The Sword Dynasty

427 Immortal Fu Zong's Bell

The delivery of messages always takes time.

Even in Changling, no one dared to intercept the black pigeons or black eagles flying out of the palace, but the writing, transmission and handling of secret papers are more and more time-consuming.

Just like the queen expected the change of the big floating water cellar, but eventually lost to the hands of the nine dead silkworms, it was because of a little time difference.

One of the most important reasons for her to go crazy is also because she tasted the betrayal of those around her.

Some major events in Changling were spread to the foreign dynasty, and it took a lot of time.

When a powerful force falling from the turret harvested the lives of many practitioners in Changling and sent batches of practitioners to the Uzbekistan border, the country of the distant Dayan Dynasty had just learned a lot. What happened in Changling a few days ago.

In a lecture hall of Xian Fuzong, Zhang Yipan sat on the last straw mat.

He was used to sitting in this worst position, because he couldn’t understand most of the truth about Fu Dao in the teachings of Immortal Fu Zong.

If you can’t keep up, you can’t keep up.

He was also used to the scornful eyes of his classmates.

This contemptuous look is not only because of his bad entry, but also because he is from Qin Di.

When the Great Qin dynasty began to destroy Han, Zhao, and Wei, the rest of the world had already been deeply hostile to Qin Huai, especially after the Lushan Alliance, the Great Qin dynasty was almost a recognized enemy of the remaining three dynasties.

For the young people of the Dayan Dynasty, even if this person could not stay in Qindi and came to Yan, the Qin people will eventually be Qin people, so they may still become enemies in the future.

It's just that today, Zhang Yi finds that his classmates around seeing his gaze are more different than usual. Even the teaching of this Taoist lesson looks very different from usual.

He couldn't keep up with it, and with the uneasy uneasiness, Zhang Yi was even more confused.

So that at the end of this class, the teacher asked Zhang Yi a very simple question for other classmates, but Zhang Yi was still unable to answer.

Many people cannot understand why Zhang Yi can get started.

This teaching is also one of those who do not understand.

He looked at the shameless Zhang Yi, shook his head, and asked another question, saying, "You can't even answer such a simple question, do you know what your teacher Ding Ning did in Changling?"

Zhang Yi froze for a moment, but he no longer bowed his head in shame, but subconsciously raised his head to look at the lesson, eagerly said: "My teacher Ding Ning?"

"He has cultivated five realms, and he is the fastest practitioner in the history of spiritual practice in history."

This immortal religious practice looked at Zhang Yi and paused and then said: "After he entered the five realms, he immediately challenged the maid of the queen who was near the peak of the six realms... That maid you were participating in the Minshan sword I must have seen it at the meeting, and then he succeeded. In a fair duel, the maid was killed."

The rest of the students in this lecture hall already knew this, but they only watched Zhang Yi's eyes contain more emotions, but when he heard such words, Zhang Yi was a huge shock and even his lips started to tremble.

"Teacher...this..." He was so surprised that he couldn't add it, and he couldn't even say a complete word at one time.

"The destiny meets in Changling. It is recognized that the top talents in spiritual practice in recent years are all from Changling, but why are the young talents from Baiyang Cave so different? One is unattainable, the other is ..."

The teacher said a few words, but it was difficult to control his anger. He waved his sleeves and left the lecture hall.

This lesson suffocated the last bad word, but what difference does it make?

No one comforted Zhang Yi.

The vast majority of people looked at Zhang Yi's gaze, but a little more disgusted.

Because Zhang Yi did not seem to be ashamed at this time, but was only pleasantly surprised.

No matter how good it is, it’s someone else’s business.

Or this person is born too cowardly to be talented at all.

A Lirong girl stood up, gave Zhang Yi a disgusted look, and was about to leave the lecture hall.

This girl is not the best among all the students in this lecture hall, nor is it the student with the highest level of cultivation and the strongest comprehension, but her identity is the most honorable.

Because she is Murong Xiaoyi, her pro-aunt is now the queen of the Dayan Dynasty.

Among the relatives of the Queen's clan, she is most loved by the Queen of the Big Swallow. In a sense, her identity is not different from the Princess of the Big Swallow Dynasty.

What's more, Queen Dayan only gave birth to three queens, and it happened that she didn't even have a princess who kissed her.

It is precisely because of this identity that she usually leaves the second time after the usual teaching leave on weekdays, and then the rest.

Her love and hatred often affect the love and hatred of many of the other students in this group of students.

When she got up and moved, she no longer looked at Zhang Yi, and many other students stood up and stopped looking at Zhang Yi.

However, at this moment, a clear bell sounded among the mountains.

Murong was stunned.

In her impression, it seems that Xian Fuzong has never heard such a bell.

The students who followed her out of the lecture hall were also very surprised, and soon they got the answer from the teaching mouth of the march, and some people broke into the mountain.

For someone to climb a mountain, it means an open challenge.

However, here is the Xian Fuzong, the strongest sect of the entire Dayan Dynasty, who has such a courage... who has the ability to dare to openly challenge Xian Fuzong?

Without too many inquiries, the direction of the flow of people is naturally the direction in which the challenger comes.

The flow of people in Xian Fu Zong rushed toward the entrance of Xian Fu Zong at the foot of the mountain.

Zhang Yi, like usual class, also followed the end of this group of students.

He was pleasantly surprised, shocked that "little teacher" dared to do such a thing, ecstatic that "little teacher" actually did such a thing, he was proud of "little teacher", but not many people felt his sentimentalism.

This is Yandi. No one saw with his own eyes how Xue Wangxu died before Minshan Jianhui began, so no one could understand his emotions.

So that when he was subconsciously following the excitement, he was still in a state of surprise and sentimentality, unable to extricate himself, thinking about when he would return to Changling in the future, and be able to incense at Xue Wangxu's grave.

And... when can I see my little brother.

A cry of tide sounded at the gate of the mountain, spreading back like a wave.

Zhang Yi suddenly woke up.

Not far away in front of him, even Murong whispered in surprise.

Because no one thought that the open challenger that many teachers of Xian Fuzong attached great importance to was just a young man their age.

The teenager was not tall, his face was ordinary, and his face was a bit sallow, as if he had lived too bitterly.

He was wearing ordinary blue cloth clothes and black cloth shoes, which looked a little restrained, but stood firm in the gate of Xian Fuzong.

"Who the hell is this?"

Murong's status is extraordinary, and naturally it is impossible to have friends with her who belong to the same group.

When she asked, a young Xian Fuzong practitioner who seemed to have been taught was already standing next to her, and answered softly: "The practitioner of Huangtian Daomen."


Murong Xiaoyi and several friends around her who heard the answer were stunned for a moment. In their impression, the Huangtian Daomen was simply an infamous Xiaozong door.

"Senior Feng Yu has been hit hard by him."

The young Xianfu Sect practitioner swallowed hard with some spit, then went on to say: "Huang Tiandaomen and my Xian Fu Zong have some grudges."