The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 422: Tombs everywhere

Chen Jianshou looked at Ye Ce-Leng's back and was speechless all night.

In the early morning, Ye Ce Leng, who was standing on the bridgehead like a mud puppet, turned around, and her eyes fell on a common gutter beside Chen Jian's head.

The water flowing in the gutter on the side of this ordinary street and lane is now the same as the robe on Chen Jianshou's body, which is crimson and has a bloody smell.

"You stand here to watch me tonight, you should be afraid that the queen will do more crazy things, take the opportunity to deal with me."

Ye Ce coldly pursed her lips slightly, without a smile, but revealed two beautiful dimples: "You see that after this night, even the water in the gutter here was stained with blood and stayed in Changling. There is still leisure in life and death."

However, Chen Jianshou had a rare smile. There was something like the morning sun in his smile: "I don't like this place, but I can't leave."

"Where are you going?"

Ye Celen once again showed the irrefutable atmosphere when facing Zhao Zhe, said lightly: "Mo Shoucheng chose to be the stepping stone to the queen's heroic dominance, allowing the queen to do things that have never been done before. I believe that person's judgment In the future, my great Qin dynasty will devour the Chu Yanqi three dynasties. The world is so big, where is not Changling, where can I go?"

"Don't talk about overseas fairy mountains."

After a pause, Ye Celian looked at Chen Jianshou who wanted to speak and then said: "Master Xu took almost all of the armored warships of my Daqin overseas, even the island nations overseas are unified."

Chen Jianshou is not an ordinary Changling people. He knows that Ye Celeng said that these things are not impossible.

So for a time he could not refute.

"If you really want to leave Changling, you can only resolve all your grudges in Changling. Otherwise, where is the world not Changling?"

Ye Ce sneered, turned back to the bridge, and then looked at the street at the end of the bridge and walked away from Chen Jianshou in the morning light.


In the morning light, Ding Ning walked out of the room very slowly and walked towards the courtyard.

This is not pretended.

Even with the treatment of many famous doctors in Changling, even with the nine dead silkworms and the continuation of the gods' tactics, after killing Rong's maiden and killing Liang Lian, this has completely exceeded his physical limit.

Unless there is a continuation of God's tactics, many hidden injuries in his body will not be good in this life, but will only get heavier.

When he walked into the sunlight from under the eaves, Jing Liuli appeared at the entrance of the courtyard.

She also walked slowly, and her expression was exhausted to the extreme, even her legs were trembling slightly.

Ye Quannan, who had been at the entrance of the medical hall, looked at Jing Liuli in shock, unable to understand.

He felt that Jing Liuli's breath at this time was very calm, and the tremor of those legs was just because she couldn't control the natural reaction of her muscles.

"It seems that you watched a lot of battles tonight."

Before Ye Framen's response, Ding Ning had watched Jing Liuli make a noise.

"I only missed two of the swords in Mo Shoucheng." Jing Liuli nodded and said.

Ye Zhennan was taken aback, and then he was completely awakened. Last night, Jing Liuli chased the sword light of Mo Shoucheng, saw many swords in Mo Shoucheng, and watched many duels between the masters.

"I have seen the sword of An Baoshi, he is still better than me."

After a pause, Jing Liuli looked at Ding Ning and said seriously.

"The same genius, it depends on who learns fast, the chaser is always faster, and you will soon catch up with him." Ding Ning looked at her and said seriously: "Since many people have seen the real life There is not much war between you and the master. If you go back to Minshan Jianzong for retreat, you will surely make a big difference."

Jing Liuli was slightly startled. From Ding Ning's calm words, she heard something extraordinary, and she subconsciously repeated: "Return to Minshan Jianzong?"

"You should go back to Minshan Jianzong soon." Ding Ning looked at her and nodded.

Jing Liuli couldn't understand, saying: "I still want to stay here to study."

Ding Ning shook his head and said: "Your master will let you go back."

In the days following Ding Ning, Jing Liuli has undoubtedly made a lot of progress. Ye Qinan, who also heard these words, can't figure out the meaning inside, but Jing Liuli has begun to understand that her complexion has become ugly. Tao: "What about you?"

"Yue's already a minister, Shangyu Wu's, if he calms down Donghu again, there will be no future troubles with He Yan and Qi Zhengfa in the future.

Ding Ning could not have heard the dialogue between the Queen and Yuan Wu, but at this time, he said exactly the same thing.

Then he looked at Jing Liuli and added, "As for Chu, it seems that she never worried."

This is the real situation in the world. Jingliu is still limited to Changling. Naturally, it is impossible to understand, so she bowed slightly like a maid again and said, "Please enlighten me."

"I conquered so many practice sites in one night and thoroughly detered all the practice sites in the Changling City. Then I had to remove all the practitioners from these practice sites as soon as possible, so as to avoid any future problems. These killers will rush to another kill in the field, and these practitioners will have new enemies. Only a war will meet all the needs."

Ding Ning looked northwest, and said slightly mockingly: "So if I am not wrong, now Daqin should fight with Wu's. The practitioners in these places of practice in Changling City were just driven to the border and conquered Wu's. ."

Jing Liuli frowned, but she was not angry, but rather admired the Queen's decision in her heart.

"Do you mean that Minshan Jianzong will also accept the Queen's order, and accept the conscription like these cultivation places, and then you will also go to Wu's Border Pass?" She frowned and asked Ding Ning.

Ding Ning shook his head and said, "It should be more than I should be sent to Donghu Bianguan."

Jing Liuli frowned deeper, "Donghu?"

"Donghu and Wu's lips are cold, and Wu's people and Donghu's people are also fierce in their customs. When Wu's people are attacked, Donghu should not be able to sit down. Even if they don't send troops to the country on the bright side, secretly sending some military support is at least. Daqin's army cannot be unguarded."

Ding Ning looked at her and said, "Donghu and Chuqi border, far away from Wu's border crossing. That kind of place has too many variables and it is naturally more dangerous. Even the practitioners of Jianzong Minshan, I am afraid that There is no control."

Jing Liuli's complexion became difficult to look at.

"Don't think about blocking." Ding Ning smiled slightly and said, "I tell you this in particular, but I don't want you to take any action. Since I have expected these, I will naturally have nothing to do."

Jing Liuli lowered her head for a moment and looked up at Ding Ning with a somewhat weird look. "So you rather wish to leave Changling?"

Ding Ning smiled and said, "Building meritorious service is not something most practitioners pursue. The more dangerous it is, the easier it is to accumulate military merit."

"But you are not the overwhelming majority of practitioners, so your choices, and your unabashed strategies, make me feel that there is always something wrong." Jing Liuli finished this sentence, and then deeply bowed to Ding Ning. Yili said, "Whether you predict today or not, whether or not I will return to Minshan Jianzong soon, thank you for your careful teaching these days, but in the future, I don't want you to be my enemy."

"Success or failure to become an enemy may not be determined by our will."

Ding Ning said this lightly, then looked up at the road outside the door.

On the road in the distance, some smoke shook up.

A flesh-like figure appeared in their sight with a terrifying coercion.

This is Hengshan Xuhou.

One of the 13th Hou of Daqin.

A little faster than him, a very handsome man in green robe.

This is Dantai Guanjian.

"Do you want me to go back to Minshan Jianzong?" Jing Danli asked directly when Dandantai Guanjian passed through the courtyard gate.

Dantai Guanjian stunned slightly and nodded.

"Ding Ning wants to stay, go to the border?" Jing Liuli looked at him and then asked.

Dantai Guanjian did not answer for a while, nor did he deny that after a pause, he said: "It depends on the will of the queen."

Jing Liuli didn't look at his face, just turned to look at Ding Ning and said, "You guessed it."

Ding Ning glanced at Dantai Guanjian and said, "I want to take some people with me, and I need a day or two to prepare."

Dantai Guanjian didn't hesitate this time, just apologized softly: "This is no problem."