The Sword Dynasty

482 True Sword Intention

Li Xixing is more calm than any Changling talent of his age, but the shock in his eyes is stronger than Hu Jingjing.

Because he knows more than Hu Jingjing.

Mo Shoucheng has passed away, but in order to compensate Li Xixing or Li Family, Mo Shoucheng passed his sword of Shoucheng to Li Xixing.

This Shoucheng sword involves the meaning of space.

The meaning of space is not difficult to understand for practitioners. The straight line seen by ordinary people naturally thinks that it is the shortest distance between two things. However, for practitioners, there are countless heavens and earths between these straight lines. There are countless possibilities for objects to walk in these channels.

It's faster, or it's slower, or it's like walking through space, or it's like stretching a space.

Although these principles are easy to understand, it is as difficult as constructing a unique self-world to really use them as practitioners.

But the bottom of the sarcophagus above their heads was not far away from them. The light gray falling after the sarcophagus shattered, it just fell like it was in a very high sky.

This space has been transformed into a special world by unimaginable means by these powerful people who were cold in the past.

The two figures are naturally Zhanmahe and Wuqizi. At this time, they have obviously fallen in the air for a long time, but there is still a long distance from the living spring.

"This ban has even completely changed our perception?"

Li Xixing turned his head hard and looked at Ding Ning, "So the living spring itself is not the old spring."

Ding Ning nodded.

Hu Jingjing reacted, she thought that she could not control her desire to enter this spring...I have seen the wonderful people of the old spring outside, I am afraid that after arriving here, I will see such a mouth of old spring, I am afraid it is not at all Unable to control his desires, he can't help but go in.

Practitioners’ perception is often more reliable than their eyes and nose, but the prohibition here is that even perception can be deceived. This is too terrible for any practitioner.

The perception is deceived, and any flying sword that is really approaching will easily kill them.

"We will not be spared."

Shen Xuan suddenly made a noise at this moment, his indifferent voice was slightly trembling.

"Yes, we cannot be spared."

Before Li Xixing and Hu Jingjing could not understand the meaning of Shen Xuan, Ding Ning nodded calmly and looked at Shen Xuan seriously: "But you still can't shoot. You're still heavier than him, and his Cultivation is higher than you, as long as his next injury is less than you, then we cannot win. We have to bet."

From Ding Ning's sentence itself, Li Xixing and Hu Jingjing still can't understand it, but when Ding Ning finished the sentence, they both already understood.

The figures of Zhan Maha and Wu Lianzi are still falling. At this time, there is still no real contact with the living spring. However, every text appearing on the stele began to rotate rapidly, and every text began to roar.

These black texts brought up black rays of light, and turned into a black vortex around the stele, and the water in the living spring began to rotate sharply, turning into the same black vortex.

The vitality of heaven and earth in the entire space here is driven by these two vortices. The air beams condense and become countless black bands of light.

Each of these bands of light began to rotate, which was a saw blade.

Countless saw blades rotate in this space, and anyone in this space cannot avoid it.

At this time, the heaven and earth vitality in this space has just begun to condense, but Li Xixing and Hu Jingjing have already felt the pain of splitting from many places on their bodies.

Their bodies will be cut into countless pieces.

Samurai is in this space.

If Samurai's shot could not fundamentally change this space, then all of them would die together.

This is Ding Ning's bet.

The black band of light is completely formed, and the entire space is strangely filled and divided by countless bands of light.

Ding Ning, Li Xixing, Hu Jingjing, and Shen Xuan all had a blood line straight to the ground, and blood drops began to leak.

Shen Xuan's lips trembled slightly, his left hand clenched with fists tighter and tighter, but looking at the blood lines on Ding Ning's face and his still calm gaze, he finally didn't have any more movements.

A lot of gray frost suddenly appeared in the black band.

The gray frost seemed to change again in a flash, and it would turn into raindrops.

However, with a bang, a loud noise like a cloud burst in the distance.

All the black bands of light suddenly disappeared. Pieces of thick black were like the deepest dark clouds. But in the gaps of these dark clouds, there were filaments of light surging, like countless lightning bolts coming out.

Ding Ning's calm eyes finally showed a trace of real joy.

He knew he had won.

At the moment, Hua Hua's residual sword clinging to his back like a spine flew.

As he snorted loudly, all the real elements in the sea of ​​air in his body were almost expelled from his arms by this moment.

More than a dozen Taoist bloodstreams flowed into this sharply flying short sword, and in a flash, the sword silk of the last flower was scattered above his head, just like a flower in full bloom. Red flower.

Ding Ning's hair was driven by sword gas and flew upwards.

Because the flow of Zhenyuan is too violent, even the small blood vessels in his pupil burst, making his pupils red.

Li Xixing's breathing stopped completely. He had never seen Ding Ning have such a fighting intention, such a killing intention... and such a terrible!

The red sword flower seemed to come from hell.

Each sword silk exudes a terrible and indescribable breath.

"Sin Haihua!"

Shen Xuan's clenched fists are covered with bleeding beads. Because he is too hard, his nails have pierced his flesh, but he has no idea.

Li Xixing and Hu Jingjing could not know, but he had seen such a sword style and felt such a sword meaning!

Three years before the emperor Yuanwu came to the throne, in the battle where the man died, there was such a sword intention that the countless corpses accumulated at the top of the tower!

A lot of real bloody lightning appeared in the black world.

Each lightning is a sword meaning sprinkled on a sword wire.

A thick dark cloud to the deepest was pierced by these bloody lightning like countless holes, and countless strength rushed out madly.


"Round light!"

Ding Ning's mouth gushed out blood, but at the same time, he still looked at the front and spit out two sword-like names.

Li Xixing and Hu Jingjing make swords!

The two swords intended to collide in front and then merged almost perfectly.


However, in the next moment, the bodies of Ding Ning, Li Xixing, and Hu Jingjing flew backwards, hitting hard on the stone steps not far behind.


A canopy of smoke rose, and a cracking sound sounded, not knowing whether it was bone cracking or stone step cracking.

Shen Xuan did not look back.

He just took a deep breath in spite of the smoke.

Then he let go of his fist, and a bloody hilt first appeared in his palm, followed by a stronger natal breath, and a bloody and gray entwined sword appeared in his hand.

The dark clouds in front of him began to fly like cracked cloth.


A shrill roar sounded.

Then came a loud noise of "Dang", like someone rang a big bell.

Ding Ning coughed constantly, as if to cough up his lungs.

There was blood in front of him, not just the blood he coughed out, but his entire body seemed to be bleeding out.

However, he still struggled to support his body, sat forward, and looked at the voice.

Where the dark clouds dissipated, there were two bodies on the golden tower like images of flying flies, sliding down against the golden tower.

The golden tower was soft from the beginning, and now it is dazzling.

The living spring before the golden pagoda has completely disappeared, leaving only a dry spring pool bottom, which is all white sand.

Above the white sand, a huge black sword like a moon was suspended.

That's the mortal blade of Zhan Maha.

However, just between Ding Ning's eyes, a black sword-like scimitar shattered, like a piece of itself that had been cracked, but the tiles that were carefully stacked were again subject to vibration and collapse, and instantly fell into countless fragments. .

"Ding Ning!"

A cry of tremendous severity rang in the lower part of the golden tower.