The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 424

"Minshan Jianzong has no plans for others."

Nangong Cai Shu looked at Ding Ning and shook his head, saying: "If not what you requested, even I would be left to practice in Minshan Jianzong."

Ding Ning didn't seem to be surprised. He pondered for a moment and was somewhat satisfied: "Minshan Jianzong gave the queen a satisfied attitude, and this is the return given by the queen."

Nangong Caishu understood Ding Ning's meaning and said, "Are you worried that she will treat us like Zhang Yi?"

"It's a separation of friends and relatives, this is what she is best at doing." Ding Ning said with a sneer.

Nangong Cai Shu was slightly startled, and she thought that Ding Ning killed Rong's maiden, which is also a return to the Queen's handling of Zhang Yi.

"It can make Xie Changsheng stay in Minshan Jianzong... and it seems that he has left many seriously injured candidates in Minshan Jianzong." After a sneer, Ding Ning looked at Nangong Caishu and said: " Baili Suxue has also made some changes."

Nangong Caishu felt that she could not comment on people of this level as casually as Ding Ning, so she could not interface.

The height of Minshan is extremely cold.

Baili Suxue looked at the snow in the mountains and slowly asked a practitioner of Minshan Jianzong who was wearing a sapphire-colored robe, "He has no other requirements?"

The Minshan Jianzong practitioner shook his head respectfully, and said, "In addition to asking the few people to accompany them, there are no demands."

Baili Suxue said lightly, "If he did not make any request, it shows that he is confident."

Respectfully standing Minshan Jianzong practitioners were a little unwilling and said, "Just by the queen?"

"Turning your face when you don't need to turn your face can only be called reckless."

Baili Suxue said slowly with no expression on his face: "Even if there is no unity, there are always a few swords enough to make her and Yuan Wu afraid, so why bother to kill the net."


For many Changling people, the place that is colder than Minshan Snow is deep in the palace.

Deep in the palace, on the stone path in front of the queen's study, a grey robe man kneeled.

He is very tall and tall, even when he kneels on the ground.

It was just that the place with the right arm in his robe was empty, and a sleeve of the shirt swayed slightly in the wind.

He looks bleak and humble.

No one can associate him with Shen Xuan, the owner of Dafushui prison.

He didn't know how long he had kneeled.

In the study room in front, a cold voice finally came out, "I just let you come to see me, why do you kneel?"

Shen Xuan looked at the ground in front of his knees without raising his head and said: "The big floating water is broken, and I lost my responsibility to boil the wine.

"If you are ashamed and have tried your best, you don't need to kneel at all." The queen's voice in the study continued.

Listening to this ruthless and majestic voice, Shen Xuan didn't argue anything, just dropped his head in silence.

"I thought you liked the big floating water cellar."

The Queen continued: "There can be more practitioners there, and they can learn from them many ways to practice as soon as possible, so your cultivation practice has been entering the country all the time. Don’t forget that Among those of your age, many practitioners with better talents than you are far behind you."

"But now I know you don't like it, not like you showed it."

"If my judgment is wrong, it is naturally my fault, not your fault."

"You should understand that unless I don't speak, if I speak, I will definitely do what I said."

"I can give you a promise."

The voice from the study room was no longer so cold, and began to calm down, "If you like, you can go to Donghu with the army... As long as you can get the continuation of the God of Heaven from the young man, you are the 14th Hou of Daqin, and I can let you choose the fief."

Shen Xuan's body didn't tremble, but the muscles on his face twitched slightly.

He took a deep breath, then slowly stood up and said, "I will go to Donghu."

The queen's voice in the study rang, and said, "I hope you really like it this time."

Shen Xuan raised his head and said, "I really like it."


Changling is always a place full of countless sorrows and joys.

Some people like it, some are sad.

Huang Zhenwei looked sadly at Mo Shoucheng lying quietly on the wicker chair, his voice trembling slightly: "Teacher, wait for me."

Mo Shoucheng slowly raised his head, glanced at him, and nodded.

Huang Zhenwei turned and walked down the turret.

He walked towards the palace in the morning light.

He knew that his teacher had arrived at the last time, and how long he would stay in this world was left to his teacher's heart.

If he wants to leave, his teacher will leave the world at any time.

He knew that at this time, due to his teacher's physical condition, staying one more point would be more painful, but he wanted the teacher to wait for him to return from the palace.

Because he wants to ask the queen something.

At least his teacher is not like the business owner of the past, at least his teacher can bear some notoriety.

This is his most sincere heart as a student.

He wanted to do this.

However, he didn't know that when he left the turret, under Mo Shoucheng's signal, the cold general also turned his wicker chair, so that Mo Shoucheng could see the distant Huang Zhenwei.

"What's the point?"

Mo Shoucheng is like telling Huang Zhenwei to listen, and to himself and the cold general behind him: "When you live as old as me, you will understand that there is nothing more important in the world than life and death and conforming to your own wishes. People are dead, everything is empty, they can achieve inner peace, how can they care about this thing?"

After finishing these words, he covered the blanket and closed his eyes as if taking a nap.


Huang Zhenwei walked quickly.

He was like a morning light walking through the Changling Tomb.

In one place, he paused slightly.

In this place, he could see an already desolate street not far away.

That street is Wutongluo.

He didn't think of other things about the wine shop boy at this time, but just thought about the way the boy stood in front of the dead Xue Wangxu before the Minshan Jianhui began.

In the picture in his mind, the figure of himself and Ding Ning gradually overlapped.

He thought of his mood at the moment, that is the mood of Ding Ning at that time.

He stayed for a moment and then moved on.

Then soon he stopped again.

With his practice, many subtle voices can be heard.

On weekdays, he has long been accustomed to the sound of the world being sent to his ears in random, and then he will naturally get rid of those random sounds and hear the sounds he wants to hear.

The sound he heard naturally was the sound he wanted to hear.

His body trembled inexplicably.

Because the sound he unconsciously heard at this time was just an ordinary conversation between two people in the street.

"Zhang Tiejiang's daughter looks more and more beautiful. It looks exactly like her mother's when she was young. It is completely carved out of a mold."

"It's obviously more like a blacksmith Zhang. I think you are too old to remember. Even if it is a painting drawn by a painter, it is impossible for two people to be exactly the same."

"Your temperament is too real..."

Listening to such a common conversation that often appears in the streets, Huang Zhenwei knows that he has made a serious mistake, or that he has overlooked something.

Sometimes I have been searching for clues that haven't been clueless for a long time. It turns out that it has already fallen into my own eyes like the grass that is not at all conspicuous by the road.

Many people have checked Ding Ning.

As early as the storm that Ye Ce returned to Changling, Shendujian carefully inspected Ding Ning, including his little aunt Sun Qianxue.

Even if God Dujian feels no problem and even destroys Ding Ning's dossier, some real dignitaries have to check Ding Ning, and the information on the dossier obtained will naturally be no less than that of God Dujian.

As early as after the Lushan League, Huang Zhenwei read some information about Ding Ning.

Ding Ning's information naturally includes Changsun Qianxue.

Ding Ning and Chang Sun Qianxue had no problems.

He even read the genealogy of Ding Ning and Chang Sun Qianxue.

In the genealogy, there is a portrait of Changsun Qianxue's mother.

In the portrait of that genealogy, the portrait of Changsun Qianxue's mother is almost identical to that of Changsun Qianxue.

Not only the appearance, but even the look.

There is no two rivers in the world, nor two people of exactly the same appearance. This is the simplest reason.

However, at that time, he turned over the genealogy, but he didn't compare it seriously in his mind. He just thought that the mother of Chang Sun Qianxue was indeed a peerless beauty with a memorable appearance at first sight.

If the portrait was drawn according to Chang Sun Qianxue, it was a falsification.

Counterfeiting is the biggest problem.