The Sword Dynasty

450 Lifetime Cost

In the dark night, the heavy loss of the U.S. Vanguard cavalry did not withdraw too far, but withdrew to a meadow where he could barely see Gu Yuguan locked in the shadows of the night.

As the hoofs of the entire cavalry stopped hitting the ground, a rider appeared abrupt.

Because at a certain moment, only the rider's horse was still moving, and at the next moment, a few riders went up and surrounded the rider in the middle.


A sturdy Uzbek general wearing a tiger skin robe carrying a giant scimitar looked at the rider angrily and asked sharply.

Faced with the anger of the general who was half a head taller than him, the rider, who appeared to be wearing very ordinary clothes and covered with a black scarf, looked back calmly and said, "Why?"

Such an answer suddenly made the strong Uzbek general's angry eyes burn.

"Why pay the price to assassinate the teenager?"

He squeezed an extremely cold voice from between his teeth, "Why do you want to retreat again? You should understand that even if the assassination is successful, our practitioners will not be able to come back, and then? Should we retreat?"

A horse hissing sounded.

Only when the strength in the hands of the rider changes, these long-trained horses that are almost identical to the owner can make such a sound.

This horse hissing sound also means that all these riders want to question this man.

Obviously, if the rider could not make a satisfactory answer to these people, then he would become a piece of flesh and blood on this grassland, used for blood sacrifice to those Uzbekistan soldiers who had died because of his decision.

However, this rider with a black scarf on his face, and obviously not a Ukrainian accent, still did not care, just raised his head indifferently and looked in the direction of the hillside in the distance. "Before questioning me again, you must first understand one It’s not that I’m going to be your Wu’s general, but that your Queen Emperor Yan Yan invited me to be your Wu’s general. And that’s what even General Yelv agrees with. So don’t doubt that my leader has other purposes , You doubt me, you just doubt your Queen Yan and General Yelv."

His statements and words were so polite, that a louder hissing sounded. However, although these immediate riders used their hands unnaturally, the look in their eyes had changed.

"You are angry now, just because you don't even know who the boy is."

The rider’s eyes fell on the strong Uzbek general in front of him, but his tone was strangely mild: “Not to mention the life of those practitioners, it’s just a few times the life of those practitioners. The life of the boy."


It was still the three words at the beginning of the question, but at this time the strong Uzbek general had bowed his head to show respect and ask for advice.

"Because that young man is Ding Ning, the leader of the Minshan Sword Society of the Great Qin Dynasty, from the simple situation, he represents Minshan Jianzong. The reason why your general Yelv did not personally lead the army is because of him That is to prevent the people of Minshan Jianzong from participating in this war."

The rider said lightly: "If it is for the future general situation that you may not be able to understand, even if the destruction of our cavalry army can be exchanged for killing him, it is worth it because he is the entire practitioner so far. Cultivators in the world are the fastest people in the world. They are also the people with the strongest comprehension in the entire world of practitioners. The strongest young talents in the previous Qin Dynasty can only be his students."

Minshan Jianzong, General Yelv... A few "most" words are like a thunderous thunder, so that the bodies of all the riders around can't help shaking.

A heavy breath sounded like a horse hissing.

"People like him, even without the protection of the practitioners of Minshan Jianzong, will not die easily. I don’t believe that the Great Qin Dynasty will let people like him die easily. Understand that for some really powerful people, especially those who are still controllable, they will make the best use of them. They must let these people burn like candles before letting them die." This rider Ignoring the changes in these people's expressions, I said slowly, "I created a situation where I had a chance to assassinate this young man. I just wanted to see what powerful practitioners were behind this young man...but I didn't I thought that this young man would be so strong, but I didn’t expect the young people around him to be so strong."

"What you know is too scarce. You don't know that this teenager is not only terrible except for cultivation, he also has strong judgment and insight. Until today, I can be sure that he is definitely the most I have encountered. Horrible opponent, as a general."

"In a sense, whether we can complete this task and whether we can leave the tens of thousands of Qin troops in this wasteland depends on whether we can kill the young man."

"If you can kill him, it means that the support army has no cards. If you can't kill him, then we can only give up this operation and turn back. How many Qin troops can be killed as much as possible. "

In order to force tens of thousands of Qin troops into dogs of mourning, what kind of price should be paid, these Wu people are naturally better than anyone else.

Just for the sake of a teenager, it is possible to completely give up the final siege, which sounds completely unbelievable.

However, in this sentence of this rider's explanation, even some low-ranking sergeants who only know the battle know that this is probably a cruel fact.

"Then why didn't we fill in all of us?"

The sturdy Uzbek general had long lost his previous anger and bowed his head more humbly, saying: "We are not afraid of death."

"I know you are not afraid of death."

The rider gave him a serious look and said, "But as a general, what needs to be considered is not the issue of life and death, but whether this has no effect on victory. If he cannot be killed, all five thousand rides will be destroyed. Here, this battle is also unbeatable, and tens of thousands of Qin troops can also return to Yinshan."

"Then what should I do next?" the sturdy Wu's general raised his head and asked, helpless as he stared at the mouth of a dying fish.


The rider said coldly: "I have sent a message to the majority to send enough and powerful practitioners to come. We have to try to see if we can kill the young man. military."

All these Wu's cavalry do not know when and how the message was sent by the rider, but at this time they naturally believed that the rider was telling the truth.



Trapped on a dark hillside, Ding Ning did not talk to some generals of the Suwei and Gu generals, but sat down next to the carriage of Chang Sun Qianxue.

"You have been here twice in a while, and I have just reminded you that those two are not normal, but I have nothing to tell you. What the hell do you want to do?"

When a sergeant brought the food box and charcoal basin, when Ding Ning handed the food box into the carriage, the cold voice of Chang Sun Qianxue passed into his pinna.

Ding Ning hesitated a little, and then said seriously: "I don't think you should shoot."

The elder Sun Qianxue said: "Why should I shoot?"

Ding Ning put the charcoal basin in the front of the car and said: "Because I want to bet, the general in the opponent's lineup wants to try to kill me... and passively waiting for the opponent's next move is always the most stupid. Tactics, I want to first try to kill the general in the other team."

Chang Sun Qianxue did not say anything.

Ding Ning raised his head, took a deep breath, and said softly: "Don't be angry, you know I know Zheng Xiu too well, so she will arrange for someone to follow me... Only my real death, her talents It will appear. I will force her out, otherwise we will never be safe and will never escape her sight."

There was silence for a few more hours in the carriage, and then Chang Sun Qianxue's cold voice sounded, "I won't shoot."

Ding Ning also nodded in silence, stood up, and then he began to walk slowly down the slope, looking at the bright moon that began to appear brighter and brighter in the night sky, thinking that it would take a lifetime to really see and It costs a lot to know a person.