The Sword Dynasty

490 I'll Kill You

Chen Xingchui is a famous general of Dayan Frontier Army.

Before leading the army, he was one of the most outstanding disciples of Xian Fuzong.

He had stepped into the Seven Realms long before he became a general of the frontier army.

In a sense, in addition to the Sect Master Sect, the remaining elders of the Sect Fu Sect, if they fight Chen Xinghui's life, may survive Chen Xingchui.

This is probably the most important reason why these people invited Chen Xinghui back to kill Zhang Yi.

They need to be foolproof.

Looking down from this grass cottage, Sect Master Xian Fu Zong saw that the mountain gate of Xian Fu Zong was also closed at this time.

When the mountain gate was closed, it was impossible for anyone to enter Xianfuzong for a while.

So, who can stop Chen Xinghui from killing Zhang Yi?

When the wise old man felt a little chilly, a middle-aged man in common clothed with wind and dust was slowly walking along the mountain road to a temple.


When this middle-aged clothed man covered in wind and dust walked slowly, Zhang Yi and more than a dozen disciples of Xian Fu Zong were practicing...or exploring.

The appearance of this Taoist temple is very ordinary, but it is made of ordinary nanmu and masonry. However, every wooden pillar and wall in the inside has a layer that seems to be changing, but it is almost eternal.

This streamer is like imprisoning everything in this Taoist Temple, so that this Taoist Temple will be kept unchanged.

There are carved patterns everywhere in the Taoist Temple. These patterns without fixed rules and patterns may be runes or may not be. Inadvertently, some patterns will suddenly flash a ray of non-existent flame, It was like a flash of lightning flashed through the thundercloud.

This temple is the Temple of Heaven.

According to legend, the highest Taoist symbol of Immortal Fuzong is hidden among these complicated and unreasonable patterns.

The most important thing is that in the history of Immortal Fuzong, among the seven people who realized the Taoist Fu in the Temple of Heaven, the position of the pattern seen by each person when they realized it was different.

Some people realized the runes between the complicated patterns on the beams, some in the mullions, some on the masonry walls, and some people even realized the runes between the mottled light and shadow through the windows... However, after all, they finally realized The artistic conception and power of Chengtian Taofu are the same.

Therefore, in all the records of Xian Fuzong, this Chengtian Temple itself, everything in it, is just talking about the same rune meaning and the same reason.

There are many roads to this principle, but the final destination is the same.

The seven people who had previously realized that the Taoist Rune had become the master of the Xianfu Sect.

Therefore, this temple is not only important, it is an ultimate honor to be able to enter this temple, and only some of the best students of contemporary Xian Fuzong will be allowed to enter here to practice.

In a sense, being able to enter here means having the possibility of becoming the next suzerain.

Good hope can be inspiring and exciting.

Especially for some people who are easily satisfied.

Zhang Yi is a person who is easily satisfied.

Being able to get some goodwill friendships, and being able to no longer be ridiculed or sneered by others, is already very satisfying for him.

As for the matter of Sect Master Sect, he never thought about it.

At this time, he stared hard at the patterns on the roof of the temple in different shades. He was intuitively beautiful, and these high patterns were also the most attractive parts of the whole temple. He didn’t like the shadows that seemed wet. The puffy patterns, but unfortunately, no matter how serious he is, he doesn't feel the slightest feeling, and he doesn't feel the difference between these patterns and ordinary carvings.

So much so that he started to have some heavy eyelids and a feeling of drowsiness.

In the afterglow of his eyes, Le Yi waited for someone to frown, think, and blink his eyes. He thought that in such a solemn and solemn and meaningful place, he even wanted to go to sleep, and he felt a little bit suddenly. ashamed.

Suddenly, he felt a little chill in his warm body.

This chill comes from outside the temple.

He turned a little shocked, looking towards the false gate.

No one paid attention to his movements, not even Le Yi, who was closest to him, because no one but him felt the inexplicable chill.

The door of the hall was not opened yet, but footsteps sounded like drums in his pinna.

This footstep sound is extremely uniform and powerful, with a rhythm and iron breath that does not change for foreign objects at all.

The first impression he gave was that even before this person's feet were even mountain rivers, he would walk with such a fixed step.

The hall door opened.

A slight breeze of mountain wind really poured into the temple.

However, in Zhang Yi's perception, the silent space buzzed suddenly, the air was cut open face-to-face by the sharp blades and blades, the strong wind made a great deal, and the nose and wings were full of rust and bloody smell.

A middle-aged man appeared in his sight.

This middle-aged man is only wearing ordinary clothes, but these breaths in his perception include the coldness of the middle-aged man, or the kind that comes out of the body and from the strong heart The coldness meant that he instantly understood that he was a general, and that he was an extraordinary general who had passed countless battle fronts.

It was only at this time that the rest of the Xianfu Zong disciples in the Chengtian Temple discovered this person's arrival and turned around.

The middle-aged man is naturally Chen Xinghui.

His appearance is not outstanding, his skin is dark, there is a sword wound on his left cheek, and his eyes are too small.

However, because of various unique temperaments, no one in the hall felt that he was ugly.

"You are Zhang Yi?"

His eyes fell on Zhang Yi's body for the first time, and he did not move away, and then said with a sense of sincerity, "You really are the most outstanding among the disciples of this generation of Xian Fu Zong, the first one can feel me s arrival."

Zhang Yi was a little stunned, but he was a real gentleman, so he bowed down to salute the first time and asked, "The junior is Zhang Yi, don't know the senior?"

"Chen Xinghui."

There was an uproar suddenly in the silent hall.

Zhang Yi was stunned. He didn't know why such a reaction around him. Because he hadn't heard of the name of the person in front of him, he suddenly felt ignorant and a little ashamed.

"Chen Xingchui is a practitioner who went out of our Xian Fuzong, and we are the generals of Huyan Army, the border guard of our Dayan Dynasty." A thin and slight female voice passed into Zhang Yi's pinna. He heard Murong's voice .

Zhang Yiwei turned his head to thank Murong, who was not far behind, and was even more puzzled and began to be more shocked.

The great Qin dynasty was rewarded with military merits. As a Qin person, he naturally knew what identity a real general was.

"I was able to perceive the arrival of the general first, just because I am a Qin person. I am more keen on the meaning of swords than they are, not that I perceive them more...or that I am not fascinated here."

However, he first explained this sentence, and said: "So the general is overrated."

"Humility and fearlessness are often the qualities most needed by practitioners to become stronger, but you all have them." Chen Xing shook his head, "You don't have to be humble. I have practiced in Xianfuzong for 13 years. For 12 years, the border guard has seen countless people and has his own judgment on people."

Zhang Yi has always been bad at arguing with people, let alone arguing for himself, so when he heard this at this time, he just bowed his head slightly and didn't know what to say.

Chen Xing looked at the teenager he admired quietly, with some regrets, and said: "But I came here to kill you on this trip."


As soon as he said this, there was a cold air in the whole hall.

Zhang Yi was dumbfounded.

"No need to ask why."

Chen Xing's cold eyes glanced at everyone behind Zhang Yi, including Murong Xiaoyi, who was about to step forward, "I can be here, and Xian Fuzong closed the mountain gate. No one will stop you. You should understand what happened." , So irrelevant people, please go out."

His voice contained a sword-like sound.

The sound made everyone's body feel cold and their breathing became heavy.

Le Yi's breath stopped, and his hands were full of cold sweat.

Murong Xiaoyi narrowed her eyes, she looked at Zhang Yi.

She saw that Zhang Yi was going to talk, and at the same time she thought that according to Chen Xingchui's attitude towards Zhang Yi, he should give Zhang Yi a chance to talk.

"I don't know who asked you to kill me. But here, I am afraid that this temple will be destroyed."

But what made her almost speechless was that Zhang Yi said such a sentence at this time.

Up to this point, Zhang Yi was still worried about destroying this temple for the first time.