The Sword Dynasty

Episode 451

The U.S. Vanguard cavalry stopped on the meadow.

These men, who claim to never be on horseback, also got off the horse and started resting on the horse.

The well-dressed, but actually commanding rider of this cavalry, was somewhat disgusted with the stench of the horse, sitting alone on the edge of the cavalry, he watched all the lights go out in the distance Gu Guguan, thinking of things quietly, a slight sneering smile gradually appeared in the corner of his mouth.

Although these Uzbek troops were vulgar, although the number of practitioners was very small, in his view, it was easier to face the victory of the Qin army than all the other troops in the world.

Because they haven't fought with the Qin army on a large scale before, they haven't been slain by the Qin army, and they don't know how cruel blood-strangling they will be when a large number of practitioners of the Qin dynasty enter the battle.

If it is used, then at the beginning of the nation-wide power to launch a war, it is already used.

Uzbekistan will never win this battle.

However, the Great Qin Dynasty, or Zheng Xiu's desire to win, is not so simple.

Because the army of all dynasties in the world was truly defeated during the heyday of the Bashan Sword Field. After Yuan Wu took the throne, the large-scale battle between the Great Qin Dynasty and the dynasties of the world was to recover Yangshan County.

However, that battle was only a surprise attack and a sneak attack.

If it is a real head-to-head battle... Every dynasty in the world will want to see what kind of answer the Daqin dynasty will present after losing Bashan Jianchang and that person.

Wu's battlefield is the examination room where the world is watching.

Think of this general situation and the overall situation, personal fighting and life and death, it is too small and boring.

Thinking that he was on such a huge chessboard, but happened to be able to meet the legendary liquor store boy in Changling, he couldn't help but feel excited, and felt the war more interesting.

For a general, it is fun to control thousands of life and death, and fight with real big men, but it can change the entire era and have a profound impact on future generations. That is success, and real joy.

The slightly mocking smile gradually spread out in the corner of the rider's mouth, turning into a truly joyful smile.

However, such a smile only lasted a short amount of time. The rider Huo Ran was shocked and felt the sudden murderous intention of the world.

At this moment, his heart was almost cold and stopped beating.

He woke up to be too careless.

After waking up, I am afraid that I have underestimated this legendary teenager.

After waking up, I made a terrible mistake invisible, and this seems to be the only mistake, but was caught by the other side!

Before the rest of the cavalry responded, a transparent high-speed air mass had appeared in the air beside the rider. When the high-speed air mass visible to the naked eye approached the rider's body, it was only in the distance. There was a roar like a wave hitting.

All Sergeant Wu's awakened and called out one after another, the horse hissing like the sea.

Before this, the almost beating rider with a cold heart had snorted, and the two fingers of his right hand were trembling violently, and the real element in the body suddenly broke out.

A thin, flat, tortoise-like black armor flew out of his fingers, emitting countless strange black rays.

These black rays have changed the vitality of the surrounding world and produced strange refractions.

The space seems to be distorted.

A boom.

The rider seemed to be bombarded with a giant fist from the gods, and the dull sound hit the ground in front of him, like a real giant knife chopping off, spattering large groups of mud.

A mumble sounded in the dark night not far away, and in the shattered transparent airflow, a flying sword flew backwards back and forth, and a fresh bloody smell radiated from the night sky.

Obviously the owner of the flying sword has been hit hard in this violent blow.

The rider's body just wobbled a little, and he stood still like a mountain, but there was no complacent expression between his eyebrows, and there was almost no pause. His left hand went back a little, and a dim fluorescent shot out, Without a flash, with a ding, I didn't know what tiny thing was hit in the darkness.

The sound was subtle, but at the next moment, the whole space seemed to startle.

"I didn't expect you to dare to send the door to assassinate me."

The tortoise-like iron armor in front of the rider fell to the ground. He didn't look at it. A slender and short green sword light flowed out of thin air, appearing in his right hand, and the rider Shaking his head slightly, there was a sound of admiration.

The horseshoe violently rang.

The U.S. cavalry began to shoot rockets at the sound of several generals.

In the firelight, these cavalry saw only a few fast-moving afterimages.

Too close, too fast, the Arrow Army has no effect.

In a loud roar of anger, the practitioners of the Wu's cavalry all swept towards the rider's body for the first time.

The rider was holding a green short sword with a gleam of oil flowing in his hand, but instead he stopped silently.

Because he knew very well that there must be that young man among these people, and he was also very clear that these few people just died in the face of such an army.

The opponent himself was sent to death.


A flying sword with many white flowers in full bloom and a crimson flying sword suddenly appeared extremely insidious at the same time on the body of a Uzbek general, and there was a moment that was difficult to capture when it appeared. When the general Li Xiao dealt with the crimson flying sword, the flying sword with many white flowers bloomed suddenly, and then pierced from the vest of the Uzbek general, which was not the same as other flying swords. It appeared from the chest, but the weird dragonfly spotted the water and retreated a little.

The rider in the Uzbekistan cultivator's wrap guard knew that he had been completely exposed, and he knew that the flying sword with many white and fine flowers blooming came from the young boy, but he just shook his head slightly and said softly, self-deprecatingly. : "It looks the same, everyone knows it well and doesn't want too much trouble."

At the same time he said this, he had raised his head and looked far ahead to the left.

There were many burning arrows falling on that side, and many burning arrows had already fallen to the ground, causing the dry grass to burn.

However, at this moment, it seemed to be covered by a gray shadow, and suddenly there was a large vacancy without a flame.

All the horses horrified in fear, and even backed away uncontrollably.

Among the Wu practitioners, the strongest general had already held a giant long knife beside the rider, but at this time, even he felt unable to breathe and felt the spread of gray In the shadows, there seems to be a devil born.

The dark colors seemed to quickly spread to the riders in these Wu Cultivator Centers.

His eyes and his skin exposed outside the black scarf became grey and dull.

"Shen it you?"

His tone contained shock that could not be said.

Several Uzbek generals turned around and looked at him. Everyone could feel the strength of the practitioner who appeared, waiting for his next instruction.

The rider uttered a weird Ushi language from his throat.

A thunderous horseshoe sounded loudly on the ground, and all the Ukrainian cavalry began to charge towards the gray shaded land.

The rider knew that this was also death.

But he hoped that the death of these cavalry troops would delay a certain period of time, and most of the practitioners would be delayed.

As the Uighur cultivators around him shouted and began to charge, his body flew out into the dark shadow behind him.

A chill appeared before his throat.

The rider sensed it in time and turned his body abruptly.

Silently, a faint blood line appeared on the skin on the side of his neck.

Before turning his head, the Sen Leng Fei Jian that cut his skin began to show in the air, blooming white fine flowers, and withdrew from his body with a terrifying acceleration.

Fang Cai's flying sword was extremely insidious and did not show any breath. He stayed on the route of his escape and paused in the air of his throat.

If you are an ordinary practitioner, you have to hit the sword with your throat!

He turned his head.

On the chaotic battlefield, the figures still chased toward him at high speed.

On the other side, the tens of rides at the forefront suddenly flew into the sky.

These dozens of rides seemed to have lost gravity, and they ran to the sky upwards. However, in the next moment, these horses broke apart with the riders above them, and they broke into flesh and blood.