The Sword Dynasty

Episode 399

"Uptown chaos, it's not easy for foreigners to ask for life on the go."

A faint voice sounded, it seemed that the elders were full of sympathy for the juniors, but just on the next breath, the voice suddenly turned sharp, and the words broke off like ice, "The seven streets and sixteen lanes are very large. It’s easy to say in a place, but who wants to let... but it will make it difficult for us a few, maybe it will cause a disaster."

The foreigner smiled faintly and said, "So it's not as good as a few of you to deal with me when you think about it, which is not difficult in your opinion."

"It's interesting."

The sharp voice quickly became faint again.

With the separation of the figures in the alley in front, an old man who looked skinny in the dark sat in a wheelchair to the front.

"We know that you are Jianglong, and the doorman behind you should be in the Seven Realms, otherwise the old people of Qi Laogui will not be inexplicable, and even if there is no sound, they will all die."

The old man smiled faintly, "But Seventh Street and Sixteenth Alley are so big, a Seven Realm wants to hold us down... this kind of thing is always unlikely to happen."

"If it's a business relationship, you won't block the roads behind you, but you will be able to retreat anyway." The foreigner also smiled and said, "Even the sergeants who were on patrol did not see a team along the way. In this relationship, it seems that the next thing is boring."

The old man raised his head unexpectedly and looked at the foreigner, "You are clever, but how can you never imagine that there is no meaning of General Zhang, how can even these seven streets and alleys tonight see a team of sergeants on duty Since you already understand what General Zhang means, why don’t you go all night, why come?

"Maybe you misunderstood General Zhang's meaning. If he didn't want me to stay here, he wouldn't give me a chance to come here tonight." The foreigner looked at the old man with a weird look and sighed: " Chaotianmen Bi Lao Gui, you have stayed with this guy for too long, and you have forgotten how you took this seat."

"You should change your mind."

The foreigners paused and regretted: "You may have forgotten that you can sit in this seat no matter how hard it is. Those real nobles here let you sit. The first thing you need to do is to make them satisfied. I can appear here tonight, in front of you, maybe those nobles think you are sitting in this seat for too long, and don’t know how to think. Maybe they think you’re not good enough, and a new one is needed here Butler, or just they want to see something new?"

The old man's quiet voice did not sound immediately.

He was silent for a long time, and then nodded slowly: "If nobles already have such thoughts, the only way to dispel them is to prove that I can still sit in this seat and prove that I am stronger than they thought."

The foreigner shook his head and said sincerely: "This is not the only way, I hope you can consider a milder way."

"I'm already old."

The old man’s voice became faint again, “I do, but everyone behind me will not give up my seat to a foreigner like you. I need to prove my abilities to those nobles, but you You also have to prove your strength to all my brothers."

The foreigner thought for a while, he wanted to speak.

However, at this moment, he heard several harsh screams.

"The flying sword in Yandu City is still much worse than Changling."

The foreigner sighed and looked at the old man in the darkness in front of him, and said more seriously: "They are all so old, why are they so irritable, why do they have so much room for doing things?"

The old man in the wheelchair did not answer.

For someone like him, since the decision has been made, then there is no need to say anything.

Several flying swords flew out to the outskirts with turbulence in the dark.

The entourage behind him produced a sword.

There was a loud bang.

Several flying swords were shot and fled in a breath without any way to avoid.

A horrified exclamation sounded.

The old man who just fell silent in the wheelchair raised his head horribly, and the emotion in his heart was shocked to the extreme.

In his perception, the big sword followed by the foreigner was like a huge hammer.

Those flying swords have been not only blown away, but also completely destroyed!

What an amazing power!

He knew that the follower was the Seven Realms, but at this moment the strength used by the other party's hands raised instantly proved to him that this follower was not an ordinary Seven Realms!

"I hope you can change your decision."

The foreigner glanced at him and said this seriously.

A green rune, like the leaves falling naturally, fell towards him, and then slowly released the breath that only seven realms could have.

A faint green flame ignited on this rune.

This character is the real trick.

Although the fierce swords were fierce, they only led away the entourage behind him for a moment.

However, at this time, the old man and many people who blocked the alley in the dark once again shocked somehow that a crimson sword appeared in the hands of the foreigners.

The sword light just flashed, and the body of the foreigner shook violently, but the green rune was picked up by the sword and cut in half.

The green rune has a thin cross section, but an unimaginable flame erupts from it.

All the vitality gathered from it spewed out from this section.

Two amazing green fires in the sky collided, pushing the two pieces of debris to the sides instantly for dozens of feet.

The green but bright fire light illuminates the faces of everyone in this lane, including the elderly in wheelchairs.

The old man's wheelchair was also shaking violently. He looked at the two rivers of fire in the sky, and even the wrinkles glowed with a green light. He couldn't believe it and screamed like a fight when he was a child. The bullied child, "How is it possible, how can you be the Seven Realms!"

It was at this moment that a sword light illuminated behind the old man.

The sword light was bleak and dull when it just flashed, but only in a flash, this sword light was like a red iron rod, and it was so hot and amazing.

An entourage behind the old man shouted with extreme anger and turned his sword.

His sword is fast and strong.

Everyone around him, including the old man he protected believed that he could stop the sword.

But it was at this moment that the sword like a red iron rod suddenly turned around and stab the follower.

The attendant was shocked, and he felt a desperate breath.

He intuitively knew he would die.

He returned the sword.

However, with a loud noise, the follower froze.

He found that the desperate sword intention fell on himself, but the sword body itself did not change direction.

The long-sword burning red iron rod was inserted into the old man's body from the rear of the wheelchair.

The follower screamed wildly and dazedly.

He didn't know why he couldn't stop the sword.

The old man is also confused.

He also awakened to see whether the follower shook his sword with a shock, or the foreigner suddenly showed the strength of the Seven Realms just to cover the last sword, but he didn't understand why this foreigner People clearly weren't in the Seven Realms in a battle not long ago. Why didn't they go to the Seven Realms after so little time?He couldn't understand why this sword was obviously not strong, why would he be able to penetrate his body.


The foreigner bowed to him at this time and sincerely apologized: "If you don't die, many people will die."

Perceiving the shock of those people before and after the streets, the entourage behind the foreigner put down the big sword in his hand and whispered: "Wang Taixu, you surprised me too."

"Actually it depends a lot on what someone has said to me in particular."

The foreigner knew that everything was a foregone conclusion. He stood up with his sword, shook his head, and responded: "Before I finally left Changling, he told me that the most important thing to break through is not talent, but The most intense emotion."

The entourage behind him froze slightly, seeming to understand.

The foreigner said quietly: "I didn't understand it at first. Later, when you walked with me, you felt your sword's intent, and the farther away from Changling, I gradually understood. Practitioners like you often end up The ability to break through to a very high level is due to national hatred and family hatred...Your love and hatred are far richer than those of ordinary practitioners. Your emotions are far more fierce than ordinary practitioners. The more intense the emotions...even the perception seems to be more Strengthen. Human emotions are always the strongest force in this world."

The entourage behind him seriously thought about it, thinking about the most outstanding and powerful practitioners in Zhao Di and Changling in those years. People, he feels more reasonable.