The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 436

The flame in the middle-aged man's eyes flashed violently for several times. His flying sword turned back again, and then began to accelerate sharply, pointing at Ding Ning sixty or seventy feet away with a trace of madness.

When he was several tens of feet away from his own body, his thin, light yellow sword accelerated to the extreme, and a loud sound around him burst into a visible sound burst.

At the same time, all the strength in the middle-aged man's body was instilled into this flying sword. This flying sword was completely out of his control and was no longer a flying sword. It became an arrow that exceeded the speed of sound.

No one thought of Ding Ning's choice.

When the flying sword began to accelerate frantically, Ding Ning took a step back.

He is not an ordinary back, but his right foot is pedaling hard on the rear edge of the chariot.

The heavy chariot rose up.

Before the horrible arrow formed by this flying sword arrived, the chariot with its front end turned into a huge shield, blocking it in front of him.


A heavy hammering sounded again between heaven and earth.

The bottom of the heavy bronze chariot protruded toward Ding Ning's body towards the side of Ding Ning, pushing up a round dome, and at the same time a wave of air burst into the raised metal surface.

The heavy rune chariot didn't know how many times it shook at this moment, and on the other side, the thin, earthy yellow sword, like an ice cone hitting a thick wall, instantly shattered into countless small pieces, which became scattered in the sun. Lasing metal rays.



The army behind Ding Ning again roared like a tsunami.

The hissing sound of countless reloaded heavy crossbows sounded again, and the metal wave appeared again in the sky above.

The middle-aged man coughed up blood, and his body was turned into iron gray by the metal reflection in the sky.


He issued another order, not to the two nearby attendants, but to the two practitioners who had rushed out of the ground.


A burst of sharp iron punctured the flesh.

A lot of blood mist poured out on the middle-aged man and the two close attendants. In a breathing time, such a picture disappeared in the sight of everyone. The three were no longer humanoid. Only countless gold and iron collided with each other. Sound and broken flesh splashes.

The two practitioners who rushed out of the ground did not heed the middle-aged man's last command.

The two practitioners sent out howling figures like wild beasts, dragging out a residual image in the grass, and rushed towards the army of the great Qin Dynasty.

No one issued a military order.

Behind these two practitioners, several turbulent air currents swirled back and forth, and in the middle of the air flow was Jian Guang.

These sword lights are faster than the figures of these two practitioners, so they easily caught up with the bodies of these two practitioners.

Several blood waves appeared on the two practitioners.

Jianguang came in and out of their bodies, and their bodies disintegrated in a sharp flew and slammed into the ground.

This is a very bloody and cruel picture. Nangong Caishu feels like vomiting, but she forces herself to watch.

She knows that she must be very used to this kind of picture, because she will face more such pictures in the future. Only by getting used to it will she not be affected by emotions in the face of such battles and make wrong judgments in the future.


When the limbs of these two practitioners fell to the ground, the heavy chariot lifted up also smashed to the ground again.

No one can be sure that there are other practitioners in this grassland, so no one cheers, but even the general who controls the flying swords in the army can't help but have words that can't be described by words. happy.

No one likes to see bleeding, especially those who see themselves.

Everyone knows how much an army will pay if they encounter a raid by these practitioners.

However, now the other party has killed seven practitioners, but the army they led did not even die a sergeant.


Nangong Cai Shu looked at the stumps that were no longer rolling in the grass, took a hard breath, and turned to look at Ding Ning and asked.

Bringing Nangong Cai Shu to herself is to allow her to learn a lot about her martial arts battles, so Ding Ning looked back at her and said, "Our army is fifty cents behind, it is our military practice Those who perceive can't clearly perceive. Since these practitioners decide to do it here, there will definitely be practitioners who will potentially attack our army and launch attacks from the rear, which will cause the most confusion."

"What if those practitioners are not there?" Nangong thought about it, frowning and asking, "Don't all the most powerful instruments we have concentrated fail?"

Ding Ning glanced at her seriously and said, "You have to understand that the marching wars and the battles of the practitioners are the same. There is no one-hundred-hundreds thing, just the possibility of pursuing the greatest probability. If these people are really even one person Not in the rear, the strongest blow in our army is naturally wasteful and useless. But the biggest possibility is... In order to prevent the practitioners in our army from perceiving, the strongest and the most good at hiding will bypass the army. After that, they can be launched at any time. This is also their strongest strength."

Nangong Cai Shu nodded.

She thought about it, sorted out her thoughts, and then asked: "Finally, in the eyes of most of us, the middle-aged swordsman should have nowhere to go. After the assassination was impossible and he could not go back to life, he wanted to Turn to us. At that moment, when he used the sword to force out the two latent practitioners, it was also awe-inspiring. There were no flaws in my opinion. Why did you order to attack them instead?"

"No judgment on the battlefield can depend on the instantaneous picture seen by our eyes. The surface things our eyes see are often fake."

Ding Ning said slowly and patiently, "These practitioners found that we had noticed their whereabouts before, and they had a disagreement, but in the end these practitioners chose to fight here, especially after I waited for a long time, I was sure to tell They, I know they will start fighting here, they still don’t give up, it can only show that there is a powerful commander among them. This powerful commander not only needs iron-like means and determination, but also The overwhelming cultivation practice of all of them. From the perspective of the cultivation practice manifested by those people, it is the middle-aged man who is the strongest. So it is the middle-aged man who is the leader, and the other practitioners are forced to be here. Commander of the battle."

After a pause, looking at Nangong Cai Shu, who was slowly stiff in face, Ding Ning said calmly: "So all the efforts he made, even if the two practitioners were sacrificed, eventually only completed his mission and approached me, Kill me."

Nangong Cai Shu swallowed hard, she looked at Ding Ning deeply, unable to understand how this young boy from a wine shop had such a brain, how could such an amazing insight.

"Then how did you find that there was a disagreement between them?" Nangong Caishu asked the question that even Guo Feng and several generals were confused.

"If a practitioner's emotions go wrong, then his behavior will inadvertently appear to be different in peacetime."

"such as?"

"For example, the fluctuations in the breath of the body, such as the route used to travel and the distance maintained, such as some traces that would not be left on the route... many are similar to this. Sometimes this negative emotion will also vent to some things along the way. , Like passing snakes and insects."

"Not even these?"

"Do you remember a falcon that I killed with a flying sword the night before?"

"Related to this?"

"The falcon was holding a bamboo rat whose head was cut off."

Ding Ning looked at the incredible Nangong Cai Shu and said lightly: "First of all, the bamboo rat is cute and harmless, and it is very afraid of people. When it finds someone, it will run away. It is not like a viper like a threat. It is not necessary at all. Kill with a sword. The meat of the bamboo rat tastes good, but it doesn’t eat after killing. It only shows that the practitioner is using the sword at the moment just because the mood is wrong."

Nangong Cai Shu stared blankly at Ding Ning, "How can you notice these details?"

"Look at these people behind you." Ding Ning did not turn his head, but said softly to Nangong: "As long as you think about the life and death of these people, all of them are in your hands. If you don't pay attention, these people are very likely. It becomes a corpse... you will naturally be more careful."

Nangong turned around subconsciously, looking at the congregating sergeants behind him, his body trembling inexplicably.

"last question."

Nangong Cai Shu remained silent for a long time before raising his head again, saying: "In the end, his sword was fast, but you obviously expected it. So you have time to use the chariot block, how did you expect it? And what do you expect? Then, why don’t you just dodge directly, but block it by destroying a tank?"

"Because I gave him a chance to compete with my Flying Sword."

Ding Ning looked at Nangong Caishu, his face slightly dignified, and said softly: "I suffered a very serious injury, far from recovering. As long as he chooses to fight hard with my flying sword in the end, it will at least make my injury worse Heavier, but he chose such a sword. In the face of the whole army, he can never kill me with such a sword. This only shows that he wants to try whether there is a hidden strong practice in the army. It’s just that such a test doesn’t make any sense to him, because he will die soon, so he just tries to show it to other people, such as a stronger assassin."

Nangong Cai Shu thought about this layer, and his face suddenly became ugly.

"As for why you want to destroy a tank..." Ding Ning turned to look at her and said, "This is a problem similar to that of Fang Cai. A very simple problem. His sword is fast and strong. If I just dodge..."

When it comes to this, Nangong Caishu has fully understood.

Behind Ding Ning, there are many sergeants.

She has no more problems for the time being, but Ding Ning looked at her seriously and confessed again before letting the army continue: "Don't spend your energy thinking about the origins of these people. In the battle, a general needs to think only about what the army encountered along the way, and what it needs to cope with is always the enemy that is about to encounter, not the enemy who is far away."


"Why do you seem to focus on training her as a general?"

When Ding Ning returned to the car where Chang Sun Qianxue was, the cold voice of Chang Sun Qianxue sounded in his pinna.

"Because she is very suitable to be a general, and her life seems to be arranged to be a general." Ding Ning said softly and slowly: "And this is what is happening now, and then, there will be many battles to fight."