The Sword Dynasty

437 Slaughter City

Su Weijun stationed in the middle of this grassland.

After this prairie, there are twelve border cities of the Great Qin Dynasty. Compared with the huge mountains, the twelve border cities are as small as twelve pearls scattered in the grassland.

The closest to this grassland, and also the farthest from Yinshan, is called Shangluo City.

This city was originally the outermost border city of the Great Qin Dynasty. It was built by prisoners who were dispatched here.

At sunrise, a tall man appeared on the gate of Shangluo City.

He was wearing bronze armor, but he couldn't see any patterns, because the armor was covered with various sword marks.

These depths, or the density of new or old sword marks, are like blossoming dandelion flowers on the surface of the armor.

Especially in the sun, the cross-sections of some metals are constantly shining with golden light, just like there are cold electricity swimming in it.

Some sword marks have a depth of several inches, but they are still not transparent, which only shows that the thickness of this armor has reached a very amazing level.

The most important thing is that these sword marks are too dense. Under the pressure of these sword marks, the metal texture of the armor itself seems to have changed, and even some crystalline light appears in the metal.

The tall man's face is also very big, and he looks more daring than Guan Zhong's man. His back is staggered with two long knives instead of swords.

The scabbard is made of leather. It is simply sewed, and even the long hair on it has not receded.

The handle is light yellow, with some very rich purple red, not like metal, but like some kind of jade.

The man's double pupils are also like gems, shining with natural blue luster, pure like the sky on the grassland.

He looked at the grassland in front of him from afar, knowing that the guard could only reach this border town at least in the afternoon today.

He came here because of the teenager in the old guard, but he knew very well that his battle would end before the teenager arrived.

A morning breeze blew past.

This wind came from Yinshan, with a chill, and added some killing intentions out of thin air.

The wind brought the smell of cattle and sheep dung in the distance, and the yellow grass blades surged like waves in the ocean.

The man standing on the upper gate of the city gate narrowed his eyes slightly, a tinge of blue appeared from the yellow grass blades.

Shao Murder, who was wearing a sapphire-colored robe of Jianzong of Minshan, stepped on the dry grass and slowly walked along the road formed by the horses on weekdays to the gate.


There is a large open space in the center of Shangluo City.

This open space was originally used for the execution of prisoners, but at this time he knelt down densely and did not know how many people, most of them were women and children.

There was only one handsome man standing.

The man seemed to be a little cold-stressed, wearing a white fox fur coat, but the coat was covered with dust, and the yellowish meaning that could not be washed away even by the real shock during the long journey.

There was a long sword across his waist.

There are many precious stones inlaid on the hilt.

These gems are carved into the shape of skulls.

The handsome man slowly raised his head in the wind with the smell of cow and sheep dung, and then casually glanced at the women and children who were kneeling in front.

At this time, at the end of the square, a man with a very ordinary face appeared, even if he stood in the crowd, it was easy to forget.

It's just that this man also wore a sapphire robe.

The man in the white fox fur coat smiled faintly and said, "Everyone says that human beings regard human life as a mustard. Didn't expect this to work for you?"

"Who can truly treat human life as a mustard?"

Looking at the man, Geng Jian also said with no special emotion, "It's you, Yelv Cangwolf and Prince Donghu, who are important to the entire Wu family, and the adventure appears here. In the end, they regard other people's lives as mustards. Still treat your life as a mustard?"

Yelu Cangwolf smiled, and naturally showed a hint of coldness, "I am the most important person in the Wu army, and naturally must appear in the most important place. Is there anything better than preventing the people of Minshan Jianzong from entering Is the battlefield more important?"

After he paused, he watched Geng Blade laugh with self-deprecation, and then said: "If the people of Minshan Jianzong can't appear on the battlefield, what if I die here?"

Geng Jian looked at him and said something that only the two of them could understand at this time, "If you decide to do so, we may become someone else's prey and all die here."

"So I didn't kill these people, I just wanted to leave some conditions to talk to you. You just want to escort the disciple who is very important to you, Minshan Jianzong, to Donghu. I can let him reach Donghu safely. "Yelü Canglang said and smiled faintly. "We can even go to the East Hu border with you, but the condition is that we must leave together. The condition is that any practitioners of Minshan Jianzong do not enter again. Our Wu's country."

Geng Jian pondered for a moment and said, "We also don't want to enter the Wu Kingdom."

Yelv Cangwolf took a deep breath and said, "I understand how you feel in Minshan Jianzong, so I think it is possible to talk to you."

Geng Jian looked at his eyes and said, "If we lose our protection, he will be very dangerous in Donghu."

Yelv Cangwolf also looked at his eyes and said, "Lingshan and I are here. If we decide to die a lifetime today, he will be even more dangerous, and even you Minshan Jianzong will be very dangerous."

After a pause, Yelv Cangwolf said slowly: "And he went to Donghu, I can guarantee that no one of us will deal with him."

Geng Jian said slowly: "You are so relieved that he is on the border of Donghu?"

"That's Donghu and Chu's things." Yelu Canglang said slightly: "If even a Wujing practitioner who has lost the protection of Minshan Jianzong can change everything there, then Donghu and Chu themselves cannot treat us. The battle with Daqin has no effect."

Geng Jian thought about it.

Yelu Cangwolf glanced at him and said, "You should not have much time to make a decision, because I didn't expect you to attach such importance to this young man, even Shao's murder came."

Geng Jian knew what he meant. After a few tens of hours, either the strongest general of Wu's on the city head would kill Shao Killer, or Shao Killer would kill each other, but anyone who survived would be afraid. Not easy.

He didn't hesitate anymore. He nodded simply and normally, and said, "You go to Donghu with us and come back."

Yelu Canglang smiled slightly.

He let out a clear whistle.

At this time Shao Murder had reached the front of the city gate.

The man wearing armor on the upper gate of the city gate had already grasped the knife handle with both hands, but when he heard such a clear whistle, he shook his head in regret and said to Shao murderer, "I can't fight it."

Shao's murderous figure disappeared among the yellow leaves.

The man like a god on the city gate also disappeared from the city gate.

The figure of Yelv's wolf and Geng blade also disappeared in the city.

The women and children who knelt down on their knees sobbed loudly.

There is no eagle or vulture in the sky.

Looking down from above, there is a circle of black and red low walls in the wall of this border town.

The black ones are the remains of Qin Jun wearing black armor, and the bodies of black vultures that usually fly above.

The red is the blood flowing out, which has not been completely solidified.

Except for these women and children, there is no more life in this border town.