The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 400: The Last Light

When the moon passes the sky, the night is the most intense, but it is the most lively time in the Changling Fish Market.

In the room burning agarwood, a lonely black bamboo grew quietly and disappeared again.

The woman in the red shirt was holding the piano and stood in front of the window. Her eyes were covered by the overlapping dark awnings, but her mind was directed to the places where the battles took place today.

She looked as though she was sentimental as usual, thinking about the two women who had broken through the family on the Weihe River that day, and thinking about the sword exhibited by Miss Gongsun's family today, but her mood swings were Getting more and more intense.

Another black bamboo appeared out of nowhere in the open space behind her, but it did not disappear as she breathed, as before, but suddenly blossomed, and crimson flowers grew.

As the bamboo blossomed, there was also a mysterious change in her body.

Her skin quickly became as pure black as black bamboo, and then faded away quickly, without any difference.

The black in her pupils was enlarged by one point than usual, and it seemed that her eyes were darker and brighter.

A black bamboo plant in the black shadow outside the door of this room also began to shake violently.

On weekdays, the old servant who followed her knocked on the door and looked at her, but she was silent.

He knew that she could break the ground long ago, but she never broke the ground, which is equivalent to the intangible contracts with the nobles of Changling, making Changling give her a place to live.

"That day, the Baishan River on the Weihe River competed with Zhao Si, and I felt it."

The old servant of this business did not speak, but she started to speak, still in the kind of gentle to the extreme, mournful tone: "Both are ruined by the country, and I think that I am not the same, my family does not exist, here Changling is also a solitary soul and a ghost. It has always been a thorn in the eyes. There are so many things happening today. I want to be alone and how can I be alone."

The old servant of the business continued to be silent for a moment, saying, "Miss still remembers the hatred at home."

"Remember not only the hatred of the family, but also the grace that I have received."

The woman in the red shirt said softly, "I have settled down in Changling for so many years, at least I know that if it wasn't for the person who hurried back, there would be no one left in the business. I am a lone woman, but there is nothing to avenge. Hope, this hatred is weak, but Eun remembers it instead. Today, the heart is still, and it is because of the nine dead silkworms."

She turned to look at the old servant who was always sloppy, and then said: "Bai Shanshui, Zhao Si, and Miss Gongsun, what kind of people are these people, if it were not for the nine dead silkworms, I would not believe it would be today I burn my true yuan in this way. As long as the nine dead silkworms are here, this Changling can’t be quiet. We will not be able to stay in the fish market for a long time. After all, Zheng Xiu will attribute us to that one. Humanoid, after all, for her and Yuanwu, we are just the little fish in those days."

The merchant's old servant remained silent for a long time, and finally sighed and stopped talking.

Some of the masters of the Seven Realms died, but someone quietly broke through and became the master of the Seven Realms. The situation is changing, and there are countless grudges. This is the real Changling.


Mo Shoucheng entered the Tiger and Wolf North Army Camp.

Huang Zhenwei respectfully followed behind him.

Some officials of the Shendu prison quietly dispersed and withdrew those huge iron spears that fell and formed a snowstorm area inaccessible to the six realms.

In the center of Daying, Liang Lian's body did not converge, and he still lay in the dead place.

The snow and ice on him had disappeared, and in the hot summer, the snow and ice turned into a stream of water, seeping into the land under him.

Instead, his body became shrivelled, and the dark color entered his body.

He didn't look like a general who had just died in battle, but like a dead body that had died for many years and was dragged out of the mud.

Mo Shoucheng stood silent in front of Liang Lian's body for a long time.

"After all, it is the man who fights for me in the great Qin."

He said this, and took a large flag to cover Liang Lian's body.

"It's nine dead silkworms."

Then he turned around and nodded at Huang Zhenwei and said.

Huang Zhenwei's eyes were shocked. He knew that even if the old man was so sure, it would indicate that the Nine Dead Silkworm is not a vain, it is a real existence, and it has grown to an amazing level, even enough to kill Liang Lian.

Mo Shoucheng nodded again and said, "It was the first line of the sky that killed him... It was one of the man's strongest swordsmanship. Before any powerful power, a line of the world can be cut out."

Huang Zhenwei was speechless and could only listen.

Mo Shoucheng went on to say: "The one who killed Liang Lian was under seven realms. Without the seven realms, he could use such a sword meaning... The man of the year was not able to comprehend such a sword meaning until seven realms."

Huang Zhenwei is even unable to speak. He can't believe that there is a stronger talent in this world than that person's talent?

"Perhaps that person had a successor many years ago, but that successor has never been revealed."

"Perhaps the man had already accepted the apprentice's affairs, not even the queen, nor did he tell the queen about his affairs."

Mo Shoucheng is different from usual. He did not give Huang Zhenwei much time to think independently, and then said: "The queen will go crazy."

Huang Zhenwei Huo Ran looked up.

He couldn't think about all the meanings contained in this sentence at this time, but the words Queen only seemed to make him feel that indifferent breath.

"Nine Dead Silkworm and Nine Nether King Sword appeared at the same time, Bai Shanshui killed Xu Fenqin, Zhao Si cited the Queen's sword, including the Nine Dead Silkworm entering and leaving here through the underground Yin River, these are not isolated."

Mo Shoucheng looked directly at Huang Zhenwei and said slowly: "The only thing in this world that can mess up the queen's mind is the nine dead silkworms. If you know who is the descendant of the nine dead silkworms, there will not be much chaos, but now these nine deaths The successor of the silkworm is always unknown, and it is far stronger than she thought...I am most worried about her, but I am worried about what she will do next."

Huang Zhenwei's face began to pale.

He thought of many past events in the Changling Mausoleum three years before the Emperor Yuanwu took the throne.

He finally began to really understand what his teacher was worried about.

"Sheng Shang is already in the eight realms, the people of Zhengtong are harmonious, and the Daqin dynasty has never been stronger. Even if the nine dead silkworms have reached this point, even if the people in Baishanshui and Zhao Jianlu are getting stronger, they are still too weak compared to the current Daqin dynasty. ."

Mo Shoucheng knew that he had understood, but then went on to say: "After the Lushan Alliance, the remaining three dynasties threatened to go away, and the queen acted more carelessly. She would become colder, and she would become even colder."

Huang Zhenwei's breathing became difficult, "Teacher, what should I do now?"

Mo Shoucheng looked at the beloved disciple, and there was a trace of love and affection in his eyes, and he sighed and said, "Check, find out who is the nine dead silkworm..."

After a slight meal, he turned to look at Liang Lian’s body that had been covered by the flag, and then said: "Here he came to kill him, there are always ways to get in and out, there are traces. Only to find out who really got the nine deaths The queen of silkworm inheritance will not go mad."

Huang Zhenwei didn't understand.

Wasn't it a matter of checking these things?

Why does his teacher check himself?

But after all, he was one of the most wise men in Changling, so he quickly understood the meaning of this old man, "Teacher, don't you trust the gods and prisons?"

"In Changling, never trust anyone too much."

Mo Shoucheng smiled bitterly and said, "And I don't have much time."

Huang Zhenwei looked at his suddenly dim and yellow eyes, his heart tightened instantly, and he shouted in shock, "Teacher..."

Mo Shoucheng waved his hand and whispered: "There will be at most three months."

Listening to this sentence, Huang Zhenwei was haunted by great pain. He couldn’t believe it was true. He couldn’t believe that the old man who had kept the city for many years would really have to leave the city, but he But he knew that this matter was very real.

"Just because I don't have enough time, everything must be fast."

Mo Shoucheng said softly and very seriously: "Like a remnant candle, someone will always want to use its last light to do something."