The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 417

Lin Zhuojiu looked at the pot of beef soup that had been cooked very thick.

After having not eaten this favorite food for a long time, this pot of beef soup has no temptation for him, but he knows that this pot of beef soup is not yet the most beautiful, so he is patient Waiting.

"In the three dynasties of the Qin Dynasty, Bashan Jianchang was recognized as the strongest sect in the world. Everyone in the world thought that I was the military master of those people in Bashan Jianchang at that time.

Lin Zhuojiu smiled and said, "But most of the tricks still come from him."

Zhao Si frowned deeply, watching Lin Zhuojiu very frankly tell his feelings: "You should know that you were in the top three of the Qin people I wanted to kill most in the sword furnace. The world Everyone knows that many of Qin Jun’s tricks came from you, but now you say that these tricks have nothing to do with you?"

"Because this is a trick in itself."

Lin Zhuojiu raised his head, looked at her, and said with some emotion: "At that time, everyone knew that Bashan Jianchang's strongest sword was Wang Jingmeng. He knew that no one was fighting alone, if he knew him, Not only the entire Changling is the most powerful, but also the military division of the entire Bashan sword field, then all the enemies will only have one idea and kill him at all costs."

Zhao Si and Bai Shanshui glanced. They understood the meaning of Lin Zhijiu's words, but they still couldn't believe it.

After all, there are too many stories about Lin Zhuojiu, and they have experienced many of them.

"You mean, this is just a plan to share his danger?" Bai Shanshui couldn't help looking at Lin Zhuojiu and asked.

"In the eyes of many people at that time, an army division that was like a god was much more terrible for a war than a pure invincible sword division." Lin Zhuojiu laughed, "And for everyone, I am much better than him, so there are always more people who assassinate me than assassination, and assassination of him does not know how to kill the game, and assassination, you only need to find the right opportunity to arrange two or three more than me Just a great practitioner, in a sense, I am also a guise to attract many assassins to die."

Listening to his words, Zhao Si thought of the great grandmasters who had died in the past to assassinate Lin Bohui, feeling increasingly ironic and sad.

"Bashan Jianchang is terrible."

Bai Shanshui smiled self-deprecatingly and said, "What does that housekeeper mean?"

"It means belonging."

Lin Zhuojiu said without hesitation: "My memory is very good, my mind is a book, I know which people are our Bashan Jianchang, I know where our Bashan Jianchang is."

Zhao Si and Bai Shanshui thoroughly understood this time, and said at the same time: "You mean, there are a lot of Bashan Jianchang... a lot of things that are not controlled by Zheng Xiu and Yuan Wu?"

Lin Zhuojiu couldn't help laughing again, "Sword and Sword Classic, that's just superficial things, otherwise why do you think Zheng Xiu and Yuan Wu couldn't bear to kill me for so many years?"

Zhao Si is even more incomprehensible.

At that time, there were so many swords and so many powerful sword scriptures in Bashan Jianchang. I didn’t know how many strong men made Changling in these ten years. Is the most important?

Lin Zhuojiu knew that she could not understand, he also knew that these people were enough people to be trusted, and there were few people like them.

At that time, the pot of beef soup had reached the most suitable time.

So he motioned to Zhang Shizi to put out the fire, then filled a bowl of beef broth and slowly drank it.

"Make an analogy."

Drinking the long-lost taste, he moaned comfortably, and then continued: "Zheng Xiu thought that the Da Chu Dynasty was hers, but for our Bashan sword field, most of them are ours."

Zhao Si and Bai Shanshui were shocked at the same time, and a layer of water waves suddenly shook the side of the ship, and they were shaken by the breath of the two people into countless finer powders, like a layer of fine white flour, sprinkling on the dark water go with.

"You can't count yourself by counting."

Lin Zhuojiu looked at the full moon reflected in the water, but his complacent look disappeared. He sighed softly, "I didn't die in the hands of so many powerful opponents, but I died in my own. In his hand, if it weren’t for him, don’t say Chu now, maybe the remaining two dynasties will be gone.”

Both Zhao Si and Bai Shanshui remained silent for a long time. The first thing they thought about was Lin Zhuojiu's words about the Dachu dynasty.

Bai Shanshui took a deep breath, finally calmed down and asked tentatively, "Concubine Zhao?"

Lin Zhuojiu nodded.

Zhao Sihan said: "How is it possible."

Lin Zhuojiu gave her a serious look and said, "Everyone has their own favorite way."

Zhao Si wanted to argue, but when she thought of Zheng Xiu, she looked ugly and speechless.

Lin Zhuojiu looked at her playfully and said: "You probably don't think that Liling Jun is the new emperor of Chu, which is related to Zheng Xiu's arrangement, but the matter of pushing the boat down the river is related to us."

At this moment, Zhao Si had the urge to overthrow the pot of beef soup in front of Lin Bojiu.

Fortunately, Lin Linzhuo said the following quickly, "I used a certain part of the Bashan Jianzang property to let Lilingjun grow quickly... Anything that quickly grows is always flawed, and so is Zheng Xiu. Ideas, so we successfully let Li Lingjun successfully enter her sight and become her chess piece, and for us, we also hope that there is no too strong controller in Da Chuli."

"So Zheng Xiu hopes to control Dachu through Liling Jun, but in fact you think it is easy for you to control Liling Jun?" Bai Shanshui smiled with admiration. "This is also the man's strategy?"

"That's not true." Lin Zhuojiu shook his head. "You don't know Zheng Xiu enough. Zheng Xiu's way of doing things all ended with cold blood. She let Liling Jun go back, just wanted to let Li Lingjun control The Chu dynasty will be easier to deal with in future wars. As for this strategy..."

After a pause, he smiled a little self-deprecatingly and said, "This is my own idea. After he dies, we always have to do something, just hope that we have done nothing wrong."

Zhao Si heard some of his voice, and frowned deeply, "You don't know his successors, don't know his arrangement?"

"I'm not the closest person around him. Even though we are brothers, it's not good enough that we can get together in a bed and talk face to face with the same pillow."

Lin Zhuojiu thought about the man’s last time, and his smile became more bleak than the moonlight on the water, "If I knew that, Zheng Xiu would have known it already. Nobody in Bashan Jianchang would think he would have a successor, Because he is so powerful, even before the most powerful, he is so invincible, and he is still young, there is no need to rush to find a successor."

Thinking of the enemies that were once difficult to deal with, it was so end.

She looked up and looked at the bright and bright moon, without disguising her mood at this time, and slightly mocked: "Maybe all of you don't know him enough?"

Lin Zhuojiu looked at her and did not speak for a while, so Zhao Si felt a little strange.

"When people die, it is the easiest to see others and themselves."

Lin Zhuojiu drank a bowl of beef soup in his hand and slowly said: "He died in Changling, who else can't see him clearly?"

Bai Shanshui said: "Are you sure he is dead?"

Lin Zhijiu said faintly: "After the last drop of blood, even the body turned gray, and in the end there was nothing left, but still alive?"

Zhao Si thought that it was witnessed by countless people at the time. There was no doubt, so she thought about it and said, "You are all so smart, why did he have to die in Changling?"

"Because of his battle, it really saved a lot of people from Changling."

Lin Zhujiu laughed sarcastically and said, "Because it is just like the jade and jade burned in the last Bashan Jianchang, there are many things behind you that you don't know."