The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 439

"I was not long ago, it should be just after you arrived at Yinshan, I heard about your treasure view."

Li Xixing was silent for a moment, looking at the round-faced girl, "So you are Bao Guangguan's female disciple named Hu Jingjing."

The round-faced girl nodded and said, "I am Hu Jingjing."

Li Xixing turned around and looked at the girl named Hu Jingjing, saying: "You are forced to come here like all practitioners of Baoguangguan, don't you hate? You should be very clear, even if you are a little bit The unique method of division is based on the fact that we are going to lead away the cavalry, which is actually not much different from death."

"What's the difference?"

Hu Jingjing looked at him, frowning slightly, "I've heard about you too, you are here, you are also forced."

Li Xixing shook his head, "It's still not the same. I have been outside the customs for many years, and I'm used to everything here, but you have only just arrived, not to mention that I was not directly forced by the army."

Hu Jingjing also shook his head, "It still makes no difference, especially when you see a lot of people die in front of you every day... they are just executing military orders, just for Daqin. If there is hatred, it is something in the future. Now , I am one of them."

Li Xixing glanced at her.

He hadn’t had time to speak yet. Hu Jingjing had turned his head to look at the places where the wounded were lying, and said slowly and whispered, "You should also understand that practitioners like us are always noticed by the other party in combat. Many of the people lying there were wounded because of me."

"If it can't be done, if two people can't escape, but I can escape by myself, I will escape." Li Xixing silenced for a few hours, then said to Hu Jingjing, "If you are sure to try Can you please distract that cavalry."

Li Xixing even said three ifs, making this sentence sound a bit sloppy for a while, but Hu Jingjing understood his meaning very well. She once again gave Li Xixing a serious greeting, "Thank you!"

The reason for the thank is that Li Xixing didn't need to do such a dangerous thing, but now, he must fight with her.

"Follow me."

Li Xixing turned indifferently, for him, it was only his own choice.

Hu Jingjing silently followed Li Xixing.

The pace of the two was quick, and soon disappeared into the sight of these sergeants in the meadow.

Looking at the direction of the disappearance of the round-faced girl who had been with everyone for a while, but the three generals led the way, all the sergeants performed a solemn and solemn ceremony.


The grassland outside the Yinshan Mountain was originally desolate, not to mention that it was not close to any place of residence.

Hu Jingjing followed behind Li Xixing and walked away without a voice, only to feel that he was gradually abandoned by this person and swallowed by this wild grass.

She looked at the name and was not much bigger than her. At most, it could only be regarded as the back of a young man. Her eyes began to be full of curiosity. She could not imagine how such a person was used to walking in this wasteland alone.

"If I can't go, you can go, you will go alone. The ruler of this area is not our Qin people or Wu people, but wolves. They can trace the breath of blood... The cavalry followed the traces left by these wolves. Individual practitioners, especially those who were wounded and difficult to fight for a long time, encountered a large number of wolves, and the only survival opportunity was to quickly find a large nearby Water source."

The young man's voice suddenly sounded and passed into her pinna.

She stunned slightly and said, "Why?"

"Because the large water source in the wasteland is also a drinking place for many other beasts, the local wolves will be very cautious in their activities, even only during unique time periods. It is not a separate beast that the wolves cannot deal with, and It is a unique rule formed in nature. Just like a huge army will always kill several single practitioners, but the army will always maintain the awe of the practitioners. And for our practitioners, those Individual beasts are also much better than wolves."

Hu Jingjing nodded, Li Xixing explained in detail, she could not understand.

"I said this to you to remind you that this matter is very dangerous. It is more dangerous than anything I have done before. Whether you or me, you may have to face a difficult escape." Li Xixing's indifferent voice continued It sounded, "Since you said to me from the beginning that you are the only true disciple of Baoguangguan, then you should definitely have realized the sword meaning of Baoguang Likong Sword."

Hu Jingjing said simply: "Yes."

Li Xixing stopped suddenly, and then turned to look at Hu Jingjing, "With your cultivation behavior, I am afraid that you can only use the Baoguang Likong Sword once at most."

Hu Jingjing frowned slightly and said, "Not bad."

"You feel hopeful, just think that you might be able to use this kind of sword intention to help me assassinate this cavalry general in one fell swoop, causing chaos for this cavalry. This will delay the footsteps of this cavalry." Li Xixing Looking at Hu Jingjing, "Did you think so?"

Hu Jingjing frowned deeper, "I do think so."

"You don't know enough about the army of Wu's country." Li Xixing said in a deep voice: "The population of Wu's country is less than our Daqin and I don't know how many times. The gathering of 300,000 troops this time is unprecedented, and the army of 3,000 people, if it is Corresponding to the establishment of our great Qin dynasty, it is equivalent to our army of 20,000 or 30,000 people. The status of the generals of the 3,000-strong army is similar to that of our generals who command 20,000 or 30,000 generals. Such generals are generally absolute It’s no worse than our practice, and there are definitely other protection practitioners around us. So it’s almost impossible to assassinate the other leader with such a sneak attack."

Hu Jingjing's face was paler. She pondered for a while and looked at Li Xixing. "My idea is impossible, but since you accepted my proposal, is there any other way?"

Li Xixing said in a cold voice: "You can't just make a sword, you have to make at least three swords, and each sword should look different."

Hu Jingjing clenched his teeth subconsciously, and then slowly let go of his mouth, saying, "Do you want the other party to feel that there are at least three practitioners of Baoguangguan?"

Li Xixing glanced at her, nodded, and said, "These barbarians cannot understand Baoguangguan so clearly, but they can at least distinguish clearly what kind of sword it is, and one or two practitioners cannot delay it. Stay in their footsteps, but if there are more than three such practitioners, the choices they make will be different."

Hu Jingjing naturally knew exactly what the price would be to force such three swords. She took a deep breath and said, "I will do my best."

Li Xixing narrowed his eyes slightly and said, "It's not to try your best, but to do it."

Hu Jingjing was not angry, but just changed his mouth: "I will definitely do it."

Li Xixing no longer looked at her, but turned to look in a certain direction, perceiving some meaning from the wind, saying: "The cavalry formed in this way will generally have three batches of scout troops, with a total number of 300 to four. There are about a hundred people. Only by killing these people quickly can you have a chance to get close to the main army. You can’t waste the true yuan, so when I deal with these barbarians, you can’t use the slightest true yuan."

Hu Jingjing nodded without hesitation, "I will be your nearest attendant."

Li Xixing still did not turn her head to look at her, still looking in that direction, said: "This cavalry will come faster than I thought."

"Don't be my close attendant, you'd better shuttle around instead of killing people."

"Don't kill all the barbarians, let them leave a few to run back, so that they feel that there are indeed many practitioners on this route waiting for them."

Listening to these words, Hu Jingjing became more and more silent, but his heart respected the young man from Lihoufu more and more.


Some gorge mouths of Yinshan are blowing wind all the time. The wind sounds not strong from the wind, but the chill in it is like a knife piercing into the body of the person, especially when the most cutting-edge military situation is finally passed here. Became colder.

"How to do?"

Guo Feng watched the latest delivery in his hands, and had read the military situation several times in a row. After many battles, his hands began to tremble.

Because this determines the life and death of tens of thousands of people.

At the same time, it also decided the life and death of 3,000 people under his command.

After the Yinshan Pass, there is Gu Yuguan.

There was a gate for the border forces of the Great Qin Dynasty, a passageway inside and outside the gate, and also a granary for storing military grain.

At this time, a cavalry of the Uzbek state had already detoured and was rushing towards this pass, and this pass was the remnants of the Qin army who were still in the wasteland, retreating to rest and stand firm , Where to wait for reinforcements!

If the back road is broken, the tens of thousands of Qin troops may die in the wilderness.

In the description of the military situation, the Uzbek cavalry who came around the road was at least tens of thousands, and the Guyuguan guard army was less than 2,000 at this time. It was the nearest army to Guyuguan. This passing guards!

The military situation outside the customs is not as fast as the news of Changling, and it is even more difficult to effectively issue the unified deployment instructions during the defeat at this time. At this time, some means of the Qin army can only take the military situation along the way as soon as possible. Pass it out.

All urgent military conditions also need to be judged and handled by the generals who receive the military conditions.

Now Guo Feng’s choice is only two, to fill up 3,000 people to die together, or to reach the border of Donghu as soon as possible as planned.

Because he couldn't decide, he wanted to listen to Ding Ning's opinion at this time.

"It must be tried."

Ding Ning didn't think too much time and watched Guo Feng reply.

Nangong Cai Shu was silent, but the sword on her body was slowly trembling.

She did not expect such a change at all.

Everything is too different than expected.