The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 442 Good or Bad

In the next moment, Hu Jingjing's mouth spouted blood.

She just felt like she wanted to spit out all the blood in her body.

The invisible wall in the sky has already fallen towards the cavalry.

The practitioner wearing a tiger skull mask screamed in rage during the three thousand rides, and the five blood moons flying above him flew upward, slashing the invisible town that fell down in the air. On the wall.

The invisible wall breaks apart, turning into a more concrete wind and sharp sword gas. There are countless huge transparent blades in the sky rushing towards the ground.

Those five blood moons just won some time for these cavalry.

In the scream of anger of the practitioner wearing a tiger skull mask, the cavalry was completely engulfed in chaos, and the chaos retreated sharply.

The scattered transparent blade fell into the scattered cavalry, and a large blood wolf was raised in an instant.

These blades actually only killed more than 20 sergeants, most of them were horses that were too late to dodge. When they found that they could not stop such a force, the immediate rider immediately got rid of the horse.

However, the resulting chaotic picture is particularly shocking.

"Shoucheng sword."

Hu Jingjing already felt that he was going to die, but even more shocked than the sergeants of Wu's country, she still didn't know where the power came from and called out a voice.

Then she fell to the ground.

The moment before the coma passed, she was still thinking, that was clearly the sword of Mo Shoucheng.

As far as she knows, Huang Zhenwei is the heir to the old man who forced her to die, but why has such a sword intention not appeared in the hands of Huang Zhenwei, but in the hands of Li Xixing at this time?

Li Xixing didn't care about her doubts and feelings at this time. He put a pill into her mouth very quickly, and then appeared a rough shot, pushing the pill directly from her throat into the abdomen.

His attention was always focused on the chaotic cavalry.

The cavalry tried to control the formation, but they never dared to advance.

He knew that Hu Jingjing, a Changling girl who had not completely obeyed his orders, probably won this time.

He took a deep breath, stretched out his hand, and put Hu Jingjing on his back. He ran through the grass for a moment, and then his fingers penetrated deeply into the soil, pulling out a copper wire again.

More copper wire is connected to the lower end of the copper wire.

As he exerted his strength, these copper wires, which were not straight, flicked, and dozens of wavy lines appeared in the grass beside the wilderness, as if there were many practitioners in this wilderness. Go through quickly.

Then he also backed away.

This time he did not deliberately cover up his figure.

Because he knows that the best puzzle is true and false. Only when the enemy's attention is attracted by some real pictures will he ignore some stereotyped marks.

Sanqianqi retreated fifty feet, and stabilized his position again.

Looking at the grass waves in the wilderness in front, especially the smoke that Li Xixing brought back when he retreated, it was obviously the veteran of the cavalry army wearing a tiger skull mask who was silent for a moment, then he made a few meanings Difficult scale.

Several riders beside him uttered at the same time, as if to object, but ushered in his harsher screams.

No one in his body dared to speak out.

Sanqianqi began to retreat and disappeared into the night behind him.

The general also dismounted.

His horses were also taken away with the retreat of the cavalry.

When the sound of horseshoes almost disappeared, a scimitar on the general's back flew up like a blood moon.

The scimitar rose higher and higher, and after many breaths, there was a sound of hay breaking in the wilderness behind the general, and he quickly reached his side.

A giant wolf appeared beside him.

This is a cyan giant wolf that is far more than a wild wolf.

The wolf had a saddle on his back, and even bound some food and thick blankets.

The general patted the giant wolf's head and then sat on the saddle.


The medicine was attacked in Hu Jingjing's abdomen.

The violent medicine rushed into the meridian in her body, which could not quickly regenerate the damage in her meridian, but it penetrated into her bone marrow, stimulating her qi and blood to breed a lot.

The freshman's pain made Hu Jingjing wake up quickly.

Then she spit again.

"You'd better not look up, otherwise any blade of grass may blind your eyes."

When she subconsciously wanted to look up at the surrounding scenery, Li Xixing's voice passed into her pinna.

She was completely awake and realized that Li Xixing was carrying her fast running through the grass.

"We succeeded?" She obediently raised her head and asked weakly.

Li Xixing was silent for a few moments and said, "The cavalry retreated."

Hu Jingjing was delighted, and then she realized that the body was overbearing to unimaginable medicine, and then she began to pay attention to her body, and she began to be shocked, "What is this medicine?"

"Baigu Shengxue Pill." Li Xixing answered simply.

"This is Han..." Hu Jingjing's mouth grew incredulous and speechless.

"This is the strongest healing remedy in the former Korean Royal Palace." Li Xixing still said simply: "It is such an elixirs in his body, so my father was assured that I would survive here."

Hu Jingjing was even more shocked and speechless.

Then Li Xixing continued, "But this is the last one."

Hu Jingjing stayed for a few years, and then said a little hard, "Thank you."

Li Xixing was silent for a moment, and said: "No need to thank, when the cavalry appeared before, I didn't have time to think of any two-way method."

Hu Jingjing's face was attached to his back. The fur on his back was soaked with blood. At this time, it was frozen like a boiled leather by the cold, but under his sharp running, there was still some enthusiasm from his Hu Jingjing, who was seriously injured at this time, felt warm from his back.

She hesitated for a long time and asked, "How can you keep the sword of the city defending the city."

Li Xixing also hesitated for a long time.

He is probably the youngest talent in Changling who is the least able to speak and the least good at talking to people, but at this time he still feels like to say something.

"Don't hate Mo Shoucheng."

After hesitating for a long time, he said seriously: "What he did was not for himself."

"Do you mean that as long as it is not for yourself, is this person often noble?" Hu Jingjing thought of Jianguang that night, and his voice was cold.

"No matter how much he hates him, he is dead."

Li Xixing did not refute her statement, he could understand her feelings, "At least for me, he is actually the one who knows the best and stays out of control and controls the balance of Changling."

Hu Jingjing didn't know what he meant, so he listened in silence.

"He will try to make up for some people's mistakes."

Li Xixing went on to say: "Before I was expelled from Changling, the people of my age in Changling could not beat me. If I targeted Minshan Jianzong, I should enter Minshan faster than Duanmu Jingzong. Jianzong, but I was expelled from Changling. He taught me to defend the sword in the city, as compensation for my exile here and rewards for what I did here."

Hu Jingjing breathed hard and said slowly, "I admit that he is a good person for you, but for our Baoguangguan, he is a sinner. It is just that he is dead, so I will not do it to him anymore. What evaluation."

The night is already deep.

Everything was washed like black, after all.

Li Xixing, who had been bowing his head all the way down, stopped.

"Where are we going next?" Hu Jingjing asked.

Li Xixing slowly turned around and said indifferently: "Next we may not be able to go anywhere."

Upon hearing his strange tone, Hu Jingjing, who had not listened to his words all the time, looked up.

She looked up like him, looking at the night in the distance.

"Someone is chasing?" she asked Li Xixing in a soft voice: "A much stronger practitioner than us?"

Li Xixing did not answer.

"Let's go." Hu Jingjing took a deep breath and said, "You should be able to walk alone."

"Don't talk, don't prevent me from thinking about the problem." Li Xixing said in a somewhat arrogant cold voice.

Hu Jingjing frowned deeply.

She said nothing more and struggled.

Because Li Xixing had put her down at this time, holding the hilt of the long sword in her hand, but just standing still in front of her.

In the dark night in the distance, a strange voice finally appeared, and then turned into a hurricane breaking out of the sky!

A cyan shadow, with countless yellow and yellow grass, and a violent wind, rushed out of the night and broke into her sight arrogantly!


"You're Huo!"

There was a strange hissing sound in the dark night, with an endless rage, like a black flame spreading in the night sky.

Li Xixing's eyes narrowed slightly.

Looking at the cyan giant wolf that represented the Wu family, his body began to chill.