The Sword Dynasty

480 Inscription

Everyone's attention was focused on Ding Ning.

The situation at this time was supposed to be dominated by Zhan Maha, but for some reason, everyone felt that the key to this time was Ding Ning's choice.

Ding Ning calmly glanced at Wu Lianzi behind Zhan Mohe, and didn't speak.

Zhan Mo looked at him confidently and indifferently and said, "You can't kill him."

Ding Ning shook his head and continued to look at Wu Lianzi, said: "I don't mean this, I mean he should understand how to do it."

Wu Lianzi understood the meaning of Ding Ning's sentence. He thought Ding Ning was right, so he didn't hesitate anymore. All the real elements in his body suddenly turned into violent storms and wreak havoc in his body.

"Blood kill!"

"Broken city!"


Ding Ning still looked at Wu Lianzi, but his left hand had been stretched out as before, and he repeated three sword moves in his mouth.

"Do you think you can kill him like this?"

Zhan Mo He sneered, and before him appeared the sword of the Xuanyue like a sword, but clearly the sword exuded a strong sword, and the unparalleled wind and rain that disappeared in the valley appeared again.

Numerous fine raindrops swirled around him and Wu Lianzi violently, and the power of terror instantly contained all the real elements in Wu Lian Zi's body, and then even made the true elements in Wu Lian Zi's body fight against what he wanted. Line started to flow.

The curtains composed of layers of raindrops are intertwined into countless layers of world, and the strength of the strength supporting these curtains comes from the war Maha itself.

This is probably the most powerful sword of defense in the world, just like the use of countless small worlds to isolate themselves from this world.

Li Xixing felt that it was impossible to break through such a sword defense to kill Wu Lianzi when he sensed this sword intention. However, the moment he subconsciously followed Ding Ning's sword intention, he felt wrong.

He teamed up with Shen Xuan and Hu Jingjing, and the sword intention he brought was not the killing intention, but the keeping intention.

With a loud bang, the giant tree that had been completely decaying was first torn into countless fragments by the force of vitality. Before the sword intention was completely formed, Ding Ning's body had already flew up and fell to the cracked giant tree. between.

It wasn't until this time that Zhan Mo He noticed that it was wrong, and found that Ding Ning's goal was not Wu Lian Zi.

A loud roar rang from his mouth.

Within the curtain of countless layers of raindrops, a rain line flew out with a terrible murderous intention, and fell towards Ding Ning.


However, looking at the rain line that flew to, Ding Ning just spit out a word.

His word is said towards Li Xixing, Shen Xuan and Hu Jingjing.

He didn't care about this rain line at all.

In the next moment, his figure passed through the fragments of the giant tree and disappeared into the wellhead.

A boom.

The rain line flying towards him in the air was like hitting an invisible giant clock. With this sound, the rain line shattered into thousands of thin lines, just like a weird ice flower on a pure flat A sharp bloom on the straight transparent mirror.

The figures of Li Xixing, Shen Xuan and Hu Jingjing fell to the wellhead at this time.

Zhan Mohe's face was slightly twisted, and the scimitar in front of him would fly out. However, at this moment, he felt a sword that had long disappeared, and looked up to the sky.

A huge shadow fell.

The Jianshan sword embedded in the mountain wall had fallen at the moment he looked up.

There is a faint starlight flowing on Jianshan sword.

The Jianshan sword carries Gu Huai's true sword intention, exuding the power of terror and real power.

However, the starlight was warm.

Not from Zheng Xiu.

A loud noise rang again between heaven and earth.

The scimitar, which had already been forward, suddenly turned up and collided with Jianshanjian.

There are countless hot springs bursting inside the mountain walls, and hundreds of explosions occurred at the same time.

The incomparably heavy Jianshan sword was cut aside by his sword, and the shadow left him and Wu Lianzi's body.

Zhan Mo groaned.

The light in Wu Lianzi's eyes flashed again and again.

The real element in his body resumed its flow at this time.

However, at the same moment, Zhan Maha's body had also retreated to him, pointing at him.

Puff Puff Puff Puff...

All the real elements that have just flowed in Wu Lian Zi's body were forced out by Warhammer, and even many joints and muscles of the body were shocked by Warhammer.

In a cry, Wu Lianzi's eyes were extremely angry, but there was no room for resistance.

Zhan Mohe's body shook slightly, but the corners of his mouth were filled with blood.

He looked at the wellhead where Ding Ning and others disappeared, and there was no less anger in his eyes than Wu Lianzi.

He twisted his sword intentionally, and forcibly stopped Wu Lianzi's suicide while the real body was still agitated. Instead, he suffered some internal injuries.

In that extremely short period of time, it seemed that Ding Ning had just said a word to Wu Lianzi. He would have wronged Ding Ning's meaning and suffered internal injuries instead.

However, guiding the Three Swords to guard his one-sword attack, and igniting the Jianshan Sword... including the faint twinkling starlight on the Jianshan, contains many heart-wrenching possibilities.

The most important thing is that all this, including his injury, seems to have been included in Ding Ning's calculations from the beginning.

The stone steps downhole are not long.

After only a few breaths, the stone steps disappeared in front of Ding Ning and Shen Xuan who followed him into Fang Jing.

They are not descendants of the Tianliang, such as Zhanmao, and have no guesses about everything inside, but in their imagination, especially in the imagination of Li Xixing, who has participated in the Minshan Sword Society, this may be the following Like the Minshan Jianhui Midi, a very large and wide world.

However, what all of them expected was that they appeared in front of them, just a glimpse of the surrounding caves, just like an underground cultivating plant dug by many Zongmen people, with a radius of only a few hundred feet.

The sight in sight is extremely simple, with only a black monument, a living spring, and behind the living spring is a golden pagoda.

The black monument looks like a stone monument, just a kind of black agate material, how tall a person is, with densely carved characters on it.

The spring water after the black stone monument is milky white. What is really shocking is that the spring water exudes a strong aura. In the perception of Li Xixing and Hu Jingjing, there is no difference between the old spring at the foot of Zu Mountain!

The golden pagoda behind the living spring is the most visible, with a height of about three people. It does not look dazzling. However, there is no other source of light throughout the cave, but there is no difference from the brightness of the outside.

All the light seems to come from this seemingly bland, just like a golden tower made of pure gold.


The unusually simple picture and the unusualness of these simple things form an unspeakably strong hedge.

It took Hu Jingjing some time to finally return to normal breathing. Her eyes fell on the milky white spring, she couldn't help but say, "That's not the old spring?"

No one answered her words.

Li Xixing turned his head and glanced behind him.

"If he wants to come down, he will already come down."

Ding Ning shook his head and asked, "Do you know these words?"

In front of them, there was only a word on the black inscription, so Ding Ning asked naturally whether Li Xixing recognized the words on the black inscription.

Li Xixing took a deep breath, staring at the black stone stele closest to them in front of him, silent for a moment, nodded, and said, "It's very similar to the text of the Uzbekistan, but with more strokes. But most of the meaning, you can Try to figure it out."

"That's almost what I thought. This is the text of Tianliang in the past, and the text of Tianliang should be the predecessor of this Wu's text." Ding Ning also nodded calmly and said, "What is written on it?" "

Ding Ning stood motionless while talking, Li Xixing, Hu Jingjing and Shen Xuan naturally stood motionless.

The simpler the things here are, the more likely they are to contain great dangers, especially when the battle Maha at the rear is not immediately followed.

So Li Xixing did not immediately answer. He carefully read all the words on the black stone tablet again, and then slowly read while reading: "This is about the annihilation of this day and Tianliangzu. The real record of the earth... The specific record is roughly the same as that of Zhan Mohe, except that the monument was built by the rebel leader Wushuang Fengyu Sword outside. He described the immortal medicine on this as a supernatural evil, With the fall of the demon star, anyone who touches the immortal medicine will enter the body of the extraterrestrial evil body, be occupied by the mind, and become a walking dead. Because that day, the extraterrestrial object adsorbs all the vitality of the world, gold, iron, water, fire and other things can not be destroyed, just The golden pagoda can be sealed in it. He put his prisoner into a guard, begging people who have passed his level. After seeing the inscription here, never open the golden pagoda, otherwise it will be a disaster."