The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 392

The sky is dark without dark clouds, just because a lot of wonderful light and vitality block the sunlight.

These lights are wonderful, and enough to make most of the practitioners present shudder at heart.

Because in all the processes of their practice, they did not touch the vitality contained in these lights.

In other words, they will not be exposed to the vitality of these lights throughout their lives.

Because these rays come from the starry sky that is too far away, they do not even fall on the ground.

At the moment of reaction, these powerful practitioners bowed their heads in fear.

It seemed that hanging their heads was not enough to express awe, and their bodies bowed slightly.

The practitioners in these streets and lanes seem to be much shorter than usual.

As for the Changling people who are not even practitioners, looking at the whole sky is dimmed, as these mysterious starlights do not know when the perfect woman appears in the field, they are almost shocked to kneel to the ground.

No one spoke at this time.

But everyone knows that this perfect woman who seems to have no human breath is the hostess of the Changling and the entire Great Qin Dynasty, the empress.

Huang Zhenwei was also shocked to look at the perfect woman who covered up all the light in the world and seemed to gather the most brilliant colors in the world on her body. He did not expect that the queen's mother would be out of the palace and would appear here.

Ding Ning did not look up. He coughed up blood and felt the familiar breath. Although he controlled the shaking of his hands forcibly, he seemed to tremble everywhere in his body.

He found that although he hated this woman from Jiaodong County, and eventually changed the entire Changling and Daqin Dynasty Bureau, when he actually faced this woman, it was still extremely difficult and still unbearable.

He didn't know if he didn't want to see it, or because he didn't dare to see it. From beginning to end, he didn't look up at her.

The stars hide the sun.

The Queen Mother of the Great Qin Dynasty came here.

The last ray of blood in the heart of Rong surnamed Gong was flowing along the broken sword in the dust below.

The surname Rong did not see the flying sword that finally pierced her heart, but at this time, she saw the perfect woman who seemed to cover the entire sky in front of her.

Before, she felt that the city was empty, everything was empty, she just thought it seemed ridiculous, not even painful.

However, at the end of her life, at the moment when she saw the perfect woman, her body began to twitch, and she felt great pain.

She began to understand that all her life was under the shadow of this woman.

In the eyes of others, even in her own view, her ownership came from this woman, and her power was amazing enough.

However, before she died, she knew that because the woman was too perfect and powerful, she no longer was herself when she met her.

She was just scared.

She has always been just afraid of her.

The Queen Mother came to her.

Seeing her body twitching constantly, her eyes continually shed blood and tears, the surnamed Rong Maid, her brows slowly scooped up, and an incomprehensible look appeared on the white porcelain-like smooth face.


She looked at the maiden named Rong who was in the last pain, with a hint of anger and a bit of regret that could not be described in words, and asked softly: "I have said that as long as you don't leave the palace, I will naturally keep you safe , Why are you leaving the palace?"

Rong's maiden looked at the queen.

She should have died at this time.

However, she found that she was not dead, and she still had the strength to speak.

A fresh breath flowed from the sleeve of the royal lady, fell into her body, and replaced her last effort in her body.

This breath fairy is still extraordinary, not like the breath of the world.

However, this breath was too familiar to the surnamed Rong, who knew that the lotus pond directly appeared in her mind. The queen's lady spent a lot of time every day standing in front of the lotus pond.

This breath falls in the eyes of others, it is a holy white breath.

Ding Ning didn't look up, but he clearly sensed this breath and felt that the palace girl who should die of Rong surnamed sighed with a sigh of relief, and his body was instantly cold.

The dead will not speak, and many secrets will be hidden, but at this time, the surname Rong is still not dead.

As long as she tells a secret, he and many people in Changling will die, or there will be a more miserable death than death.


There are countless words in the mind of Rong Rong.

Linglian's medicine can't save her final death, but it makes her mind clearer than ever.She thought about the moments when Ding Ning finally dealt with her, and she had begun to understand why Ding Ning could kill her unbelievably.

This turned out to be the case.

It turned out not only because of Xue Wangxu, but also because of that person and many people in Bashan Jianchang who died because of her.

She has a chance and enough time to speak.

However, at this time, listening to the voice of the perfect woman covering her sky full of regret, she did not make a direct voice in this precious time.

She spent a lot of time thinking about a lot of pretty pictures.

Before thinking of following this perfect woman, I thought of watching the pictures of those people fighting with swords and fighting, she thought of the picture of her meeting with the tea master, thinking of the imprisonment of the tea master and herself, it seemed This will imprison each other for a lifetime.

However, such a picture eventually disappeared.

In the end everything was gone.

Her eyes were dripping with tears again.

She looked at her perfect hostess, and her ears still seemed to ring the other person's last sentence, "Why are you leaving the palace?"

"Because I still can't be as cold as you."

She smiled bleakly, with tears in her blood, with her last effort, she said such a sentence.


The queen's mother breathed suddenly.

She was truly stunned.

She didn't expect that Rong Rong would say such a sentence at the end.

So that her body at this moment was a bit cold and slightly stiff.

But this emotion only appeared for a moment.

In the next moment, her brows were fainted, and all the expressions of anger and regret in her eyes disappeared, all turned into indifference, or the kind of god-like eyes with no human emotion.

Just control the world, without the slightest emotion.

On her perfect face, she can't see any traces of years or any flaws.

Her indifferent gaze fell on Ding Ning, who was coughing up blood.

Then she said without emotion: "I thought you would keep your hand, at least on some of my good intentions."

This sentence did not have any opening remarks, nor did it cover the volume. All the practitioners present heard it clearly. No one thought she was too domineering, but just thought it was normal to say such a sentence in her capacity.

Some people even began to recall her kindness to Ding Ning and some of Ding Ning's responses.

They even started to think subconsciously that if Ding Ning did not give some reasons, they would naturally feel that Ding Ning had done too much in this matter.

Especially at this time, when the noble queen queen said this sentence to Ding Ning personally.

However, what they did not expect was that Ding Ning just coughed up blood and whispered: "I'm sorry."

Only these three words make many people's hearts blow like cold wind.

After Ding Ning said these three words, he didn't say anything.

The Queen Mother turned around, and she said nothing more.

The sky is getting brighter.

Those falling starlights began to disappear.

And she disappeared in these starlights that began to disappear.

Ding Ning still did not look up.

This was the first time he and the queen's mother reunited.