The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 470

Ding Ning listened to the roar of the cyan dragon, and glanced at the black blood lines that were not condensing in the air, just a soft whisper, "It turns out to be a dragon bat." Then he went on.

Girls are always the most curious animals in the world, as are Nangong Cai Shu, Hu Jingjing, and even Jing Liuli.

Looking at Ding Ning as if nothing had happened, Hu Jingjing couldn't help but ask, "What is a dragon bat?"

"An extraordinarily powerful bloodthirsty bat, because it is too powerful, was considered to have the blood of a real dragon long ago."

About knowing that she must be unable to understand just this explanation, Ding Ning then added: "Everything that was called a dragon a long time ago has strong physical strength and strong self-healing ability. Although this dragon bat has only two The ruler is long, but even if you can’t use the power of heaven and earth, the physical strength is terrifying. At least it’s not weaker than Fang Cai’s Fengjiao. In the dynasty of the Yan Dynasty, there is a magical soldier called Heixa, which is made from the blood glue of Tiantie and this kind of beast."

"Is it Emperor Yandi's weapon?" Li Xixing took a deep breath, and his body could not help chilling.

"Is that Yandi's natal device now?"

Hu Jingjing feels more and more unreal. She can't help looking at Ding Ning, "Are you really not afraid at all?"

Ding Ning glanced at her and asked, "Are you afraid now?"

Hu Jingjing was stunned for a moment. She found that she didn't seem to be really scared at this moment.

Ding Ning couldn't help smiling.

"But..." Hu Jingjing still felt wrong. After thinking for a while, he looked at Ding Ning and said: "I'm not really afraid now, just because you are calm and your emotions have affected me."

"The strongest of these monsters is at most equivalent to the practitioners of the Seven Realms. Since this ancestral mountain can seal the mountain for so many years, no matter what is inside, the power itself must be more than these monsters. Since you know that these monsters continue to be like this As a result, what can be scared?"

Listening to Ding Ning’s explanation, Hu Jingjing was silent for a moment, saying, “These beasts are definitely stronger than ours. They can’t cope with them. Can we handle them?”

"All sword scriptures have the most sword meaning. If you can't understand what you really want to express even when that sword is handed out, then naturally this world cannot understand the meaning of your sword power, and naturally it is impossible to have the most incisive. Your vitality is mobilized by you."

Ding Ning patiently said a seemingly irrelevant sentence first, and then said: "So some swords have been flawed from the beginning, just like this game set by Tianliangren who forced me to come here to break the game. The ground is well-rounded, but there are flaws in his intentions from the beginning. His setup let me know that he is a cool man, and that he forced me to come here to help him clear some obstacles to progress, and I am for him Words are just beyond comprehension. So he must know what is inside, and what we have to face must be something about comprehension that can only be broken through, and will not be directly killed by something."

Li Xixing listened carefully and carefully. He understood what Ding Ning meant. From the beginning, Ding Ning had felt that this game had flaws and had a chance of defeating defeat, but he still frowned unconsciously, saying: "That mountain road What about the worms on the ground? Without the spirit rain, I am afraid that after we die there, you will not be able to cope later."

"There are many possibilities."

Ding Ning said: "Maybe that place is not the only way to enter the ancestral mountain. Maybe if you really die there, we can feel the danger. Or maybe the person knows the way to deal with those chaotic bugs, and will guarantee that I can pass. ."

Li Xixing nodded, he agreed with Ding Ning's views.

"Although these powerful beasts were attracted by this spirit rain, but since they can enter from above, they did not dare to enter here, but now they dare to rush down, which at least shows that the inside has changed because of the disappearance of the old spring. , At least in their opinion, there may be a chance of success."

Ding Ning said: "And the things in it are very attractive to them."

Listening to Ding Ning's words, Shen Xuan's eyes narrowed again.

These powerful beasts whose strength is comparable to the Seven Realms in the whole world are rarer than the number of practitioners of the Seven Realms. These beasts have a unique nature in terms of perceiving the blessings of the blessings and the fluctuations of the world's vitality. induction.

What the hell is it that these strange beasts must die and go on an adventure?

Just like in Changling, how amazing would it be that even practitioners in the Seven Realms would bet on life as a bet?



The white winged snake whose tail was completely torn out rushed out of the temple roof like a white rainbow, and then fell to the ground like a meteorite, making a huge roar.

In the smoke and dust, the figures of Wu Lianzi and Da Wu appeared in front of the temple.

The ancestral land has more legends among the various royal families in this wasteland. Many Tianliang people directly became gods in the story, so when Wu Lianzi saw the ancestral hall with his own eyes, the shock of the heart was natural. Stronger than Li Xixing and others.

Standing at the only entrance of the temple at this time, looking at the stone steps and the mysterious light inside, he was trembling.

The incomprehensible complex of Dawu's expression contains countless flavors that are difficult to describe with words, especially the loneliness and vicissitudes that cannot be seen with eyes, like the afterglow of the sunset in the desert.

"You are too lucky."

His gaze fell on the stone steps behind the front door, which seemed to be moving, but at this moment, he suddenly stopped and said this indifferently.

"Great Witch?"

Wu Lianzi was stunned for a moment. He turned his head to look at the man, unable to understand what he meant.

The big witch turned around at this moment.

Behind the smoke and dust, seemingly empty, gradually revealed a breath that did not emit any breath, but it just gave people a very huge and powerful figure.

Wu Zhen Zi Zhen was shocked to the extreme, the blood on his face faded quickly.

He can be sure that the other party is not his Wu's country, or even Donghu's practitioners, and among all Wu's and Donghu's practitioners, no one seems to have such a strong momentum.

This powerful momentum made him think of the incomparably huge sword, and instantly thought of the man's identity.

"Zhan Mo Ke, I don't understand what you mean." This man is naturally the lord of the Confucian Sword Gate Gu Huai. At this time, he looked at the big witch with a smile, as if he had seen through the deep heart of the big witch. Slowly said.

"I'm going here, but I don't know how much I have done and how much I have to pay. You just entered here casually, which is naturally the greatest luck."

Da Wu said this indifferently. He no longer looked after Huai, but turned around and started to move.

"Great Witch?"

Looking at Gu Huai's expression of just smiling and silent, Wu Lianzi felt something, his body began to become cold.

"Don't you understand?"

Gu Huai crossed his side and gave him a slightly sarcastic look, "If you don't want to die immediately, follow up."

Wu Lianzi pursed his lips tightly, his body trembling with awe and excitement before, but this time trembling with anger.

He could not have imagined that the Great Witch, who was extremely respected by the entire Wu family, had secretly agreed with these Qin people.


The stone steps that spiraled down gradually came to an end.

The greenness of the grass around the body fades, but it begins to produce a deep red again, just like entering a maple forest in late autumn.

However, the red color became stronger and stronger, reaching the end, but it became strangely purple.

The bottom of the hall is not as deep as everyone thought, or even as wide as the top.

When the singular purple became real, the first thing that caught their eyes was a tall tree.

The bottom of the hall is like an ordinary valley bottom, or a huge well bottom, hundreds of square feet.

There are no other plants on the flat ground, only a tree with a height of tens of feet and a purple jade glow.

The cyan dragon was hanging between the branches of this tree at this moment, his body was pierced by many branches, and he was dead.