The Sword Dynasty

458 Ancestral Mountain

She missed many things when she was in a coma.

For example, Jianshan Jian fell with sparks.

There are not many high mountains in Wu's territory after Yinshan. When the huge Jianshan sword falls with sparks, people on the far horizon can see it.

Anyone can feel the power of this sword.

Especially almost all Qin people are familiar with the pale and cold sparks.

The place where the person who can make such a sword is, for all the Qin people who fled in the wasteland at this time, means the birthplace.

However, for those who know that it is a place of life, but cannot reach it, the despair is even greater.

"It's too late."

A middle-aged man wearing a heavy wolf leather robe and covering half of his face in a fur hat stared at the place where Jianshan sword fell, and sighed faintly, "You can't block those Qin army remnants in Guyuguan Even if our army breaks the Gugu barrier, the reinforcements behind the Qin army, especially some powerful practitioners, will arrive, and it will be our army that is chased and killed."

Standing slightly beside the middle-aged man, it was Wu Lvzi, the fifth prince of Wu's country.

Listening to these words of the middle-aged man, Wu Lianzi was silent for a moment, and his voice trembled: "Dawu, do we only have to retreat?"

Over the past few days, the entire wilderness has been occupied by the cavalry of the Wu family in pursuit of the remnants of the Qin army. However, he knows very well what price the Wu family has paid.

"The reality is that this is not a question of whether we want it or not, but it must be done. As a general, especially as a ruler of a country, one must abandon any personal factors, including one's own feelings, like a god Looking down on my own country, from this point of view, in fact I most admire Zheng Xiu, she did really well."

The middle-aged man slowly said that his deep and wise eyes had never left the direction where the Jianshan sword fell. "Unfortunately, the young boy in Changling wine shop just reached Guyuguan, and our war The key to winning is also right there. Fortunately, the'' you are now chasing is exactly his friend. Fortunately, this young boy from Changling Wine Shop is said to have the best comprehension ability in the world."

Wu Lianzi finally understood what he meant, and there was a blaze of hope in his eyes, "Dawu, it turns out that when you drove Li Xixing to Zu Mountain, you already thought about it... you want to lead the Changling wine shop boy into Zu Mountain. ?"

"You also saw how powerful the practitioners in Changling were. Before that, Qin Menghan, Zhao, and Wei dynasties, the final stage of the war, ultimately affected the outcome of the victory and defeat between the strongest practitioners. Only by opening the ancestral mountain can we compete with more and more powerful practitioners coming to Changling."

"The blood of this young boy who killed the blue wolf was just used to sacrifice the ancestral mountain. If the wine shop boy’s comprehension is the best in the world, it is the key to the ancestral mountain. Is the last sacrifice to heaven."

The middle-aged man smiled indifferently, raised his head, his eyes seemed to penetrate the clouds in the night sky.

Above the clouds in the night sky, a few black eagles hovered.

Li Xixing, who constantly escaped in the wilderness by virtue of his strong willpower, also just looked up at this time.

He paused slightly, glancing at the unconscious Hu Jingjing, his heart slightly loosened.

Then he took a look at the clouds in the distance behind him.

He couldn't see the eagles, but heard the whistle of eagles coming from high altitude.

Wu's, Donghu, Yue's... and some countries that once existed in this wasteland, some mysterious tribes, in fact, there was a common recognized ancestor long ago.

At that time, the kingdom that ruled this vast customs was called Tianliang.

Whether it is Wu Clan, Donghu, or Yue clan royal family, they think they are the blood of the former Tianliang royal family.

Eagle storage is also the tradition of these royal families.

Eagle Eye can see thousands of miles away from high altitude, so he knows that he cannot escape the sight of the killer completely.

It's just that Hu Jingjing, who was seriously injured on the back, still didn't die... And she often listened to his choice, so she only got to this situation, so he didn't want to give up until the last moment.


On the hillside outside the valley prison, a black spot fell in the high clouds.

A practitioner who was resting in the camp camp not far away suddenly opened his eyes, and a crimson sword light directly penetrated the top of the camp camp where he was, and issued a terrible howling, greeting To that black spot.

Many sleeping sergeants were awakened, and a loud howling sounded on the hillside.

The place where the black spot fell was obviously the car where Ding Ning was sitting.

Through the bleak starlight and the bright light emitted by the crimson flying sword, many people immediately saw that the flying black spot was a black giant eagle.

This giant eagle obviously does not belong to the military of the Great Qin Dynasty, otherwise this flying sword will not fly up like an enemy.

Only this black giant eagle faced this sword light, but it did not change the castration at this time. With a snort, the belly and neck of the giant eagle were pierced by this sword light, and then half of its wings were also cut. Fall, with a thud, it fell on the hillside outside the carriage.

Ding Ning was out of the carriage. He didn't go to check the body of the black giant eagle. Before the fall, he had seen the bloody fur tied to the eagle's feet.

Nangong Cai Shu stood cautiously not far from Ding Ning's side. She also saw the tied blood-stained fur, feeling that Ding Ning's expression began to become abnormally dignified at this time.

"What do you mean?"

She intuition that the black giant eagle is dying, is sending a message.

The understanding of Ding Ning made her think that Ding Ning's appearance had changed without going to look closely, which meant that Ding Ning probably already knew what the giant eagle was passing.

"Of all our friends, only one person likes to wear such a thick fur sweater robe."

Ding Ning turned to look at her and said.

Nangong Cai Shu's body was cold, "Li Xixing?"

"The giant eagle in the wilderness is more difficult to keep than some monsters. It is the royal family in the wilderness that can control such a huge black eagle. Especially judging me here so quickly...not so boring. So this should be the leather robe on Li Xixing." Ding Ning nodded and said.

Nangong Caishu's body was a little bit colder, "Tell you that Li Xixing is in his hands, what does he want to do?"

Ding Ning did not answer, this is a question that does not need to be answered.

Nangong Cai Shudun took a breath for a while, and then looked at Ding Ning and said, "I will go with you."

Ding Ning did not refuse. He walked to the wasteland at the foot of the hillside and walked until Shen Xuan's figure appeared in front of him like a shadow.

"In this way, the other party told me that Li Xixing was in my hands, so complicated, the other party should just want to see me, or let me do something, instead of killing me in the first place."

Without any superfluous words, Ding Ning looked at Shen Xuan and said: "I know that Jianshan Jian dares to have such a plan here, and it will not be an ordinary person. I just told you that I have to wait for an opportunity to kill Gu Huai. Now This opportunity has come."

Shen Xuan said indifferently: "Send to death again?"

"I will at least die for a friend, but she won't, so you can choose to cooperate with me, or still cooperate with her." Ding Ning looked at Shen Xuan calmly and said, "Since this person can use Black King Eagle so fast Passing the message will naturally lead the way quickly...I just want to tell you, whether you follow me or not, I will go."

"Gu Huai? He can't stop you?"

Shen Xuan's expression did not change, just looked at Ding Ning indifferently and asked.

"He can't stop me... The only thing he can stop me is to use my friend's life and death as a threat, but now it's about my friend's life and death." Ding Ning shook his head slightly mockingly, "And he didn't heal his injuries so fast ."