The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 476

Whether it was Xuanyue or the endless wind and rain, at this time they were all blocked by the sword intention he displayed.

However, it was only Xuanyue and Fengyu that could not get close to him. The shock of the powerful force when he was hedged, but he could not move out, all passed to him.

Because of this, Gu Huai issued a scream of extreme anger.

Just as he screamed loudly, there was a huge roar in his body, like two monstrous giant wolves colliding together in his body, overflowing.

Numerous folds suddenly appeared on his smooth and jade-like face. The gleams of bright light flew out of each fold, and each ray of light was like a broken sword and sword.

Gu Huai's eyes were full of unbelief and pain, and he looked down at his body.

A wound appeared on his abdomen, and in the blood surging, the internal organs could be seen vaguely.

There are many fine flying debris floating on the internal organs, shining some black light, just like the dust rising in the wasteland.

This wound was torn from the inside out, not caused by anyone present, but from Tang Xin in the previous battle.

Although he killed Tang Xin with the help of Zheng Xiu, making Tang Xin look like a passer-by in the wilderness to him occasionally, but whether it was in will or in flesh, it left him a great deal Trauma.

Even though some spiritual rain was drawn, the spiritual rain had stopped when he reached the center of this ancestral land, so under the pressure of internal and foreign affairs, the injury brought to him by Tang Xin, the sword god, broke out first.

Looking at Gu Huai, who was so angry and angry, Zhan Mogai's eyes were full of pity.

Since that unparalleled wind and rain appeared, he knew that Gu Huai was dead.

A legendary figure at Bashan Jianchang actually died in such a simple way, even if he was a little weird, even sympathetic.

However, he was still vigilant.


Gu Huai knows his situation better than anyone present, but the emotions that flood his body in addition to anger are still unbelievable.

Like many people who are dying, they never believe that they are going to die.

But whether he believed it or not, he knew he was going to die.

He looked up at Ding Ning.

Except for the strange middle-aged man who was connected to the giant tree of purple jade and was now slumping back to the ground again in the sword's hedge, everyone understood his intention before he died.

A black spot appeared in the sky.

Then it became a mountain.

The sound of cracking came along the way, and it was not known whether the palace was cracked or cracked, or the sound of the void was torn.

With his gaze, the Jianshan fell to Ding Ning.

"The last thing you want to do before dying, or do you want to take me to be buried? Who is good for you to do this?"

"Did I let you come here to kill me?"

"You are going to die, do you still care about the meaning of her and Yuan Wu? Do you still care that I might be stronger than you in the future?"

"You don't want to keep me, see what I can do to her and Yuanwu?"

Ding Ning looked up at the Jianshan.

The shadow and pressure of Jianshan enveloped him firmly.

This sword after the Sovereign Sovereign of the Spiritual Void Sword Gate determined that he would die, even without the help of Zheng Xiu, it was still unimaginably powerful, even more powerful than Tang Xing's sword at first.

All the killing intent of this sword is in Ding Ning, but Ding Ning just looked at this Jianshan landed from the sky calmly, and said sarcastically.

Gu Huai's body trembled inexplicably.

Not because of his injury, but because of his violent emotional fluctuations.

It was just Ding Ning’s first sentence that had already had a huge impact on his emotions, causing his sword intentions to fluctuate.

The sword will no longer be perfect.

But no matter how perfect it is, it is still the sword of the Sovereign Sovereign of the Spiritual Defence Sword Gate, and it is still the sword of Jianshan.

Zhan Mogao's eyes were fixed on Jianshan sword.

Jianshan Jian had just appeared in the sky. The moment when the killing thought overshadowed Ding Ning, a black scimitar appeared in his hands.

There are countless mottled marks on this scimitar, such as severely weathered agate, but every mottled trace that bends like a horseshoe is like the most holy moonlight.

At this time, when Gu Huai's sword intention was shaken, Zhan Mo He also made a choice. His hands clenched the handle of the scimitar, and a loud scream was made.

This knife is like awakening and absorbing the spirit of the cyan dragon that just died here. In the turbulent wind, there is a real dragon shadow soaring into the sky, hitting hard on the side of Jianshan sword.

He didn't want to resist this sword, but just wanted to change its location.

As he wished, Jianshan Jian made an unimaginably huge roar in the air and began to shift. In the air above, there were more crackling sounds, and there were countless smaller black spots falling like rain, The mountain walls from top to bottom all collapsed.

However, this is just the beginning.

The Jianshan sword fell obliquely, and the sword body and the mountain wall rubbed together.

The entire ancestral mountain began to shake, and the mountain appeared cracks along the sword body.

No one cares about this.

Although Jianshan Jian's sword body was skewed, a fierce killing intention still fell along the sword pattern of Jianshan Jian, and still fell towards Ding Ning.


Li Xixing's face became extremely pale.

He knew he couldn't stop a sword.

In front of this sword intention, he was probably small like a fly under the sword's tip, and even the death could not change the falling trend of the sword's tip.

However, he still raised his head and decided to swing his fangs sword up.

An invisible wall with all his strength and will was emptied.

However, at this time, Ding Ning's side was faster than him.

This person can only be Shen Xuan.

Because of the hindrance of war, he even had time to think about it.

He knows that if he blocks this sword again, he will definitely be injured and even injured, and he may even die directly.

But he didn't shoot, and no one on the scene could prevent Ding Ning from being killed.

So this is a gamble.

A big bet with life.

"Li family?"

He thought about it and decided to gamble.

Because if you live like that... it doesn’t make much sense to live.

He made a sword.

A puffy scarlet blood mist rose upwards, as if all the blood floating in the big floating water cell for so many years had been brought up by his sword, and flowed towards the sword of the town.

Li Xixing's body shook.

He didn't feel too much pressure because this sword intention had already collided with Gu Huai's sword intention before him.


Numerous bone crackling sounds in Shen Xuan's body.

Along with the sound, there was a more subtle tear of flesh and blood.

Shen Xuan laughed miserably.

He felt he lost.

The fragmentation of bones does not necessarily mean death, but the tearing of the meridians and internal organs, even the strong like Gu Huai, cannot survive.

A strong man such as Gu Huai, even the final imperfect fighting intention, is enough to kill him in the hard fight, as if letting him bear the last killing intention for Ding Ning.

He smiled bleakly, looked at Ding Ning, and even began to think that it was just Ding Ning's perfect setup.

Because any performance of Ding Ning before this is too perfect, everything seems to be as he thought.

"You won."

However, at this moment, Ding Ning said this to him.

Then he said softly, "Whether we will eventually die here, but at least you will not die now."

Ding Ning's hand fell on him at this moment.

Shen Xuan heard countless fine voices.

It was like a hallucination before death, but the sound came from Ding Ning's body.

Then he felt countless fine threads floating into his body.

This feeling is like a lot of small things in Ding Ning's body spitting out silk thread, Qin entered his body.

However, in the next moment, these threads turned into rain.

"this is?"

He was shocked to the extreme, not only because of the strong vitality contained in this rain, but also because of the silk threads themselves.