The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 433


Almost all the practitioners of Xian Fuzong bowed deeply to see the old man walking down the mountain road.

Everyone seemed to be short at this moment, only Zhang Yi stood there and stood upright.

Sunshine fell on the old man, watching the old man's extremely familiar figure and face, Zhang Yi flashed countless pictures in his mind.

The old man looked very familiar and strangely strange.

He still stood blankly, but at last he began to understand why he was able to enter Xian Fuzong and become a disciple of Xian Fuzong under the condition of very bad assessment.

It's just that the time for him to think is too short, he still can't understand why the old man has to spend so much energy, and he has been from Qindi to Yandi.

The old man in the sunshine looked at Zhang Yi dumbfounded, his eyes calmer than the sunshine.

He walked in front of Zhang Yi and Le Yi through the respectful crowd.

Le Yi looked at the gentle old man, unable to connect him with the strongest practitioner in Yandi at the moment.

Mysterious...sophisticated...powerful...and other adjectives seem to have nothing to do with the old man at this time.

"Never lose?"

When the old man stayed in front of him and Zhang Yi for a few moments of interest, he recovered from his loss and asked, "What do you mean?"

Murong Xiaoyi suddenly worried.

Somehow, what she was worried about at this time was not the issue of Xian Fuzong's mountain gate ownership, but Le Yi and Zhang Yi who were worried.

The old man looked at Le Yi gently and kindly, and said with emotion: "You will see if you unpack the kit."

Le Yi stunned again.

"You will know when you take it apart." The old man looked at him and said seriously: "You will understand the true relationship between Huang Tiandaomen and Xian Fuzong next. You will also understand your grandfather and my master's relationship."

Le Yi's breath suddenly rushed.

Almost all the practitioners of Xian Fuzong breathed quickly. They couldn't understand the old man's sentence at the moment, but they all felt that the old man's sentence seemed to contain great secrets. The answer lies in Le Yi. In the kit left by the grandfather of Huang Tiandaomen.

Le Yi looked up at the old man again.

Then he took a deep breath and resolutely opened the kit.

There is a small roll of sheepskin in the kit.

He confirmed at a glance that the handwriting on the small roll of sheepskin was indeed from his grandfather.

When he unfolded this little scroll of sheepskin and began to read the handwriting above, he began to understand why the grandfather left so many notes.

"It turned out to be like this?"

His hands soon began to tremble slightly, and there was a dazed voice.

His eyes were also dazed, as if the lost child did not know how to walk.

"Strictly speaking, this is a scam."

The old man looked at him apologetically and slowly said: "It's just a hoax of good faith, a hoax that can prevent the prosperity and decline of Xian Fu Zong. So please don't blame your grandfather."

All the disciples of Xian Fuzong stared at the old man and Le Yi in a daze.

They wanted answers, and the atmosphere at this time was too quiet and suffocating.

Fortunately, the elderly did not make them wait too much.

He opened his mouth and made a clear voice, so that every disciple of Xian Fuzong could hear clearly: "Leping came out of the mountain to establish the Huangtian Daomen, not because of the struggle of will, but by deliberate arrangement. The reason is that it was then The Xianfu Zong is already Yandi’s most powerful sect...In the opinion of the then suzerain, anything was more likely to begin to decline when it was at its peak, just as a dynasty invincible abroad is more prone to decay."

"Only when there is external pressure will there be progress."

After a pause, the old man's eyes swept across Zhang Yi and all other disciples of Xianfu Zong, and then slowly said: "Huang Tiandaomen is Xian Fuzong, and Xian Fuzong is still Xian Fuzong, so no matter where he goes, A generation, whether Huang Tiandaomen defeated Xian Fuzong or Xian Fuzong defeated Huang Tiandaomen, is the victory of Xian Fuzong."

"So this is an intentionally established sect?" Someone finally reacted completely and couldn't help making a sound.

"It is true to be eclectic."

The old man raised his head slightly and looked up at the sky. "No matter what your origin is, as long as you are a true disciple of Xianfu Zong, your achievements will create Xianfu Zong."

Hearing the old man's words, many Xian Fuzong teachers were full of shame in their eyes, especially after the afterglow of their eyes swept to Zhang Yi.

Only then did they finally understand why Xian Fuzong could accept Qin people like Zhang Yi.

"There are thousands of ways to get the way. If you are stuck in those dead symbols, it is really a pool of backwaters. After all, you just follow the path of the predecessors and still have many achievements." The old man turned his head and glanced at Zhang Yi. Said slowly.

Zhang Yi was inexplicably moved. Looking at the old man, he thought about the cause and effect, and knew that the old man's many considerations along the way were all just tests for him. He opened his mouth, but he couldn't say anything.

"Once you come, you will be at peace. Now that you have understood the deep meaning of your patriarch and my master, you should understand that it is for this Xianfu Zong. You stay and practice in Xianfu Zong."

The old man looked at Le Yi, who was also speechless, and smiled and said, "I will give you the hilltop of Xian Fuzong."

"I will give you the mountain head of Xian Fuzong..."

The voice is bland, but the voice reverberates in the mountains, but it is full of heartfelt admiration.

Le Yi's body was trembling as if struck by lightning, so he bowed subconsciously and said, "Sect Master."

"You two will follow me."

The old man smiled faintly and started to turn up the mountain road, but he followed Zhang Yi and Le Yi at the same time.

"The mountain is handed over to you, but it is not about it."

When walking to the beginning of the clouds in the middle of the mountain, the old man did not turn around, but said slowly: "I can work hard because of some fatalities. I can challenge the big sect alone and give this mountain to you. I am also relieved."

"Just give it to any one of you. When I close my eyes in the future, I can safely put down the burden of Xian Fuzong. Now that there are two of you, you respect each other and naturally help each other."

"Huang Tiandao Rune is a rune of self-cultivation, but at the same time it is also the sight of this mountain."

The old man paused in front of a grass cottage, just glanced at the threshold of the door of that cottage, the ordinary stone like ordinary stone lit up, and gave out a yellow brilliance, and the color of the rune used by Le Yi was completely Consistent.

Le Yi's body shocked again.

It was just the breath on the threshold that he understood that the old man gave him the sight of this Fushan mountain, and really gave him this mountain top.

"Someone guards, then someone attacks."

The old man turned to look at Zhang Yi and smiled slightly, saying, "Your true Yuan cultivation has not yet been accomplished, but your sword intentions have been accomplished. In the future, things outside will depend on your sword."

Zhang Yi opened his mouth, "I..."

The old man shook his head and interrupted him directly, "Don't be pretentious."

Zhang Yi and Le Yi glanced at each other.

"Be prepared before rain."

The old man smiled satisfactorily, looking at a rain cloud covered in the distance, and said, "It is my luck to have two students like you so quickly."

Zhang Yi thought of Huang Tiandaomen and Xian Fuzong inexplicably at this time, and Su Qin.

He couldn't help raising his head to look at the old man's profile and asked, "Then my brother..."

"Someone helps each other, and of course someone has to press."

The old man laughed and said: "Su Qin is not weak, he will complete his role very well. As for the future victory and defeat, you have two people, he has only one person, so I feel at ease."

Zhang Yi and Le Yi were speechless again.

They looked at the old man who looked at Yan Shangdu, but at this moment they just felt that the old man was incomparably tall.