The Sword Dynasty

467 Heavenly Cool Man

"What happens when the rain stops?"

Instead, Shen Xuan slowed down and looked up at the milky white rain silk falling above him, asking.

"It won't start until the rain stops." Ding Ning said seriously: "So you have to hurry up."

"Is it going to work soon? It is a question of whether to go up the mountain at this time."

"As long as you don't appear too weak, there will be no problems for the time being."

Whether it is questioning or answering, it seems a bit esoteric, but the two are not ordinary people, so looking at the herd that started to be anxious and chaotic, Shen Xuan understood the meaning of Ding Ning and knew that what he had worried about before would not happen.

A straight wall of glazed light appeared in front of him and Ding Ning. It was a natural refraction reaction that the air and chaotic vitality were forcibly broken by the breath of his body.

In the next breath, Ding Ning and his figure quickly turned into a flowing shadow in this light wall.


The anxious and violent atmosphere continued to expand in the herd.

A dark green monitor lizard is several feet long, and the dark green skin of the body exudes the luster of gemstones. It has just reached the edge of the ancestral land and began to descend.

This is an extremely rare green tortoise lizard. Its outer skin is extremely soft, which can naturally dispel the strength of many worlds. The famous dynasty general Li Nian has a soft body armor made of the green tortoise shell. That soft armor is the famous green armor.

However, this living green tortoise lizard has long disappeared, and no one would have thought that such a green tortoise lizard would appear here.

The body of this green tortoiseshell is too heavy, and its abdomen is almost dragged to the ground. It is really not suitable for long-distance running. Even if it has been stimulated by the spirit rain, it still falls far behind the herd.

At this time, I felt that the Lingyu was about to dissipate. The green tortoiseshell suddenly became angry and violent, and with a violent roar, its long tail swept away behind the giant beasts like a giant whip, and at the same time a smelly yellow The green thick liquid spewed out of the mouth, rushing across the steep slope of more than ten feet in front of him.

All the beasts that were sprayed to the yellow-green thick liquid in front of it straight for more than ten feet all sent out the sorrowful howl, the body seemed to be sprayed by the hot magma, and it was instantly rotten with holes.

At the same time, a golden vulture in the sky was also madly angry.

Its golden feathers are covered with unique heaven and earth vitality, like sharp golden swords spreading out. In its rapid flight, these sword-like feathers easily cut all the birds on its way into pieces .

This is just the beginning.

The bloody smell made the animal tide start a complete riot.

Those powerful beasts all vent their anxiety and anger on the relatively weak beasts around them. It seems that at this time in their eyes, it is precisely because these weak fellows compete with them that they will not get them. More aura will only let the rain of this time begin to dissipate.

For a time, whether it is the ground or the sky, countless blood flowers bloom like fireworks.

This is definitely a more tragic picture than the battle of thousands of troops, only exists in the Shura field imagined by many stories, an unimaginable slaughter.

Shen Xuan, who entered Zushan Mountain, ignored it. In a sense, the Dafushui prison was a bloodier place than this place.

His breath at this time made all the beasts along the way far away, even if occasionally some giant beasts that could threaten him, just looked at him from a distance.

This is a very naked weak meat and strong food. The powerful beasts start to kill the weaker beasts before Lingyu disappears. That is, Lingyu can replenish physical strength and heal them when they kill these weak beasts. hurt.

Blood flowers and scattered minced meat and rain hair are getting thicker and thicker, flowing like a waterfall on the bones of giant house-sized monsters on the mountain road.

At the moment of seeing this huge corpse, Shen Xuan's eyes narrowed slightly, and the subconscious voice said slightly, "What is this?"


Ding Ning's unusually simple answer, "The legendary beast can devour everything."

Shen Xuan glanced at him, "In fact?"

Ding Ning also glanced at him and said, "In fact, you can almost swallow everything, unless you are a more powerful practitioner than Gu Huai."

"Have there ever been such a sect in this place?" Shen Xuan turned his head and passed through the huge corpse with blood, and said to himself like an inquiries and inquiries.

Ding Ning almost didn't think about it and said softly: "No such sect, but there was a cold day."

Shen Xuan frowned slightly and said, "I haven't heard of it."

Ding Ning said: "You only need to know that this was an empire that was similar to the Great You Dynasty."

Shen Xuan fell silent.

In front of him and Ding Ning, the road paved by countless corpses has appeared.

Blood and broken flesh flowed down the corpses, and the gray-yellow corpses were stained with blood red, which was extremely bright.

Li Xixing and Hu Jingjing have already stood up. Hu Jingjing is holding an sword like an umbrella and standing beside Li Xixing.

The sword in her hand exuded a candle-like pale yellow brilliance, blocking the blood falling from above.

Shen Xuan took Ding Ning forward quickly.

Almost at the same time, Li Xixing and Hu Jingjing saw Shen Xuan and Ding Ning, and Shen Xuan and Ding Ning also saw Li Xixing and Hu Jingjing.

"Crazy friends are also crazy."

Shen Xuan thought of Hu Jingjing's identity at the same time he saw the yellowish brilliance of the candlelight.Thinking of the night of Mo Shoucheng's killing in Changling, the behavior of the female disciple of Baoguangguanzheng, he couldn't help but sneered again and said this softly.

"You really came."

Li Xixing's gaze has always been as indifferent as Shen Xuan. However, when he saw Ding Ning appearing in front of him, even Hu Jingkyo next to him felt that his facial lines were much softer. He glanced at Shen Xuan, Frowning slightly, and then said this to Ding Ning simply.

"It really is you." Ding Ning looked at him and only said this.

Hu Jingjing was inexplicably moved.

She knew that such a simple conversation contained true friendship.

Li Xixing expected the other party to use his own force to force Ding Ning to come, but Ding Ning expected Li Xixing to be in danger.

Because in this wasteland, Li Xixing is Ding Ning's friend, and Ding Ning is Li Xixing's only friend here.

Now I have more myself.

Hu Jingjing's eyes were somewhat rejoicing and proud.

At this moment, Ding Ning also paid tribute to her.

She was frightened for a moment, and the sword lights were scattered. Fortunately, Shen Xuan's strong breath had covered all of them. The blood and rain falling in the sky were all pushed away, and they couldn't even fall around their bodies.

"This is Tianliang Zudi, have you heard of Tianliang?" Li Xixing asked Ding Ning's gaze without any nonsense, and asked quietly.

It is already a lucky thing to find a person who can live and die together during one's life. Now that there are at least two, what is not satisfying?So although the world outside is covered with blood and corpses of blood, his heart is calm.

Ding Ning said: "I know some, but not much."

Li Xixing looked at him, and told Ding Ning all the things he had told Hu Jingjing about Tianliang Zudi in detail. Even the strange beetles that Ding Ning hadn't seen before had come to Ding Ning in detail.

"Gourmets and Chaos Worms are all things that were killed by the earliest practitioners because they were too powerful in ancient times. The former Tianliang dared to have such things. It was indeed as powerful as the great dynasty."

Ding Ning looked to the higher part of Zu Mountain, "The key point is that if, according to legend, all the strong people in Tianliang kill themselves in this Zu Mountain, then make such an arrangement before the end of death and seal this Zu Mountain. What do you want to block?"

"It won't be that plague."

Before Li Xixing spoke, Ding Ning shook his head and went on, "It is not the same as being unable to cure and not being destroyed in the end, especially when those who are cold and strong do not need to consider their own safety. If they are worried about the plague, it may be possible. Spread it out, you will definitely choose the method of total destruction, and destroy all the places that may be infected with the plague or the bones. You can arrange such a thing to seal the mountain. With such time, it can only show that the last plague has followed. All sick people die and time passes and disappears."

"Now everyone knows that your comprehension is the best in the world." Li Xixing was silent for a short time, and said: "So they used me to force you to come, it must be because this ancestral mountain is extremely precious, and they can even let them win. Something of this war."

"So the most important thing is, how does this person know what's inside?" Ding Ning looked at him and said.

Shen Xuan, who has been silent for a long time, is like a spectator who has nothing to do with it, and his eyes can't help but flash violently.

"This man is a cool man."

Li Xixing did not hesitate and said, "Only what is left by Tianliang at that time can it be possible to know what is in Zushan."

Hu Jingjing looked at Ding Ning, and his body shivered slightly again.

In just a few words, she sorted everything out. She looked at Ding Ning and admired it.

And the content of these words itself was enough to shock her.

"Now that I know what's inside, but still can't get what's inside... Then we can try it." Ding Ning looked at Li Xixing and her, and said softly without evasion: "It's not just this cool man , I still want to kill Gu Huai."