The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 478: Immortality Medicine

"Legends are only legends after all, I want to hear the full true story."

Ding Ning looked at Zhan Mogao, who smiled with emotion, looked at the giant purple jade tree that was still intact in the war, and said, "I want to know what's in it."

Zhan Maha condensed his smile and looked at Ding Ning with a weird look, slightly mocking: "Since what you are is not important, what else do I have to tell you the true story?"

"It's necessary." Ding Ning laughed. He didn't look at Zhan Mo He, but looked at Wu Lian Zi sitting on the floor and said, "We may not be your opponent, but we should be able to kill you. Before we die, kill him."

Zhan Mo looked at Wu Lianzi with Ding Ning's eyes and sarcastically said, "Kill him?"

Ding Ning looked at him calmly and said: "Although I don't know why you must take him here, but since you have always brought him here and let him live, you must have your reason."

Li Xixing and Hu Jingjing were startled and couldn't help glancing at each other.

Wu Lianzi was also stupefied. Everyone didn't realize this before. Until this time Ding Ning said this, all talents realized that Wu Lianzi didn't seem to have any use for this layout. It seemed to be an outsider. .

However, secretly colluding with the hostess of the Great Qin Dynasty, such a thing as opening the ancestral land is not something that needs to witness the glory. Someone must witness it with his own eyes. Zhanmo will never be bored to bring an unrelated person into here. .

What's more, Wu Lianzi is the prince of Wu's country. Before you can be absolutely sure that you can get the things in the ancestral land, it is absolutely superfluous to bring someone like Wu Lianzi with you.

If there is too much, there must be a reason.

"How old are you?"

Zhan Mo He was silent for a moment, then shook his head coldly, then looked at Ding Ning, and said sincerely, "Let's let you live more than a decade, who else can beat you?"

Ding Ning's face didn't change in any way, and said, "Over praise."

Shen Xuan suddenly became nervous, he coughed up two blood.

He sensed that the world and energy of Zhan Mohe had changed, but at this moment, Ding Ning turned to look at him.

He saw the meaning in Ding Ning's eyes and stopped.

A crackling noise.

There was only one voice, but the strange middle-aged man whose body was connected to the giant purple jade tree with his beard was broken into countless pieces, and the purple-red mucus and lotus-like fragments fell to the ground. Never see the human form again.

Before the sound rang, a flying sword with countless fine flowers blossomed into a silent exit from the middle-aged man's body and flew to Ding Ning's side.

The giant tree like Ziyu shivered like a pain.

Zhan Mohe did not look at the debris flowing in the fuchsia mucus, nor the giant tree, but looked at Ding Ning's flying sword expressionlessly.

Then he opened his mouth and said, "This man used to be the first swordsman in the oldest days of the Tianliang Kingdom. The Tianliang Army Marshal Tuoba was worry-free, and the unparalleled wind and rain sword was invincible for a while. Although you broke his unparalleled wind and rain sword, but At this time, he is at most only seven points in the heyday, and he has lost the strain, and it is not the same thing."

Ding Ning nodded sincerely, "If it is full... this person is indeed invincible for a while."

"When the sky is cool, although the city profile here may not be as big as the Changling, but the powerful practitioners will not be less than the Changling, or even less than the Changling when the Bashan sword field was full." Zhan Mohe When he was not anxious, he said slowly.

Li Xixing, Hu Jingjing, and others thought of the stone beasts that recorded many sword sutras when they arrived, and they were sure in their hearts that the fact that Samurai said was indeed true.

Ding Ning did not speak, but just looked at Zhan Maha, waiting for him to continue.

A moment of silence.

Zhan Mo He didn't speak, but just quietly looked at the giant purple tree.


Hu Jingjing once again exclaimed.

There was no change in vitality, but at this time the giant purple jade tree not far from her and Ding Ning was rapidly withering away.

The purple faded.

The purple mucus in the giant purple jade tree oozes from the tree's grain like rotting.

The crystal wood becomes gray and dry with the exudation of these purple mucus, no difference from ordinary decayed wood.

"You might think that it was this strange tree that gave him life." Zhan Mohe opened his mouth and watched the giant tree that was quickly turning into decayed wood. He shook his head indifferently and said, "However, the fact is quite the opposite. He gave this tree life."

While everyone else was still in shock and bewilderment, Ding Ning seemed to have guessed this answer long ago, looking at the rapidly decaying tree and saying, "So this tree is just like a cell for him , Imprisoned him here?"

"He leaves the tree, and the tree and he will really die."

There was a hint of cruelty in the corner of Zhan Mogao's mouth, and his voice froze coldly: "He exists here to kill everyone who tries to reach the final truth."

Ding Ning's natural interface said: "Then you are cold, what is the truth that really contradicts the legend?"

Zhan Mohe sneered slightly: "It is not a redemption from the plague, it is just a slaughter caused by choice from beginning to end."

Ding Ning looked at him calmly and said, "Want to hear the details."

Zhan Mohe lowered his eyelids, "Tianliang originated from Zu Mountain, and Zu Mountain has many spiritual veins. Tianliang naturally slowly rose from the wilderness and became the first male country outside the customs. It was only a hundred years of prosperity, and a meteorite fell outside one day. It fell on this ancestral mountain."

Ding Ning nodded and said, "Is this right?"

Zhan Mohe nodded indifferently, and then said: "The common meteorites in the desert are many treasures such as sky iron, which are only used by the refiner, but this meteorite contains the power of making bones and blood, and it falls into the spirit vein. In the middle, it turned into a spring of immortality. However, the most amazing thing was that strange things were born in this meteor, which made the practitioners not only cultivate for great progress, but also have almost endless life, such as really not dying. "

"Shouyuan is endless, if it really does not die?"

Hearing such words, not to mention Li Xixing, Hu Jingjing, Wu Zhuzi, even Shen Xuan was shocked again.

The elixir of eternal life only exists in the legend. If a practitioner is truly eternally immortal, then he has endless cultivation practices. What kind of experience will he accumulate and what kind of existence will he become?

However, at this time, Ding Ning said quietly, "Is it the same as Tuoba Bawu, the master of the unparalleled wind and rain sword, like turning into grass?"

Zhan Maha withdrew his gaze upon the giant tree that had been completely decaying, and said, "Similar."

Ding Ning thought about it seriously, and said: "So some people in Tianliang used to use what was born in the meteorite to become an immortal existence, while some Tianliang people thought that this was against the peace and harmony, because Different choices eventually led to rebellion and massacre?"

Even though Ding Ning had a very high evaluation in his heart, but seeing that Ding Ning could easily think of this kind of things like pulling a cocoon, he was still more and more shocked.

He nodded his head and said indifferently: "At that time, the meteorites fell and formed an old spring. For Tianliang, it was a source of heavenly blessing, but it was also a huge change. At that time, the emperor Tianliang naturally blocked it, not everyone can approach it, so When discovering what was born in the meteorite, the first thing that couldn't help it was the Tianliang royal family."

"Since it is like an elixir of eternal life, even if the body becomes like a non-flesh, it is not a terrible thing for practitioners." Ding Ning looked at Zhan Mohe and said, "The emperor used it, and the people below On the contrary, it must be because this immortal medicine is not so beautiful. I am afraid there is something bad?"

Zhan Mohe took a deep look at Ding Ning, and did not deny it. He slowly said, "It's just that the thing is like a soul, and the thing is used. Although it can have a long life, even if it is severely traumatized, it can quickly recover, but its own Some consciousnesses will disappear, and there will be more different consciousnesses...In simple terms, the temperament will change a lot, just like being a completely different person."

Hu Jingjing took a sigh of relief, feeling a bit cold in his body, and unconsciously moved closer to Li Xixing.

"It's like being someone else, like being a complete change in the past, changing the feelings and views of friends, loved ones, even lovers around you, familiar people into strangers, even enemies... this is indeed It's a terrible thing, which is naturally unacceptable to most people." Ding Ning took a deep breath and said slowly.

Zhan Mahla sneered and said, "The key is that it is acceptable to some people."