The Sword Dynasty

416 In fact, I am a housekeeper

There was unspeakable bitterness on the middle-aged man in plain clothes.

At this moment, he understood the old man's choice on the corner tower for many years.

"You want to see a powerful and prosperous empire, but can you ignore the life and death of so many practitioners?"

"I understand your intentions, but unfortunately I don't agree."

He also felt the deliberate slowness of the force on the turret, but he still shook his head.

What's more, he didn't agree with what the hostess in the palace and the man in the throne did.

If he can compromise, he will compromise. If he cannot compromise, he will only use a sword.

In Changling, many things can only be done with swords.

Even if you can't win, at least this sword can represent his heart.

All the wormwood on the eaves of Baoguangguan behind him snapped in an instant.

Those who have been growing for unknown years, and the wormwood that has been faintly shining brightly, emit a lot of soft brilliance in an instant, pouring into the sword body in front of him.

This mysterious and powerful breath even made the senior officer of the soldiers and horses in front of him change his face, and the whole body continued to recede, leaving countless explosive airflows in the air.

However, the prime sword in front of him did not fall on the senior officer of the soldiers and horses, nor did he face the force on the turret, but went straight up and into the sky.

There was a roar.

At this time, all the pedestrians walking in the streets outside Changling looked in the direction of Baoguangguan.

A plain beam of light appeared in the Changling City, so high that it almost touched the moon.

For ordinary people, this is just an incomprehensible miracle-like picture, but for many people, this is a warning, a kind of heart.

The middle-aged man in plain clothes carried his hands on his back, and the true elements and the vitality of the world flowed out of his body like a long river.

When the true element and the heaven and earth of the body were completely exhausted, this pure beam of light finally disappeared slowly.

The Sujian, which flew to a very high altitude, fell back, and brought out a white and crystal light.

Su Jian fell like a meteor.

The middle-aged man in plain clothes greeted the fall of the plain sword.


This handle of Sujian pierced his heart, penetrated his body, with the blood flowing, and inserted on the stone ground behind him.

The queen stood by the pool with lotus flowers in full bloom.

The beam of light and sword light are very obvious, she naturally sees very clearly.

Somehow, she became angry inexplicably again.

Because she thought of Yan Xinlan.

I thought of the sword that was also unyielding.

The blood from the middle-aged man in the plain clothes spewed out and continued to spray onto the hilt of the plain sword, flowing like a waterfall into the cracks in the ground.

His decision was decisive, and his sword was fast enough, so he died quickly, without pain, and his face was serene.

The closed door behind him creaked open at this moment.

A young girl with a round face appeared at this time.

In the shadow behind her, there are many teenagers, or girls, whose shoulders are twitching constantly.

The round-faced girl walked behind the middle-aged man in Su Yi. She grabbed the handle of the blood-stained sword and pulled it up from the ground.

Looking at the face of the round-faced girl without sorrow and joy, and looking at her drawing a sword, the senior soldiers and soldiers standing on the ground only felt that their hearts were tight, he couldn't help but ask the people behind him : "Who is this woman?"

"Hu Jingjing." The breath of an official behind him could not help but make it difficult, and said: "Lu Qian's disciples, orphan daughters."

The senior officer of Bingmasi was inexplicable, but looking at the round-faced girl holding a sword, and looking at the figure behind her that started to mess up, he knew that the matter must be controlled.

So he took a deep breath again and said sharply, "What do you want?"

The round-faced girl raised her head, no tears in her eyes, but just used a very palpable bland tone: "Join the war... Didn't you say to my Master, would you like us to go to the border?"

The senior officer of Bingmasi was inexplicably stagnant.

Some of the practitioners behind him and some of the figures in the round-faced girl's back view were also inexplicably stagnant.

But the strange thing is that everyone understands the girl’s intention at this time... First, she is not strong enough now, and second, she needs to survive.

The senior officer of Bingmasi was speechless for a moment, closing his eyes in pain.

"Are you crazy?"

He couldn't help saying these three words in his heart at this time.

He did not question the queen’s determination, nor did the queen do such a thing, but how many people’s life would be changed by her crazy choices after tonight, and how many terrible people would be created in the future?

Not far behind the senior soldier and horse officer, there was a carriage.

There was a maid in the carriage.

This maiden now takes over some of the power of the surname Rong. Her time in the upper ranks is very short, so her temperament is not as cold as that of the surname Rong, and her face is more beautiful and beautiful than that of the surname Rong.

Opposite her, the sitting teenager is An Baoshi.

"I appreciate this female student of Baoguangguan."

When she saw the round-faced girl pulling her sword and listening to her answer, An Baoshi turned to look at the maiden and said, "Although her talent is very ordinary, even most of the candidates who participated in the Minshan Sword Society Now, the cultivation base is very low, but I think she will be stronger than most young talents in Changling.

The Qingxiu Palace woman nodded seriously and said, "Mr. Ann said yes."

An Baoshi smiled faintly, and said: "But no matter how good it is, it is useless, because among the young people in Changling, the strongest is me."

The content of his sentence is very arrogant, but all of his expressions and tone make people feel taken for granted.

The Qingxiu palace girl said seriously again: "Mr. Ann said yes."

Ding Ning stood in front of the window in his clothes.

He coughed gently.

He has already begun to use the Nine Dead Silkworm and Xu Tianshen tactics to recuperate his injuries, but he knows he can’t look too fast.

Looking at the disappearing beam of light in Baoguangguan, he said in a cold voice: "Zheng Xiu really started to go crazy."

"Are you proud or unhappy?"

Changsun Qianxue's cold voice rang out from the darkness.

Ding Ning turned around, looked at her, and said, "When I see many people die and are helpless, I will never be proud again."

"Nine dead silkworms are here, she and Yuanwu will not be happy."

Ding Ning was silent for a moment, and then said: "But she and Yuan Wu will not die, nor will I be happy."


Huang Zhenwei is not on the turret.

But he sensed the force from the turret, and he naturally saw the soaring light from Baoguangguan. For a long time, he stood hard to move, and his breathing was not normal for a long time.

He seemed to be able to see the helplessness and sadness of the old man's eyes at this time, and he also seemed to be able to see the determination and determination of the plain-clothed middle-aged man as he greeted his sword.

He knew that more people would die next.

He knew that the next storm would be the same as that of Yuanwu's first three years, and even more violent.

He bit his lip out of blood in pain.

"Nine dead silkworms!"

Such a voice continued to echo in his body.

He was just thinking about it at this time. If he wanted to put an end to it, if he wanted the queen and the holy to stop, he would only find the nine dead silkworms.


A small boat floats on the Weihe River.

Bai Shanshui and Zhao Si, as well as Lin Zhuojiu and Zhang Shiwu are all in this small boat, so the small boat is so deep that it seems to sink into the water at any time.

When the beam of light lit up in the Changling City, Bai Shanshui stood on the bow of the boat, she narrowed her eyes and asked, "Master Lin, what can we do?"

Lin Zhuojiu shook his head in the cabin and said, "I can't do anything. Actually, I'm not a military division. I'm just a housekeeper."

Zhang Shiwu didn't respond.

He was badly hurt, but at this time he was looking at the stove with peace of mind behind Bai Shanshui, where a pot of beef soup was cooked.

Lin Zhuojiu loves beef soup. He hasn't had such a beef soup for a long time.

Zhao Si was stunned, looking at Lin Bojiu, "What do you mean?"