The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 495

"Who are you?"

The middle-aged man, Xian Fuzong, wearing a black robe frowned, and asked subconsciously.

In his subconscious mind, this is the gate of Immortal Fuzong. He is the person of Immortal Fuzong. That person naturally submerged into the immortal Fuzong's spy, and his voice and momentum were naturally straightforward.

However, in the face of such inquiries, the tall and thin man who was stuck in front of him just slowly held the sword handle in front of him, calmly said: "I am Zhang Yi's uncle."

"Uncle Zhang Yi?"

The middle-aged man of Immortal Fuzong was stunned, and a slightly sarcastic smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, thinking that he was Zhang Yi’s uncle, according to his seniority. Isn’t this man wearing Xian Fuzong’s miscellaneous costumes his peers? .

However, in the next moment, when he felt the sharp sword in the other side, he awakened Huo Ran, "Are you from Changling?"

The tall, thin man looked at him and nodded, saying, "Baiyang Cave."

The middle-aged man of Xian Fuzong frowned, his sarcastic smile disappeared and turned into a dignified meaning.

He didn't know how this person arrived at Xianfuzong, and how it would appear at this time.

However, in his impression, Zhang Yi and the Baiyang Cave from the wine shop boy were only a very weak sect in Changling, and Xian Fuzong is equivalent to Minshan Jianzong and Lingxu Jianmen for Changling The same existence cannot be equal.

He didn't know that Baiyang Cave was outside. Zhang Yi's uncle had only one Li Daoji.

He did not know the name of Li Daoji, and knew nothing about Li Daoji's story.

So he still doesn't think that the swordsman from Aries Cave can stop himself.

This is not a usual duel, so when the dignified meaning appears on his face, his fingers have quietly moved the sign.

Numerous yellow leaves falling on the ground floated quietly, and the veins on each yellow leaf shone.

The veins of these leaves themselves are natural channels for absorbing the nutrients of the tree body and the sunlight and water vapor. For the magician of his state, each yellow leaf is his symbol, and it is the weapon given to him by nature.

Since he entered the Xianfuzong practice, his lifelong training has been related to these natural leaf veins. His name is Cheng Qingye, and it seems to be related to this leaf in Mingming.

He was not in the gate of Xian Fuzong Mountain, but in the palace of Dayan.

In a sense, the Royal Palace Runemaster is also extremely powerful.

At this time, the yellow leaves that fell on the mountain road were lifeless. However, with his thoughts, the thin real elements flowed out from his fingertips, and as his mind flowed into the veins of these yellow leaves Among them, these veins suddenly brightened and burst into vigorous vitality.

All these yellow leaves instantly turned green, and the entire mountain trail and the air behind him instantly turned green, like the arrival of spring.

His rune is called Chunyi.

The strongest in spring is the quietness of Runwu, which arrives quietly, I don't know when to arrive, and I don't know where to arrive.

I don’t know when it will arrive, I don’t know where it will arrive, so it’s killing everywhere.

Li Daoji's lips squeezed like red lines.

Since he left Changling, it seems to have completely disappeared in the world. Even Zhang Yi and Su Qin did not know where he went, and even today he did not expect him to appear here.

Apart from the different costumes, his appearance and saber seem to have no change from Changling.

What is certain is that in Changling, his cultivation practice was absolutely far away from this practitioner of Xian Fuzong.

However, at this time, in the face of such a sign, his deep, murderous eyes were calm and full of strong self-confidence.

He drew his sword in a hurry.

Then, with a kind of weirdness, he waved his long sword like a hoe, digging into the air ahead.

Countless sneering noises sounded.

Fu Yi disappeared.

The countless green leaves that fluttered behind Cheng Qingye became yellow again.

Cheng Qingye retreated abruptly for dozens of feet, and the airflow around him shattered the yellow leaves, and even instantly passed through the pavilion and hit the mountain wall behind the pavilion.

This is something he has never encountered.

This sword of Li Daoji, in his perception, seemed to have made a hole in all of his symbols, so that the spirit of heaven and earth he had called would instantly flow out of that hole.

He even felt that Li Daoji's practice was still inferior to him. However, this sword made him feel fear and powerlessness out of thin air, at least for a moment, even his confidence penetrated.

"What kind of sword is this?"

He screamed subconsciously.

In the scream, a leaf carved from jasper flew out of his hand.

There are also countless veins in this leaf, layered on top of each other.

The true elements in his body surged like waves, pouring into this leaf carved by jasper.

This is a Taoist symbol he has refined for many years, and it can also be said to be his natal symbol.

This rune offering came out. The leaves of half the mountains behind him, whether it was the yellow leaves on the ground or the green leaves remaining on the trees, all detached from the ground and the branches, and fluttered violently.

There was a violent roar in the sky, and the world was running like a giant mountain.

Li Daoji shot the sword again.

He didn't change anything. It still gave the general feeling of waving a hoe and digging a sword into the air in front of him.

Cheng Qingye screamed again.

The fu that he had just condensed quickly vented away again. Massive heaven and earth vitality followed a hole, not knowing where to flow, but he was out of his control.

On the piece of jasper Tao in front of him, only the true elements in his body were constantly splashing, like countless lightnings pouring out but could not be converted into real killing intentions.

He is unbelievable.

Send a third rune.

He subconsciously thinks that the other party may have learned the mystery of the Taoism he has cultivated, and has developed a sword that specifically breaks his Taoism. Therefore, his third Taoism is quite satisfactory and is a common Taoism of Xian Fuzong. .

This is a real thunder.

Even in the battlefield, it has been used by many powerful practitioners of Xianfuzong, which proves to be powerful and unbreakable.

Thunder flashed between the palm prints in his palm.

At the same time, the sky seemed to be cut by someone with a giant knife, and a golden color appeared.

In his imagination, in the next moment, there will be several golden lightning bolts of bucket thickness down and hit Li Daoji.

However, at this time, Li Daoji shot another sword.

He hoeed again.

The sign of True Thunder Rune also disappeared.

There was thunder in the sky, and no thunder fell.

Cheng Qingye had no face, his mouth was wide open to the extreme, but it was difficult to make a sound, and he couldn't even breathe.

He cast a fourth rune.

This is a fire sacrifice.

This is the most basic and simple symbol of Xian Fuzong.

The most basic and simple, often means the most difficult to break.

However, when the enthusiasm just started, the charm disappeared.

Li Daoji still used that kind of sword, breaking his charm.

With each sword, Li Daoji took a step forward.

Only four steps, he passed through the pavilion, not far away in front of him.

Cheng Qingye felt terrified.

He issued the fifth sign.

Several blue flames rushed out of the mountain walls on both sides of his body, seeming to become a wall.

However, these streams of flames had just rushed out, and the rune was not yet completed. Li Daoji's sword had been hoeed like a hoe.

This time his sword was not hoeing, but was directly hoeing into his chest.

The powerful sword gas directly tore his internal organs, pushing the broken true energy and flesh out of his mouth.

"How could this be?"

This was the hardest time to speak, but Cheng Qingye, like a person who was drowning, looked desperately at the sword that Li Daoji pierced into his chest, but made a noise.