The Sword Dynasty

404 Just tomorrow

The morning light was bright again.

A familiar breath appeared in Ding Ning's perception. He didn't understand it. It should have been Wen Houling, why is it that Ye Celeng is coming now?

The door was pushed open.

He felt his eyes fall on himself.

He looked up at this glance, only to see Ye Celen still wearing a white dress, but somehow, today's white dress seems to be much brighter.

It is not the first time that Ye Celang and he met each other, but looking at his gaze today, it seems that there are too many differences in peace.

"Wen Houling is dead."

Ye Ce-Leng watched him say something softly, but instead of leaving soon, he took the door of the room and sat down at the table opposite him, watching his reaction.

Ding Ning was slightly startled.

This is indeed something he did not expect.

He is familiar with Wen Houling, so he knows that few people in Changling can kill him.

Ye Ce-Leng looked at his slightly frowned, looked at his puzzled but serene look. This face was too far for her from someone in the impression, but somehow her heart was beating. More and more powerful, "It was Ye Xiao's hand."

"Night Owl can kill him?" Ding Ning's face was dignified, but when he thought of Chen Jianshou, he suddenly couldn't help laughing at himself: "Changling Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger, it seems that many people are too good at covering up on weekdays. Some people are really good. It's much more powerful than I thought."

"When Liang Lian was killed by the nine dead silkworms, everyone in Changling knew you were here. So you now look at everyone in Changling, you can't be related to the nine dead silkworms. Now including the princes of Changling, they are only in Guess, he had already accepted an apprentice, and the apprentice was already quite old, otherwise it would be impossible to grasp the sword of the sky." Ye Ce looked at Ding Ning deeply, "but I know who you are. , Then, who are you?"

I know who you are, who are you?

This sounds very contradictory, but Ding Ning's calm face is no longer calm.

Because a drop of crystal drops of water fell on Ye Ce cold's cheek.

That is not the product of any condensation of vitality, but a crystal teardrop.

In this world, the most powerful force is always the most intense emotion between people.

Ding Ning's heart was hit by this most powerful force, and he fell silent and lowered his head.

"Does it make sense?"

He remained silent for a long time, and did not answer Ye Celeng's question directly, but only answered this sentence.

Ye Celian looked at him and smiled, the smile was a bit bleak, "You know why I must be in Changling, you know how much I did not want to do in order to stay in Changling, now you think I ask this Does it make sense?"

Ding Ning said: "You know he is dead."

"I thought so."

Ye Ce-Leng also lowered his head, like the winter is a little cold and needs a warm child: "I just want to see if he has left a successor, what he wants to do until I see you."

"You are too young, I know that Shen Xuan can't be wrong to at least look at the bone age. You were born three years after his death, and your real practice is only up to five realms, so how do you know so many things and how you know so many people? , How come the sword of the sky?"

Ye Celen still didn't look up, but her tone was more hurried. "No one knows the sword's meaning of the first-line sky better than I do. I don't believe that no one can understand such a sword's meaning without his personal biography."

"The body turned gray, and nothing was left. Is there any way to get back to life?" Ding Ning also smiled, and the smile was also bleak: "Do you believe in this kind of thing?"

Ye Ce-Leng raised his head and looked at him, and said seriously: "I hope there is such a thing as resurrection."

"It still doesn't make sense."

Ding Ning's face hardened, and slowly said: "Even if I come back to life, I will not be the person you are familiar with."

Ye Celen suddenly laughed.

The sadness in her eyes was gone, and she laughed like a real child.

"Some things will change, some people will not."

She looked at Ding Ning and slowly said: "It's really meaningless to argue, I came here, there is an important thing to tell you, the people who have broken the prison are all together."

Ding Ning suddenly seemed nervous with some premonition and asked, "Who is it?"

Ye Celian gave him a glance and said, "Fish market, business lady."

Ding Ning coughed painfully.

This was the last thing he wanted to hear, but it was exactly the same as his premonition.

"It seems that you do not want her to participate in such things."

Ye Ce sneered more brightly, and even had a wink-like feeling: "But this is always her own choice, just like I stay in Changling, but it is always my own choice, and it has nothing to do with you."

Ding Ning stunned.

"Since many years ago, Zheng Xiu has not suffered any losses since he entered Changling. But he has suffered too many losses in the past few days, and now Wen Houling is dead...she will do something else after all."

Ye Ce-Leng looked at Ding Ning, and then said: "Yi Xiao, the least willing to leave Changling, is willing to leave Changling. Like me, I have long been tired of Changling, so if I really worry about our safety, The matter of saving Lin and cooking wine should be as soon as possible, so don't hesitate anymore."

Ding Ning nodded slowly and said, "Just tomorrow."



Ye Celang walked out of the medical hall and got on the carriage waiting for her outside.

The carriage started to walk, and she did not put down the curtains, looking at the walls and roof tiles along the way.

The rising sun is rising, and the pale golden sunlight shines on the gray wall and black tiles, reflecting a solemn luster.

Her eyes turned farther, to the turrets that stood like giants, and the corners of her mouth gradually showed a smile of self-deprecation: "These layouts of the past have become a means of restricting yourself today..."

After a moment, looking at these, she finally sighed, "Changling...really majestic, no matter what, the people who built such a meteorological city in those days were really amazing."

When those people were successful, she was still a young girl.

When she first opened her heart, those people were dead.

She always felt that she was half a beat.

Now things are right and wrong, but it is not too late.

Her hand patted on the carriage window, and the carriage slowly walked through the streets and finally walked to an old bridge.

This is the old bridge that Changling rarely passes, but it is used for the old bridge that is conveniently and reserved for some shops around. The bridge hole under the bridge is already dilapidated. A pomegranate tree grows on the bridge pier on one side. This pomegranate tree is very old.

There is a sesame oil shop on one side of the bridge. Next to the sesame oil shop is a tofu shop. In the narrow alley between the two shops, there is a blind fortune teller sitting on a bamboo chair.

The fortune-telling blind man is not very old. He is only about thirty years old, and he is also very white. It looks like a scholar, without the spirit of nagging, so it seems that there is no business.

She walked straight to the blind fortune-teller and walked from behind him to behind him, saying, "Where is your stringless piano?"

The fortune teller did not respond.

She backed away until she was in front of the blind fortune-teller. Then she looked at him in the eye and smiled, saying: "You really are a fake blind man, really deaf."

The fortune-teller blindly looked at her, and his body suddenly shivered.

"No special reactions."

Ye Ce took a deep breath and repeated it quickly, "Where is your stringless piano?"

"Follow me."

Without any hesitation, the blind fortune-teller stood up and walked into the alley.

Inside the alley, there is a small yard.

Always walked into this courtyard, into the only bedroom.

The body of the blind fortune-teller finally got rid of it and shivered violently.

A bright light appeared in his eyes, and he looked at Ye Ce cold's lips, so serious that he felt a kind of perverted feeling.

"Nine dead silkworms."

Ye Celen spit out three words abnormally, and then said: "I need you to tell Lin to boil the wine, to save him tomorrow. I also need you to try to get someone in the big floating water cell."