The Sword Dynasty

462 Huihai

Li Xixing leaned against a stone in the pool and sat half-lying, looking at the black eagle flying in the sky above.

The slightly hot spring water washed away all the fatigue in his body and made him feel happy. At the same time, he could not help but think that if he died like this leisurely, it might also be a good home.At least not so tired.

However, such thoughts only appeared in his mind for a short moment.

This is how life is, tired but unwilling.

The black flying eagle hovered, but it never fell on Zu Mountain. It seemed that there was something in Zu Mountain that made them all awe-inspiring.

Shino is still calm to the extreme.

The corner of Li Xixing's mouth showed some irony.

He stood up slowly, the spring running down the hair of his thick robe, washing away almost all the dried blood stains.

"All right?"

He looked at Hu Jingjing, who soaked his face in the spring water like a ripe apple, and asked.

Hu Jingjing looked at him and nodded, saying: "Okay."

Although it was unbelievable until this time, the fact is that the wounds in her body that may have to be cured for a long time even with the top-quality healing remedies of Changling, are only cured by this live spring at the time of the tea.

"What are you doing?"

However, Li Xixing's next move made her even more shocked.

Li Xixing pulled out his sword, crossed the pool water, and walked towards the outlet of the Lingquan.

Li Xixing had two swords. At this time, he used the pale pale sword. The rune on the sword was like a long fang, full of aura and violent breath.

The spring water was forced open by the fierce sword gas, exposing the milky white rock at the bottom of the pool.

The pale sword light was cut on the rock around the water outlet, and the rock was cut in pieces.

"You want to destroy this spiritual spring?"

Hu Jingjing finally reacted to what Li Xixing was about to do.

Li Xixing did not look back, continued to produce the sword, and constantly cut the mountain stone at the exit of Lingquan, in order to make Jianguang deeper, and said without emotion, "This is not our ancestral mountain."

"Although it feels a bit violent, but I think you are right." Hu Jingjing was dumbfounded, then she nodded seriously, and when she walked to Li Xixing's side, her body began to emit sword.


"Why are those eagles flying so low?"

"It's not that the eagle is flying too low, but the sky is too high."

"Don't say these false words in front of me."

"The bottom should be a deep and large basin."

"Are you sure?"

"Because the heaven and earth aura here is very interesting."

"Why don't I find it interesting? Is your perception still above me?"

"Because the continuation of God's formula."

Several military horses were walking through the wasteland. These military horses immediately rode only two people, one was Ding Ning and the other was Shen Xuan.

All the way from Gu Yuguan, Shen Xuan has many questions about Ding Ning's cultivation and perception, but the final result of the conversation is often attributed to Ding Ning's continuation.

Shen Xuan didn't look at Ding Ning at this time, he just looked at the places where the Black Eagles scored low in the distance.

He could not confirm the explanation given by Ding Ning, because in the whole world, only Ding Ning knew the true mystery of the continuation of God's tactics.

He kept talking to Ding Ning on the way, not trying to find out the other party's secret through continuous dialogue. The real reason was just fear.

Whether it is the face of the unknown Wu's strongman itself, or the suzerain who wants to kill the Spiritual Xujianmen, it is a terrible thing for him.

He wanted to bet, but he was also very afraid of becoming a rotten corpse that was dragged by coyotes in the grassland.

At this moment, he began to feel that the strange earth and earth that flowed in Siye, which had been very strange at the beginning, suddenly began to fluctuate strongly, just like someone in the world was opening the prologue of a big drama.

Ding Ning's eyes also turned to those distant places where the black eagles were flying.

He also perceives the drastic changes of the heaven and earth vitality, but it is not like there are powerful practitioners attracting the heaven and earth vitality, but there is a strong heaven and earth vitality that will explode from there.

Li Xixing and Hu Jingjing stood in the hot spring pool.

The slightly hot pool water was originally only crossing their waists when they were standing, but now they have not crossed their chests until they are between their necks.

The exit of the Lingquan Spring has been cut apart, and the flow of the spring water seems to be very gentle, but the flowing spring water has boiled, and many bubbles of the size of fists have bulged.

Every bubble floated above the water surface, it was a blast with a bang, bursting with fresh and pure milky white aura.

The extremely pure and condensed milky white aura is slightly heavier than the air. After it bursts on the water, it pours on the water, just like white lotus blossoms.

Li Xixing pressed his lips tightly, indifferently and steadfastly, his perception as deep as possible into the spiritual vein in front of him, "Using the strongest sword of your mentor, let's be together." When both Shen Xuan and Ding Ning felt, he turned his head slightly and said to Hu Jingjing.

I don't know when they started. The two already had a tacit understanding. After hearing such words, Hu Jingjing nodded at him, and then launched the sword that he had to do his utmost to hesitate without hesitation.

Numerous bright yellow rays suddenly appeared in the milky white pool water, as if it were topaz.

Then, all the pool water turned pale yellow, as if completely turned into a light yellow mirror.

Li Xixing frowned deeply and burst out a deep roar from his throat, like the roar of the wolf king in the deepest part of the wasteland.

He stepped forward with one foot, and the pool of water in front of him blasted away, turned into countless fine powder-like white mist, and forced out.

There is no trace of the pool of water in front of him, but the bright yellow brilliance is still there.

The power bursting from the pale long sword in his hand, through the bright yellow brilliance, instantly penetrated into the depth of the spiritual vein in front of him, into the place he could not reach.

It was at this moment that his body and Hu Jingjing were blown by a huge and ancient breath, and flew back like two fallen leaves.

The rich aura originally gathered in this hot spring pool suddenly surged, flooding the entire basin in an instant, and finally rushed towards the sky dome like a straight giant pillar.

Li Xixing and Hu Jingjing did not land, and were blown by a strong breath, still floating upward.

The blood in the body of the two people was oscillating like boiling, but there was no sense of injury.

The soaring aura penetrated into the body of the two people, just like the river constantly washing the pebbles in the river bed, and forcibly smoothed the edges and corners of the surface.

The two just felt intense dizziness, unable to think at all, nor could they feel the passage of time.

When the body was heavy and began to fall, the two people saw that the body was already at a height of tens of feet, and all the water below, even the water in the previous basin, had disappeared.

The sky above the ancestral mountain was covered with snow-like white clouds, and the gusty wind was rolling towards the four fields, and all the sounds of the broken grass filled the ears.

Li Xixing struggled to control the true element in the body in the intense dizzy after rhythm, and spewed out at the same time, lest he and Hu Jingjing fall to the ground like stones and become broken flesh.

However, at this moment, he felt a strong shock again, and involuntarily exclaimed a low voice.

Hu Jingjing also stabilized his body at this time, looking at him with questioning eyes, shocked and speechless.

"You also?"

After the next breath, she made a difficult voice and looked at him and asked.

Li Xixing nodded.

Under the scourge of Fang Cai's violent aura, he unexpectedly broke through the long-term imprisonment of spiritual practice, and Zhen Yuan Xiu took a striking step forward.

The same is true of Hu Jingjing.

He suppressed the shock in his heart, feeling that it was not like his own body at all, and looked up.

It has started to rain in the clear sky.


Rain fell on the wasteland.

There is no sword in Shen Xuan's hand, but the subconscious right hand is falsely gripped, holding the sword shape.

Countless milky raindrops fell from the sky, but instead of splashing on the ground, they made a sneering noise and turned into a long milky white smoke.

This wilderness seems crazy.

The long yellow grass swayed wildly.

The dried rhizomes absorbed the milky white airflow, and suddenly produced some dense greenery.

All the animals that were dormant in the ground, the worms were all awake and madly poured out.

Beasts not in the distance covered by this rain cloud in the distance, like a tide, flowed insanely from all directions.

Shen Xuan looked extremely pale at the countless dense insects drilled in the mud under his feet, feeling the ground vibrations produced by the wild beasts in the distance, and he could not help but breathe heavily.

This is a picture he has never seen.

He did not expect that there were so many worms in the mud around him.

The most trembling thing about him is that even his broken arm has a fresh feeling of itching, making him feel as if there is a broken arm that can be attached, then the arm will grow back.

The raindrops condensed by these auras have not only amazing and pure auras, but also an unimaginable healing power.

The place where the raindrops are most concentrated is still Zu Mountain.

Milky white raindrops fell on the top of the mountain and washed down the gully.

In the wasteland, thousands of insects turned into seas, thousands of beasts turned into tides, and they frantically moved towards that basin and toward Zu Mountain.