt the tension.

However, it is different now.

This is a real life-and-death battle. Both parties have the sole purpose of killing each other, and no one will interfere.

And corresponding to Ding Ning's and Rong's maiden's cultivation as the realm, as long as Ding Ning is really exposed to Rong's maiden's sight and perception, it means death.

"Hide and seek with me?"

The true girl of the surname Rong was worn out very violently, and some wounds on her body even sprinkled with bleeding beads, but some crazy smiles began to appear on her face, "Can't you hide it now?"

She is the old man in Changling, especially one of those who are closest to those Bashan Jianchang.

I only think about it when I see it, and it is possible to learn when I think about it.

Many of the strongest practitioners later in Changling were often the ones closest to the top strong men of Bashan Jianchang.

Therefore, the sword classics cultivated by the surname Rong are also extraordinary, and they are also secret swords unimaginable in general practice.

It was just when a crazy smile rippled across her face, a crazy sword meaning had sputtered out of her mouth with a strong destiny.

Ding Ning began to cough up blood.

The smoke around him was still lingering around, and the sword in the mouth of Rong surnamed Gong had not really fallen. However, the squeeze of the vitality had made him a little unbearable.

His feet touched the ground, gliding back involuntarily, the soles of his feet seemed to burn.

The murderous intent in the air was so strong that even some of the powerful people from the Seven Realms who were truly surpassed by the surname Rong were shocked.

It turned out that a person's intention to kill could be so strong and powerful.

This is the sword meaning in the "Hate Sky Sword Classic", which has accumulated many years of emotion with the strongest hatred, creating an unimaginable killing intention.

Swords shining with porcelain-like sword light fell towards Ding Ning's body.

The air in front of these sword qi turned black, and the debris around Ding Ning continued to explode, turning into countless fine powders, and then pressed together by a strong impact force to form some terrible black strips. .

This is the gap in absolute power.

Ding Ning is absolutely impossible to stop such a sword.

Even Jing Liuli felt that Ding Ning could not block such a sword.

Everyone felt that Ding Ning could not stop the sword of Rong Gong Nu, just like this battle from the beginning, everyone felt that it was absolutely impossible to defeat the Six Realms when they first entered the Five Realms.

But everyone wants to see a miracle.

Then Ding Ning made people see the miracle.

He had started coughing up blood, but his face was still calm.

A breath in his body was squeezed by a powerful force, and it was extremely difficult but accurate to penetrate into the iron box behind him.

The surface of the iron box was covered with a lot of scorch marks under the burning of the fiery red smoke and hot gravel, but at this moment, these scorch marks were suddenly black, like black ink inside. Flowing out.

A thin, high breath radiated from the iron box, but at the moment this breath spewed out, Ding Ning stopped coughing up blood and his breath became smooth.

Because the powerful squeezing force brought by those sword qi has all disappeared.

A lot of pure white light emerged from the gap of the iron box without any trace of impurities.

Even those sword qi stagnation.

In Ding Ning's surroundings, it seemed that a white scroll suddenly unfolded, holding everything inside.

Everyone was shocked.

Even Huang Zhenwei, who was on the corner tower recently, opened his eyes in shock. He didn't understand what the iron box behind Ding Ning had such a strong breath.

Rong's maiden's breathing stopped.

Not because of shock, but because the air in front of her was almost frozen.

In everyone's incredible eyes, the ink marks on the surface of the iron box faded away, and a long ink roll flew out of the iron box behind him.

There was a bang.

There was a dull thunder in the sky.

The entire sky has completely changed to the color of ink painting, black and white.

The surnamed Rong's body was shocked, and her ears were bleeding.

There was a sword light in the black and white sky, like a lightning bolt.

That was Ding Ning who didn't know where to hide the flying sword.

A heavy rain fell.

Countless rain lines with sharp swords fell, bursting countless water splashes at a few feet outside Rong's maiden, unable to cause real damage to Rong's maiden, but let her sword spirit almost stop in the air.

The scorching sun in the sky was covered by dark clouds.

There is a white meniscus.

All the rain lines began to freeze, and the white rain lines became blue-black ice lines.

All the people watching the game outside felt cold.

The ice line began to explode, and then there appeared a lot of cold evil spirits, wanton flying, cutting on the sword spirit of the surname Rong.

The body of Rong, the surnamed lady, began to tremble violently.

The porcelain-like vitality outside her began to sway, and then she also began to cough lightly, coughing up and bleeding.

"It is the remnant of Zhou Jiamo Garden!"

Many people finally reacted completely and exclaimed.

Jing Liuli finally recovered her breath and felt some pain in the broken part of her lips.

The remnants of Zhoujiamoyuan are famous throughout Changling, but no one has ever thought that a practitioner can use this thing to fight in this way.

However, the miracle Ding Ning has not stopped.

He looked up.

The flying sword flying in the sky suddenly covered with blue and black Xuanbing, and a long arc was drawn in the air.

That arc is like all the missing parts of a round meniscus, filling it completely.

A bang.

All the vitality that permeated around the female surnamed Rong began to explode.

The remnants that flew out of the iron box behind Ding Ning began to shatter and began to decompose along each line of ink. There was no flame, but countless debris flew along Fu Yi, but it seemed to be burning.

The maid of the surname Rong at the center of the explosion made a terrible and terrible howling.

A cloud of blood also exploded in her mouth, and her entire body was blown off the ground by an irresistible force, and fell back to the ground without a track.

There was a loud bang again.

A deep pit appeared on the ground, just like a meteorite.

There was a terrible dust flame in the center of the pit, mixed with scarlet blood.

There was silence in the streets all around.

The surnamed Rong girl slowly stood up from the center of the deep pit.

The porcelain-like luster on her body had disappeared, and her skin was covered with shocking wounds.

Her face was also swollen, and bloodshot eyes oozed continuously from the corners of her lips.

After a stagnation of breathing, she screamed again sternly and furiously.

Not only because of pain and injuries, but also that she has lost the trace of Ding Ning in front of her.

The ashes of Mo Yuan's remnants are still floating in the sky.

The black ashes covered the entire sky like a black snow, but the gloss reflected was white paper, and the space was split and overlapped, making it impossible to see through.

Ding Ning is no longer there.

Even the iron box behind him was no longer in the gravel.

He did not continue to take the opportunity to attack, but chose to continue to disappear and continue to hide and seek with her.


Just when the maid of the surname Rong suffered a real devastation and sent out a cry of sorrow and anger again, an old man with white hair and white hair was walking slowly towards the direction of the tea garden.

He is the Moshou City that Huang Zhenwei is worried about.

There is no city wall in Changling, but he is one of the invisible walls in Changling.

Today, thousands of people are empty, and all their attention is shifted to the place where Ding Ning and the Rong surname’s maiden fought, so they are naturally neglected to prevent others, and it is easy to breed unusual things.

He is a true wise man, so he naturally has to prepare in advance.

At this time, he already felt the murderous intention of the woman in Yunshui Palace. He was no longer at the top of the turret, but chose to be very close to Baishanshui. The woman escaped.

The black sword light still rotates like a gyro, easily flying all the heaven and earth geniuses falling on it.

Just like hitting a real top, no matter how powerful it is, it just makes the top turn faster.

This is an unassailable defensive sword, and the power of the Seven Realms cannot be broken at all.

However, looking at the sword like Xu Fenqin, knowing that his battle with Xu Fenqin must have been noticed by some top powers in Changling, Bai Shanshui smiled instead.

In the sky, a drop of crystal drops fell from the endless sky.

When approaching the ground, this crystal drop of water has turned into a long river, a long river lying horizontally.

This long river was shot like a huge palm.

The black gyroscope's strength was originally at the bottom.

As the power of the slap above settled down, the power of Xu Fenqin's sword force was pushed down, and two huge forces instantly tore the ground below and instantly drilled a huge hole.

There was a surging sound of water deep below.

Bai Shanshui and Xu Fenqin went down.

Xu Fenqin gave an angry and stern drink, accompanied by the wild and unrestrained silver bell-like laughter of Bai Shanshui.