The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 434

From Changling to the northwest, the grass grew yellow.

Many sergeants in the Su Weijun looked at Ding Ning's back in front, their eyes filled with puzzlement.

As early as the beginning of this migrating march, most of the Sergeants in the Su Wei Army held great respect for Ding Ning, and the highest general in the army, Guo Feng, was the military division of Ding Ning.

In many armies of the Qin army, many orders of the military divisions will eventually become orders for the whole army to follow.

From leaving Changling to the present, all the orders of this team during the march have come from Ding Ning's mouth.

In the eyes of these sergeants, Ding Ning did not show any amazing things, but often made some incomprehensible measures.

At that time, the gorge that was most likely to be ambushed by Fang Cai had passed. There was a large plain in front. There were only a few scattered rural villages in the field of vision. However, Ding Ning stopped them and had stopped for a long time.

It's just that this army's top general Guo Feng doesn't think so.

Because he knows how much shocking Ding Ning has done in these seemingly calm days.

"Are you sure they will do it here?"

He looked at the wilderness of Pingchuan in the front, and solemnly looked at Ding Ning and asked.

"These are the practitioners of the quicksand sect, and hiding in such a place is no different from hiding in other places. The most feared thing is only the pieces of the weapons in the army."

Ding Ning turned his head to look at him, nodded, and said: "The most important thing is that after passing through this plain, they will reach the border town. They should feel that there will be no mobile phone meeting after this, and there has been some disputes between them. , So I will definitely shoot here."

Guo Feng couldn't understand how Ding Ning concluded that the practitioners who had been discovered by Ding Ning a few days ago had disputes, but since Ding Ning's judgment had not been wrong in the past few days, he chose to believe Ding Ning.

"Why are we forced to fight?" Nang Gong Cai, who was standing on the other side beside Ding Ning, asked with a deep brow and a murderous look on his face.

"Some enemies are not permanent."

Ding Ning turned to look at her and said slowly, "Some enemies just come with a command on their back. If they can't reach the order, or they just missed it. These people may not be your future enemies, and they may not be encountered in future battles. Some Assassins don’t necessarily take action when they find out that they are aware of it. Some battles that can be avoided are avoided, so as to preserve strength as much as possible. After all, our mission is to get to where we should go, not to try. Possible annihilation of enemies along the way."

After a pause, he looked at Nangong Cai Shu and said, "The most important thing is that there are people who die in every battle... Especially when a large number of practitioners face an army."

Nangong Cai Shu took a deep breath. She unconsciously turned to look at the sergeants in the back. She fully understood Ding Ning's hard work these days and felt that she had learned a lot from Ding Ning's few words.

"Even if they deliberately leave a clue to warn them, they will not frighten them, but just make some of them disagree. There are only two possibilities."

"One is that they received a death order and could not go back at all. Another possibility is that they are just used to touch the bottom of this army, or consume some power, and there are real strongmen who have not shot."

Ding Ning then slowly finished these two sentences, and then looked at Guo Feng seriously, "No matter what kind of possibility, I want this army to have complete control."

Guo Feng smiled and said in a cold voice: "Since you know this is related to the lives of my brothers, and dare to make such a request, then I will give this army to you now."

"I stayed here for so long and told them that we are ready. If they are still here, it is an inevitable battle."

Ding Ning lowered his head slightly, he felt a familiar feeling, but he didn't like it.

Several commands are issued directly.

The army that had been waiting for a long time started to move.

Because these commands are very strange, it seems a bit confusing at the moment.

Ding Ning didn't need to grab time, so he waited until the army became calm again before he signaled to move on.

Several heralds directly approached him under Guo Feng's instructions, ensuring that his orders could be issued as soon as possible.

At this time, half an hour before evening, the weather was cool, but the breeze was blowing in the march, and it was extremely comfortable to bathe in the sun.

This area is only the last few border towns from Yinshan. There are no frequent roads in the wilderness. The chariot crushes the wild grass. The armor clothing on the sergeant rubs against the grass blades and makes a strange rustling noise.

Ding Ning is in the front row of the chariot in the second row. He always frowned and looked around, listening to the murmurs in the wind. He suddenly raised his hands up and flesh on the edge of the gap between his fingers. In the sun was mapped to a blood red.

"Stop! Prepare!"

The heralds and all the armies of this army are very familiar with this gesture, but in order to avoid that someone can't react too much, several heralds gave a stern cry for the first time.

When everyone's footsteps stopped, a moment when the world was quiet, a murmur clearly appeared in the grass, and passed into everyone's ears.

A blade of grass came out with the stern sword qi, and above a yellow misty wave, countless yellow and green grass blades soared upwards, just like a yellow body, with a yellow-green scaled dragon on the grass Come through from there sharply!

"Flying Sword!"

All these sergeants who could not understand Ding Ning's previous actions and orders reacted.

Under the blades of grass, and even in the cracks of the earth, there are many eyes watching this army.

Suddenly seeing the sword light, these eyes suddenly appeared extremely angry flame.

The anger of these practitioners comes from the first shot of a companion.

But it is undeniable that since it has already started, and when this army is distracted at this moment, most people are attracted to that flying sword, this is also the best opportunity to make a mobile phone.

Only this moment, under the blades of grass, a lot of subtle sounds like water flowing.

Looking at the flying sword, many sergeants were terrified, but Ding Ning's expression did not change.

"Heavy crossbow! Youhuo! Moonblade!"

He just drank three names calmly in a very quick tone.

At the same time, several heralds beside him made three gestures.

It was only at this moment that the air behind the army was torn apart by the gleam of gold and iron and the turbulent flow of heaven and earth.

The streamer of hundreds of metals fell like a meteor.

After the meteor, there are dozens of seemingly heavy crescent moons...these crescent moons are more than ten feet in length. When they fell on the ground with a horrifying whine, they burst along the rune and exploded. Into more two-foot metal blades.

The last thing that appeared in the air was hundreds of faint green flash fires.

When these fires fall, the grass scraps in the air and the dry grass on the ground are burned directly.

A sea of ​​fire.

In the area between fifty and one hundred steps behind this guard, all the fire was in flames.

When the first group of heavy crossbow arrows made a harsh hiss from the crossbow car, the grass below the army's fifty or sixty steps was boiled, and a number of angry screams were made.

Four practitioners rushed from the ground, flying around Jianguang, striking the heavy crossbow arrows that fell.

However, in the next moment, the bodies of these four practitioners were torn apart by the horrifying whirlwind blade of the horror. In the scream of horror, the dark green flash of fire continued to fall, and they continued to scatter. In the process, they constantly penetrate their bodies.

Looking at such a picture, looking at the four practitioners whose bodies were torn apart and split in a flash of fire, all these sergeants were shocked to the point that they could hardly be added.

"How could this be?"

A practitioner who appeared directly in front of the army also shouted inexplicably.

He saw that the violent flying sword that was flying on the grass tip to Ding Ning suddenly turned around and landed on the left side of Ding Ning.

A clear trembling sounded.

A faint cyan flying sword flew upward.

This flying sword that was silent before was picked out by the grass, and was picked out by the flying sword that appeared to be extremely violent.