The Sword Dynasty

438 Unexpected War

"These bodies must be disposed of immediately."

Ding Ning said slowly while standing on the gate of this border town, looking at the circle of black and red walls.

"What to do!"

Nangong Cai Shu couldn't help but cried out in anger.

Her body trembled violently.

She didn't want to vent her emotions like Ding Ning, but she couldn't imagine why Ding Ning could keep such a calm when seeing such a picture.

"You now have more anger and hatred than sadness."

Ding Ning turned to look at Nangong Caishu, his face gradually getting colder, "Now it is a city that was slaughtered by our great Qin dynasty, at least there are women and children left, but our army of the great Qin dynasty not only slaughtered another city. This is a war. The anger and hatred of the enemies that have been missed can only make you act very impulsively, leading to greater errors, and it makes little sense."

"It doesn't make much sense?"

Nangong Cai Shu's complexion turned abnormally white. She bit her lip tightly and squeezed her voice from between her teeth. "You make me hate the enemy who slaughtered this city?"

Ding Ning was silent for a moment, and said: "You have to understand that it is not the generals who led the war to fight, but always the highest number of people in the world. If you get to the bottom, who caused such a thing? ?"

Nangong Cai Shu's breathing gradually stopped, she only felt that she could not fully agree with Ding Ning's words, but she did not know how to refute.

"Hate can't solve the problem. You have only heard the narrations of some women inside. The other party used this method to force Minshan Jianzong not to intervene in the war of the Uzbekistan. This is understandable. Our army of the Great Qin Dynasty entered other people's Land, what is this in itself?"

A bit of bitterness appeared in the corners of Ding Ning's mouth, "I only know that if I don't deal with these bodies now, I am afraid that it will cause many serious diseases, and many of these women and children will die."

"Indifferently facing, this is the question that a successful general needs to consider?" Nangong Cai Shu laughed miserably.

"Not so." Ding Ning shook his head. "Always consider for people who are still alive. This is what a general needs to consider."

The black smoke ignited.

The Su Weijun began to ignite a raging fire and burned all the dead bodies in the border town.

"This battle is not easy to fight."

Ding Ning did not look at the blazing flames and the remains of burning ash again. He really looked up at the Yinshan, which was not far away, and said slowly, "It's not about us."

Nangong Cai Shu turned to him in shock.

Ding Ning said slowly: "Neither the defenders in this city nor the troops who came to support from outside the city died near this wall of the city, and there were not many practitioners who were able to kill the city by themselves. The only one who can rush to kill all the defenders along the way so quickly is the Yelv Cang wolf with the nickname of the prairie clang wolf."

"He is the Grand Marshal of Uzbekistan."

After Ding Ning paused, he clenched his fists unconsciously, and then said: "The Grand Marshal is in danger. When he arrives here, he can only show that they will not fight as we all expected. So they may not It will be the same as I thought, but it will be delayed after the snow."

Nangong Cai Shu began to understand what he meant to express, and his bloody face had just recovered and slowly became white. "You mean that they might instead use a surprise attack or a head-on attack?"

Ding Ning nodded.

Nangong Caishu's whole body froze, and she had a difficult voice, "So how can the news be passed through Yinshan as soon as possible?"


Ding Ning shook his head, "Even the Yelv blue wolf has arrived here. Even if we now send a message that we can reach the frontline frontier immediately, it is too late. Not to mention the identity of those frontline generals, who will easily follow our suggestions? "

"Yellow Cangwolf's idea...maybe they want to give Donghu and Dachu dynasty confidence with a big victory, no matter how heavy the price will be. As long as this price can make them finally block the Great Qin Dynasty in Yinshan, Instead of letting them become like Yueshi."

No one is a god, and it is impossible to truly anticipate everything.

Ding Ning's judgment on Wu's country had gone wrong before departure, but at least the judgment at this time was very accurate.

The twelfth year of Yuanwu of the Great Qin Dynasty.

Shortly after the arrival of the Ding Ning's overnight guard, the Uzbekistan gathered more than 300,000 people at a terrible speed and split it into three roads to launch a fierce attack on the Daqin army across the border.

Wu's country has been nomadic since ancient times. For the Qin people in Guanzhong, Wu's people are all grassland barbarians.

These grassland barbarians are good at catching wild horses and dressing horses. They have superb riding, like wind and wind. Speed ​​and archery are their biggest advantages. The original big headache for the Daqin army is that they have a large grassland behind them.

These grasslands are wilderness for Daqin's army, but for them are all cities.

The strength of the Daqin army lies in the skills of the chariots and battle formations. There are many practitioners, and the ability to advance the position and engage with the army is unparalleled in the world. However, what everyone did not think is that the U.S. army did not adopt the strategy of wrestling It is a direct formation of the army, and it directly launched a frontal shock with the frontiers of the Great Qin Dynasty!

These U.S. troops, mainly cavalry, cannot reasonably fight Daqin's army positions. However, it was precisely because they did not expect that Daqin's army had encountered such a battle when the number of troops assembled at the border was not enough.

Under the strong attack of the Wu's country's army, which was several times that of its own, the army of the Great Qin Dynasty suffered a defeat and suffered great losses.

After paying the lives of more than 70,000 soldiers, Wu's country killed more than 60,000 border troops of the Great Qin Dynasty, and seized almost all the grain and grass of the condemned troops of the Great Qin Dynasty, and continued to pursue the remnants of the border forces of the Great Qin Dynasty. !

Such a victory is amazing.

Even when the Great Qin Dynasty battled with the Han, Zhao, and Wei dynasties, they never paid such a heavy price.

At that time, the ratio of casualties between the Qin army and the other three dynasties had been maintained at a ratio of one to three, that is, to kill a Qin army, at least three other sergeants from North Korea must be paid.

The advantage of the Uzbek army is speed. When the pursuit begins, it means that the Qin army has more casualties.

This is probably the biggest defeat in the history of Qin army.

It was the first batch of reinforcements that changed the fate of this battle slightly, especially the first group of practitioners who rushed from Changling to the outside of Yinshan.

Faster than the horseshoe is the sword of the practitioner.

The addition of a large number of practitioners made the loss of the cavalry chased by the Uzbekistan once amazing.

However, as many practitioners were killed by maritime tactics or practitioners of the Wu Kingdom, the entire war situation was also extremely unfavorable for the Great Qin Dynasty.

Although it is only officially into the autumn, the temperature outside the customs has been extremely cold and frost.

When food and grass are in short supply, the situation for some military forces, especially those that have been broken up, becomes even more severe.

In a low-lying part of the meadow, some of the mixed trees had fallen into yellow leaves, and some of the long grass that had been cut into carpets lay many injured Qin army soldiers.

A round-faced girl with a sword is looking very serious and several generals are discussing military affairs.

War is the easiest

At this moment, a screaming whistle warning sounded suddenly on the meadow, but only after a short breath, the whistle became a whispering Ocarina.

This means that it is not the enemy but the person.

A teenager appeared in the sight of the round-faced girl.

His costume is similar to that of ordinary Uzbek fighters, and he seems to be extremely cold-resistant, wearing an unusually thick and rough fur robe, but his face is not characteristic of Uzbek people. The most important thing is that his left hand is always forward Stretching slightly flat, a pale jade tag hung from his fingertips, with a simple engraving on it.

The word "Li" was enough to make the round-faced girl and several generals instantly think that he could only be the exile of Lihou House, Li Xixing, who had just returned to the place not far from the border.

"Don't think about trying to attack the little urn ten miles away."

Just glancing at the round-faced girl and several generals around her, Li Xixing said directly: "There is a trap. At least two Qin troops like you have been annihilated there."

Several generals of Qin Jun glanced at each other, their eyes full of anger.

The remnants like them, in the chasing and killing of the Wu clan army, can only resort to hiding or even detours, and it will take a long time to retreat to the border town of Yinshan.

However, the food they bring can only last for a few days at most. In their view, the food in the small urn of the Wu people is the key to whether they can finally leave here alive.

"How many people do you have?"

Li Xixing didn't care about the expressions on the faces of these generals. He rarely controlled the expressions on other people's faces in Changling. He just asked indifferently.

"There are 357 wounded people, and 321 people can fight." The round-faced girl was the most calm at this time. After Li Xixing asked her, she did not hesitate to answer.

"Too few."

Li Xixing was silent for a few moments and said, "A cavalry of about 3,000 people in Wu's country will be out here when it is dark."

Unless all the troops are composed of practitioners, it is absolutely impossible for the Qin army to defeat the cavalry of the Wu family when the ratio of the two sides exceeds one to four, not to mention that it is only the remnants of the Qin army.

In the absence of some powerful ordnance, ordinary swordsmen may not be able to get close and will be shot alive by those immediate archers.

"There is only one choice now."

Li Xixing still ignored the expression on the faces of these generals, and then said: "Leave all the wounded here, and the rest will leave as soon as possible."

Among the generals, a forty-year-old general calmed down. He looked at Li Xixing and said slowly, "This is probably the best choice and the most sensible choice, but not our best. select."

Li Xixing didn't argue anything.

He just bowed deeply to the general.

Because the choice made by this general deserves his respect.

He turned around after a salute.

Since this general chose to die here, for him, it is not worth staying here to accompany these people to die here.

"and many more."

However, at the moment he turned around, the voice of the round-faced girl sounded, "There must be other options and methods."

Li Xixing didn't look back, but just looked at the wild grass taller than people in the distance, thinking that after dark, there would be an opponent's cavalry rushing out at any time.

"What options and methods?" he asked.

"Now that you know that the cavalry will come, then maybe we can distract that cavalry?" The round-faced girl heard his cold voice and said.


Li Xixing sneered mercilessly, "It's up to us?"

"I am a practitioner of Baoguangguan."

The round-faced girl was not angry because of this, but just stated the truth seriously, "I am the only disciple of Baoguangguan who has got all the true stories."