The Sword Dynasty

491 Fish Intestine

But this sentence made Chen Xinghui stare at him for a long time.

"I can't ruin the Temple of Heaven."

Then he looked at Zhang Yi seriously and said, "Unless you are stronger than me, it is possible to destroy this temple."

Zhang Yi looked at the streamer in the Temple of Heaven and realized that his worries were too much. He thought for a while and looked at the powerful predecessor of Xian Fuzong and asked, "You are both Generals of the Dayan Frontier Army. A person who has been a leader in a difficult place for more than ten years must be a person who understands the great righteousness, not to mention that you are also a disciple of the Xianfu Zong...The Sect Master cannot let you come to kill me. Have you ever considered that you first violate the Sect ?"

Chen Xinghui nodded and replied seriously: "Sovereign's decision, some may also be wrong."

"What you said makes sense but it makes no sense at all."

Zhang Yi said: "The existence of any sect gate is due to the rules that need to be followed. The sect master is not just a false name. If you think the sect master's decision is wrong, then the first thing you want to object is the sect master, or you can kill the sect master. , There is a new suzerain let you come to kill me. If even the suzerain has no place in it, then this suzerain will have no spirit and cannot exist for a long time."

Listening to Zhang Yi even talking about this with Chen Xingchui, all the other disciples of Xianfu Zong in this temple are speechless, and they want to come from a distance like Chen Xingchui, and the gate of Xian Fuzong They are all closed...just to kill Zhang Yi, how could such a thing change because of Zhang Yi's few words?

However, what everyone did not expect was that Chen Xinghui was silent for a moment, even saying: "You are right."

But Chen Xinghui's next sentence was even more shocking.

He raised his head, looked at Zhang Yi, and said seriously: "So after killing you, we will also try to replace our suzerain."

Zhang Yi was stunned.

Faced with such domineering words, he was speechless.

Chen Xinghui didn't speak anymore. He just looked at everyone behind Zhang Yi calmly.

The meaning in his eyes is very simple, you can stay, but if you stay, you will die here with Zhang Yi.

Le Yi's body shook slightly. He gritted his teeth and didn't move.

Except for him, all other Xianfu Zong disciples, including Murong Xiaoyi, started to move with their heads hanging slightly.

Since the Xianfuzong Mountain Gate is closed, and Chen Xingchui is here to kill Zhang Yi, this shows that the battle between those who are at the highest position of Xianfuzong has been completed. Today, the will in Xianfuzong is to kill Zhang Yi.

What's more, their hearts are very clear, even if all of them add up, it can't be Chen Xinghui's opponent.

Youth and blood are too fragile in the face of obvious results.

Looking at the classmates who were walking away from him, Zhang Yi didn't have any sad emotions in his eyes. He just couldn't help turning to Le Yi, shaking his head and saying, "You also go, we can't be his opponent ."

Le Yi looked at him and asked, "Will you fight back when he wants to kill you?"

Zhang Yi was stunned and said, "Of course it is impossible to stand and let him kill, to fight back."

Le Yi said: "Since you are not going to commit suicide directly, you have to fight, I will naturally help you fight."

Zhang Yi was a little helpless, and felt that Le Yi's words were like trying to force himself to commit suicide.

"You are the heir to Huang Xian Dao Fu of my immortal Fu Zong, so I will leave your life." At this moment, Chen Xinghui looked at Le Yi naturally and said this.

It was at this moment that a sign came suddenly in this temple.

This rune is full of murderous opportunities, not from Chen Xinghui's body, but from behind him.

Behind him, it was Murong, who bowed his head and seemed to be ashamed to go out.

Murong Xiaoyi was still bowing her head and going out, but the charm came from her.

A white streamer is like a ray of moonlight sprinkling in the night sky, falling softly and unimaginably towards Chen Xinghui's back.

There was a loud bang.

Zhang Yi and Le Yi looked at the smoke in front with a daze.

After the smoke and dust, the rest of the disciples of Xian Fuzong surrendered and rushed out of the palace.

Murong Xiaoyi's body flew out and hit the wall above the hall door.

With a groan, she forcibly reversed her body and fell, and a scarlet blood appeared in the corner of her mouth.

Chen Xinghui didn't turn around and said plainly, "It's true that Murong's family is courageous and ambitious. But when I first arrived at the border, I had to encounter at least dozens of assassinations every year. Compared with those assassins, whether it's your timing It’s still too bad to repair."

Zhang Yi's eyes widened, looking at Murong Xiaoyi with a look of anger but without a word looking at Chen Xinghui's back. It was only then that he realized that Murong Xiaoyi had to stay for himself.

Zhang Yi's eyes made Murong Xiaoyi suddenly angry, and she couldn't help but gritted her teeth: "Why, do you think I'm as greedy as those of them and afraid of death?"

Zhang Yi said with some difficulty: "But then you will die."

Murong Xiaoyi sneered: "Who am I? Just by him and his uncles, dare to kill me?"

The Murong family's status in the Dayan Dynasty was higher than those of the waiting palaces in the Changling City, so what she said made sense and she was confident.

"From today, your identity may be different." However, Chen Xinghui turned his head slightly and looked at her, saying: "I will try to keep my hand, but it does not mean that I dare not kill you."

Murong Xiaoyi's face suddenly turned pale.

Zhang Yi and Le Yi also took a breath, and couldn't help glancing at each other.

"Some things only represent a certain opinion and position in the next general situation." After Chen Xinghui said this sentence, he added another sign in the Temple of Heaven.

This rune came from him this time.

Almost out of intuition, the stone sword in Zhang Yi's hand waved forward, and the dust that had just fallen on the ground floated upward with his sword intention.


However, in the next moment, his wrist bones were in pain, his chest rattled several times, and his sternum had broken several pieces.

Chen Xinghui looked faintly and ruthlessly at the incredible Zhang Yi in his eyes. His left hand stood in front of him, and the rune came from the palm prints in his palms...Every palm print seemed to become a rune, containing With extremely terrifying power and realm.

With his thoughts, there were several white lights in the air like several whips continuing to wave forward.

Seeing with his strength marching, Zhang Yi's broken sternum had to pierce Zhang Yi's heart and lungs directly.

However, at this moment, the first accident happened.

Zhang Yi spouted a mouthful of blood.

He took a step back.

On the ground beneath his footsteps, the ascent rose, and in his perception, a block of bricks floated up, blocking the white light before, blocking the forward force for a moment.

With Zhang Yi's cultivation practice and realm, he can avoid being killed by him in one breath, which is already a miracle.

It was at this time that his mind flashed with surprise for the second time.

A huge force broke the body protection behind him without warning, and stabbed him in the back.

Chen Xinghui turned around.

Before this turn, a fiery red symbol in his right palm had flew out.

With a loud bang, a real fire condensed Dan furnace appeared directly behind him.

However, the cold light still flashed in the center of the Danlu. This cold light fell on his body when he twisted, and fell on his left waist.

A cloud of blood suddenly burst from his left waist, and Hanguang pierced his flesh, leaving a transparent wound.

"Fish intestines!"

Chen Xingchui's face shook, but his brow frowned without any panic, but the voice froze slightly: "This thing from Murong's family is in your hands."

Le Yi's face was extremely pale. At that moment, he thought Zhang Yi was dead.

But Zhang Yi survived, and Murong Xiaoyi's cold light was clearly a sword.

Murong Xiaoyi is not Zhang Yi. She is good at Fu Dao instead of Kendo. How can she stab Chen Xinghui with a sword?

He was shocked in his heart, but knew that if he was not fast enough, he would still be unable to change the fate of Zhang Yi being killed in the next moment.

With a snorting murmur, there was a rush of blood in his mouth.

The true element in his body completely ignores whether the meridian can bear it, and comes out of a crazy shock.

A yellow Tao symbol flew out of his hand, driving his body in front of Zhang Yi.

The top of the temple is covered with yellow clouds.

A huge meaning landed like a sky dome.

Le Yi's fingers bounced, dragging the heavenly dome, and drove towards Chen Xing.

Chen Xinghui's eyes narrowed slightly. He was not impatient. He pressed his wound with his left hand. The real element of the silk sutured the wound like a needle thread. At the same time, a sharp rune cut into the air like a knife. Invisible silk thread.

Huang Tian Dao Fu is one of Xian Fu Zong's most powerful two Tao Runes, and the most difficult to break, but the huge gap between the state and strength gives him enough confidence to use an ordinary rune to break it.

However, at this moment, Le Yi and him, even Zhang Yi, felt something strange. They couldn't help but looked up.