The Sword Dynasty

Episode 487

Wu Lianzi was shocked.

Li Xixing and Hu Jingjing were equally shocked.

Runes, catalogues, and even the text of the sword sutra, the most difficult thing is enlightenment. However, if someone can explain the true meaning one by one, then even some profound sword sutras, for practitioners with a little understanding ability It is no longer difficult to understand.

At this time, there are many sword scriptures in many spiritual practice sites in Changling, which are obscure and difficult to understand. The biggest reason is that these sword scriptures are the secret treasures of various sects, many of which are in one line. Master and his disciples had an accident. Even if there are classics in this sword scripture, even later people in this discipline might not be able to understand it.

Taking the example of Baoguangguan where Hu Jingjing is located, the true meaning of one of Baoguangguan’s most important sword scriptures was imparted to Hu Jingjing alone. If Hu Jingjing died in this wasteland, even if a disciple of Baoguangguan saw that The classics of the swords may not be able to understand well.

In fact, from ancient times to the present, many scholars have lost their knowledge because they do not show their secrets and do not want to spread them.

What an amazing dynasty was Tianliang in the past, and just looking at the Yu Wei of Wushuang's wind and rain swords, you will know how valuable the sword classics left by these days' cool masters are.

"This is really enough."

Wu Lianzi could not control the tremor of his voice. He initially wanted to ask Ding Ning why he did this, but thinking of the identity of the other party's nine dead silkworms, he suddenly knew that it would be unnecessary to ask.

He hesitated for a moment, took a deep breath, tried his best to calm down, and his voice was more respectful and polite. "What does that gentleman want me to do for you?"

"Keep secrets for me."

Ding Ning looked at him and said slowly and seriously, "Don't let anyone know that Nine Dead Silkworms are on me, unless I tell the world myself."

Wu Lianzi nodded.

Even though his injury was extremely heavy at this time, every drop of blood was worth cherishing, but he still used a handy knife to pierce his palm and swore to heaven.

After completing Wu's most solemn blood vow, Wu Lianzi continued to look at Ding Ning. For his life and such a huge ancestral mountain treasure, in his view, it was simply to help Ding Ning keep secrets, which was naturally not enough.

Ding Ning looked at him calmly. He naturally understood the meaning of the young man’s simple eyes at this time, but he did not say what he wanted, but asked Wu Lianzi, saying: "As the prince of Wu Family, What do you want most?"

The story about the man in Changling, even in the distant Wu's or even the far east of Donghu, is a true legend. Especially when people like Gu Huai and Zhan Mohe were defeated in front of Ding Ning, he was right Ding Ning is truly awe.

So he didn't think about anything else, but after froze for a while, he began to think about Ding Ning's problem seriously.

"I think Wu's can survive well. Our Wu's people can live in this grassland carefree, without worrying about being annexed by the Great Qin Dynasty or other dynasties or forced to succumb to slavery." He After thinking about it for a moment, I said first.

"If I can win the battle between Yuan Wu and Zheng Xiu, I can guarantee this." Ding Ning said.

No one found Ding Ning's words ridiculous.

In a sense, Ding Ning represented not only the nine dead silkworms, but also the entire Bashan Jianchang.

Especially in a certain sense, the Jiangshan of the Great Qin Dynasty itself was the Bashan Jianchang.

Wu Lianzi began to understand the meaning of Ding Ning. He raised his head hard, looked at Ding Ning's calm eyes, and said softly: "So Mr. Wish me... My Wu's, in the future you will fight with Yuanwu, Zheng Xiu Enough support."

Ding Ning greeted his eyes and said sincerely, "I don't just want to be friends with you, but I want to be friends with the entire Wu's, but now your will is not the whole Wu's will. You must ensure the future What Wu's can listen to is your opinion, not the opinion of a person like Zhan Maha."

Wu Lianzi understood the meaning of Ding Ning's sentence. He pondered for a moment and said: "You mean that I can grasp the whole Wu's first."

"These sword scriptures in Zudi are not only gifts for you Wuxi Queen Mother and Wushi, but also gifts for you."

Ding Ning looked at Wu Zhuzi, who became extremely dignified, and said slowly: "Several of the heaviest sword sutras, I hope to put them on you."

Wu Lianzi has seen many surprises today, but he was surprised when he heard Ding Ning's words.

"The Wushuang Fengyu Sword is a very powerful person, who is careful enough and is also a great person."

Ding Ning did not look at him, but looked up and slowly said, "The reason why I can crack Wushuang Fengyu Sword is because the stone beasts and stone tablets outside, there is the sword of Wushuang Fengyu Sword."

Hu Jingjing couldn't help saying: "Why?"

"True meaning."

Ding Ning uttered two words unusually simple, and then watched her slowly add: "Only people who can understand the true meaning of Kendo can truly understand his sword scripture. Those who can understand his sword scripture will naturally approach him. The state of mind, or from such a majestic sword, understand him as a man."

Hu Jingjing immediately responded, "So he is not afraid of people comprehending his sword scripture, because anyone who can comprehend his sword scripture can understand his intentions.

"People who agree with him will not want to accept this immortal medicine like Zhan Maha." Ding Ning nodded and looked at Shen Xuan and Wu Lianzi, saying: "Many people in the world most want it, in fact It is identification and coexistence of life and death."


Hu Jingjing glanced at Wu Lianzi, looking like he couldn't stop talking.

Li Xixing glanced at her and said, "Say whatever you want."

"My Master and I said that people will change. At different stages, people will have different views, and even some people will become completely strange." Hu Jingjing hesitated and said: "Even the blood oath, I still feel uneasy. Because we only pay, and he does not have any equal bet on our side."

Wu Lianzi has lost a lot of blood, but when he heard Hu Jingjing's words, he still turned blood red, and wanted to argue aloud. However, at this moment, Li Xixing shook his head directly and said indifferently: "No need ,I believe in him."

Hu Jingjing froze.

Wu Lian Zi stunned.

Li Xixing sneered, "He is the five princes most loved by the Empress Dowager. It is very likely that he will be established as a prince. An important person like him is just trying to mount a horse, so he is in danger and desperately chasing me. In the prince, who would do this except for an idiot like him?"

Hu Jingjing stayed for a while, she inexplicably thought of the reason why Li Xixing was expelled here freely, and she reacted inexplicably. Li Xixing's trust was based on Wu Lianzi and he were the same kind of people.

Scolded as an idiot, Wu Lianzi didn't feel the slightest anger.

There was an inexplicable touch in his heart, and his hatred of Li Xixing disappeared, filled with another indescribable meaning.

He instantly understood Ding Ning's word "identity".

"Your Changling has a saying, it is called that a wise man died for his soulmate."

He looked up and watched Ding Ning and Li Xixing say slowly and seriously, "I can die for you."

Then he leaned forward, prostrate to the ground, and gave a big gift to Ding Ning, saying: "Master."

For him, whether Ding Ningcheng does not recognize him as a disciple, but since Ding Ning taught him his cool sword and taught him Wushuang Fengyu Sword, in his mind, he was already his teacher.