The Sword Dynasty

423 East Huwang

In the morning light, when Houshan Xuhou, like Hengshan, walked into the hospital where Ding Ning was, many people in Changling looked up at the turret in the city.

This night, they really discovered the strength of the old man. They only discovered that the old man may even be the strongest practitioner in Changling under the Emperor Yuanwu.

It's just that when most of them look at the turret in the morning light, their resentment is far greater than awe.

Few people can get in touch with this old man, so few people will be able to understand the old man's heart.

Especially those who are still alive in the practice ground where the one-night generation is forced to obey, only remember how many people this old man killed and how many people around them were even respected by the heart, even respected by heart The man died in the old man's hand.

"Teacher, I have no way to find clues about the nine dead silkworms."

In the morning light, Huang Zhenwei boarded the turret again, and climbed to the highest point of the turret. He looked at the old man who was sitting on the wicker chair after a night. He was too old to describe with words. His eyes were full of pain. "I am thinking now, Did you deliberately give me such a hope that I would not stay with you and not stop you. The Nine Dead Silkworm is too much of a plan, and how can someone like me find it."

Listening to his words, Mo Shoucheng laughed, and then said softly in earnest: "Don't be pretentious, you are my student."

Even the cold general who was standing behind him knew that this sentence was the biggest praise.

Because the entire Changling knew that Moshoucheng only accepted two students, one was Emperor Yuanwu in the early years, and later was Huang Zhenwei.

"Now doubting me or doubting yourself is meaningless."

Mo Shoucheng slowly raised his head. As he looked up, there seemed to be another crack in the sky, and another huge force fell somewhere in Changling.

Huang Zhenwei smelled bloody.

This sword of Moshoucheng fell too far. Even if the blood wave like last night was set off, it was difficult for Huang Zhenwei to smell the bloody smell there.

The blood at this time came from Mo Shoucheng's body and from the wrinkles on his face.

There was real blood flowing from the wrinkles on Mo Shoucheng's face.

His face was like a lot of swords were cut, like the sword intentions of those masters last night, and finally fell on him.

Huang Zhenwei looked at the scene in the morning light, breathing as openly as a fish about to die of thirst, but he couldn't breathe and couldn't say anything.

The light in Mo Shoucheng's eyes dimmed again, but the expression on his face did not change.

Another strong breath was released from his body, causing the blood flowing from the wrinkles on his face to drip out.


Huang Zhenwei clearly sensed something, and he finally cried out.

"This sword will eventually be completed."

Mo Shoucheng said this peacefully, and then he spit out blood.

A cloud of blood splashed on his chest.

The sword in the sky condensed completely and fell.

When the sword fell, his body lay softly on the wicker chair behind him, the wrinkles on his face penetrated into his bones, and the remaining white hair on his head fell.

Like a candlelight, it burned to the end and became ashes.


In the last part of Moshoucheng where the sword fell, some officers of the Zhengwu Division stood behind a stern army.

When the sword fell, a high wall in front of the army was suddenly cut off, and behind the crack in the high wall, a blood mist swayed.

The officials of the several Zhengwu divisions looked slightly slack.

At this time, a military order was passed to these officials.

"Minshan Jianzong actually agreed? That wine shop boy accepted it calmly?"

Among them, the officials are only slightly slack, but now they are happy and surprised.

An official also inexplicably sympathized with Ding Ning, who was called the wine shop boy by the people in Changling. He looked up and looked northwest.

The end of the great Qin dynasty is a wilderness that cannot be seen at a glance.

Even though Changling's summer intentions have not disappeared at this time, it is already the plants and trees that have begun to turn white.

In the heavy chill, the cavalry of the brigade and the brigade cried strangely, coming and going like wind.

They hunted the life of the beasts in the wilderness, not even letting the seeds of some wild grasses go.

For these Donghu people, this is harvesting. The vast grassland has enough space for them to harvest, so that they can get plenty of food.

However, for some troops of Daqin, the battlefields passed by these Donghu people meant sweeping.

There are not many practitioners in the Donghu people, but there are also a lot of strange weapons similar to magic weapons, enough to kill the practitioners. The most important thing is to provide and some chariots can not keep up with the Donghu people.

It is also difficult to reach reinforcements.

At least in the past, Daqin's army has not had the experience of dealing with the Donghu people, let alone the experience of victory.

At this time, the officials of the Zhengwu Division considered that since the mad hostess in the palace dared to make such a decision, it meant that Ding Ning would face a situation that would be more dangerous than most of the border troops there. So no one felt that Ding Ning was wrong to take some people to Donghu.


Jianzong Minshan, mountain fog differential.

Xie Changsheng unfolded a letterhead in the blue palace for healing.

It was just a rough sweep. His original happy face suddenly became angry, and then he could not help but cried out: "Ding Ning, what do you mean! You let Nangong Cai Shu follow you to Donghu, but Don’t let me go, do you look down on me or when my sister is dead, have ideas about Nangong Caishu!"

His angry voice echoed in this blue palace. The honest Master Minshan Jian, who had always lived in this blue palace, frowned, but at the next moment, he was stunned.

"Come on, I am going to leave Minshan Jianzong!"

When Xie Changsheng shouted this sentence a second time, the master of Minshan Jian, who was wearing a sapphire robe, had already appeared in his sight.

"Are you really going to leave Minshan Jianzong?" Even if you are sure that you heard it correctly, the teacher of Minshan Jianzong is still a little dazed.

"He won't let me go to Donghu Bianguan, can't I just go?"

Xie Changsheng sneered loudly, "Can't I still go?"

No one in Minshan Jianzong stopped Xie Changsheng, because Xie Changsheng was not a student of Minshan Jianzong, but everyone had forgotten that he had always been here.


The two or three days that Ding Ning wants are actually used to heal wounds and wait for some people.

He was in Changling, originally an ordinary "liquor boy", and had nothing to prepare.

A fast horse appeared in his sight, and on his back was a young girl who was still a hero but still full of heroism.

This girl is Nangong Caishu who made Xie Changsheng angry.

Since the Minshan Swords Meeting, Nangong Caishu and Ding Ning have not met. During this time, Ding Ning has done several shocking events. Although the time is short, it seems that it has been years.

Nangong Cai Shu was still thinking about what it would be like to see Ding Ning on her way, but somehow, when she really saw Ding Ning who was waiting for herself, she first thought of the Minshan sword that day Outside Zong, Xue Wangxu died at that time.

Her nostrils were a bit sour, and she was proud of Ding Ning.

After leaving the horse, she held back tears and squeezed out a smile, saying, "Ding Ning, I'm so proud of you."

"Just tried my best to do what I wanted to do."

Ding Ning smiled and said, "It has dragged down a lot of people."

Nangong said: "After all, it is your choice."

"You haven't been in the Jianzong Minshan for a long time, but you're quite old-fashioned." Ding Ning looked at Nangong Caishu and smiled again, but then he quickly converged his smile and said softly: "You know why I want you and me Go to Donghu together?"

Nangong Cai Shu shook his head.

Ding Ning looked at her and said seriously, "Because I asked Houshan Xuhou some things, he also told me that your father will also be an important general in charge of the East Hu Border Army."

Nangong was stunned.

Ding Ning went on to say: "I think maybe you and I are friends. Only then the queen transferred him, so I think maybe you are with him, at least you will be at ease."

Nangong Cai Shu took a deep breath and nodded.

Then she also smiled shallowly, "I can fight as a soldier in my father's army, no matter what the result, I should thank you."

"I want to know what Minshan Jianzong arranged for other people." Ding Ning looked at her and asked.