The Sword Dynasty

498 The Youngest Guru

The black mountain is not tall, not even as tall as the tallest hall in the Yan Palace.

However, this black mountain is the pressure of terrifying fear on the perception of any practitioners present.

At this time, many people inside and outside the Dayan Palace had visited Lushan and saw Yuan Wu confronting several of the world's top guru.

The breath of this Montenegro had just risen, and these people's bodies shivered uncontrollably.

This unique breath of Yin, Gods and ghosts comes from Qi.

Only the master of the Daqi Dynasty had such a Montenegro.

The grand master of Daqi has proved to the world in the Lushan Association that he is the strongest among all the grandmasters present, except Yuanwu.


The imperial study is broken and replaced by the rise of Montenegro.

On this not-too-tall Montenegro, there is no vegetation, but there are countless tombstones standing upright.

Each tombstone is different, whether it is from form or material, and they are all wrapped in a completely different black arrogance.

Each one is equally gloomy, but in its perception, there is a completely different black flame, swaying wildly on this mountain like wild grass.

Zhongshuhou raised his head and looked at the Montenegro, his eyes narrowed, but his eyebrows were suddenly white.

He forbeared his life in Yandi's border city for half his life, planning what is today's situation. At this time he saw success, but suddenly there was a Montenegro born. Can he not be in a hurry, can he not be angry, can he not be old?

Emperor Yan looked at him mockingly.

Looking at the sudden wrinkles on his face and the suddenly whitened eyebrows, he said sarcastically: "You also know that you don't have much time, and soon, my silver cliff army will come back. You don't drop at this time. What do you want to do?"

After his voice sounded, the cold metal lights in the surrounding royal palace were scattered, such as the tide rushing to the beach, and eventually it was weakly turned into foam, and it will be completely dispersed.

On the cold face of Zhongshu Hou, a slight satire and fanatical smile appeared.

He looked at Emperor Yan and shook his head seriously, saying: "I still want to give it a try."

Emperor Yan sneered: "Try it?"

Zhongshuhou nodded and said indifferently: "He is not Yan Ying after all, everyone knows that Yan Ying is dead."

Emperor Yan no longer spoke.

He has sensed the changes in Montenegro behind him, and he knows that this sentence is no longer necessary for him to respond.

In Montenegro, all the tombstones began to tremble and sway.

The black dust and mud, shaking constantly at the bottom of the tombstone, a cold air, not rushing towards the sky, but madly rushing toward the depths of the underground where the practitioner's perception can not reach.

Inside and outside the palace, countless practitioners were shocked.

In their perception, this Montenegro has turned the entire palace into a ghost, and the invisibility that permeates the entire palace invisibly has even prevented some charms and flying swords from being used.

Zhongshuhou bowed his head.

His black hair also turned white in an instant.

At this moment, his hands pressed into the air in front of him.

A small, crystal-clear Vajra pestle fell at his fingertips.

In this imperial garden, all unbroken objects, including the white jade bridge that remained intact during the battle, were shattered and broken into ten million pieces.

The strong men guarding Yandi in front of them, all spitting blood, and flew backwards out of control.

Emperor Yan groaned, and numerous fine bubbles appeared in the air in front of him, flying away, as if boiling in water.

When these pictures had already taken place, there was a muffled noise on the ground in front of the master of surgery.

The small, crystal-clear Vajra pestle fell like a fingernail when he fell from his fingertips, but when it fell to the ground, it had become a person tall, like a small crystal tower.

The sky was golden, and a lot of flames appeared.

The chill of the entire Yandu suddenly disappeared, and the scorching heat of Buddha came.

Because those golden yellow flames are the real fire of the sun.

Zhongshu Hou looked at Montenegro expressionlessly, watching the true sun follow his will, swarming.

The Daqi dynasty, especially this one-pass black mountain's path of Yin, Gods, and ghosts, is the most weird practice method in the world, citing the dead cultivators or some powerful strange beasts remaining in the world.

The most fearful thing about this kind of overcast atmosphere is the real fire of the blazing sun, and he broke it with the real fire of the blazing sun.

In the blink of an eye, countless condensed sun fires continuously fell like a spear on this black mountain.

There were countless holes in the Montenegro, broken by countless tombstones, and no mud or gold stone was spattered through the hole, and there was a plume of smoke.

The true elements in Zhongshuhou's body continuously flowed out, his entire body became transparent, and the glow of the sky was like a god.

Seeing such a scene, there were bursts of cheers among the rebels who surrounded the garden. Many practitioners felt that the yin that filled the palace was dissipating, and the haze in their hearts gradually disappeared, and confidence began to recover.

Montenegro is dilapidated and seems to be completely transformed into thick smoke and black fly ash at any time.

However, at this time, in a valley near the top of Montenegro, a low-lying shadow slowly cracked.

A black-haired teenager, like waking up after a long sleep, turned over and sat down in the ground.

His complexion was very white, almost white.

There was anger in his pupils, but there was no anger in his body, not even a trace of temperature, like the frost on the tombstone in winter.

Because his skin was too bloodless and too pale, he could even clearly see the blood in his body.

The blood veins in his flesh and blood are black, and not the bright red blood is flowing, but the black arrogance.

The cheers stopped abruptly.

The teenager stood up.

The black hair was already taller than his men's, and dragged to the ground behind him.

His face is very young, and should not be much different from the age of Ding Ning and others. However, at this time, whether it is his black hair or his body skin, flesh and blood, makes him full of a strange and powerful atmosphere.

At the moment he stood up, a black cloud appeared in the sky.

The black clouds block the countless true fires of the sun falling in the sky. The most important thing is to keep the sun from dazzling.

The teenager opened his eyes completely.

Not just his pupils, his entire eyeballs are dark and dark like ink.

Then he saw the Zhongshuhou clearly and stepped across the valley toward the Zhongshuhou.

When he stepped out, Montenegro disappeared, turned into a thick black smoke, and gathered towards his body.

In all people's horizons and perceptions, this Montenegro followed his step and gained his body.

This Montenegro seems to be only a part of him.

In other words, it's just his life.

Zhongshuhou's face also became pale.

He didn't feel the breath of life, but his state and perception reminded him incomparably that this Montenegro has been completely integrated with the other party.

Most of the realm and practice of this Montenegro and that guru were completely passed on to each other.

He didn't feel the breath of life, just because... The law of the Yin God and the ghost of the first guru of Qi Kingdom was very different from any practice method in the world, not on the same path!

Needless to say, the teenager he faced at this time directly crossed the barriers of the seven realms and became the youngest guru in the world!

His heart beat very violently.

This does not fit the ground, it is difficult to explain with reason, but it is extremely true.

In the next moment, he screamed sharply, facing the teenager who came from the Black Mountain, his right hand stretched out, between his middle finger and index finger, a piece of broken thin rune paper was drawn, and he swiped towards the teenager.

The thin rune paper issued a terrifying rune.

The world was cut in half.

Before this rune, countless tombstones suddenly appeared.

Countless tombstones filled the whole world.

Countless tombstones were cut into two pieces and turned into black smoke.

But in the black smoke, the black-haired boy had already arrived in front of Zhongshuhou.

Zhongshuhou's eyes narrowed into a thin slit, but there was a faint flame in his slit.

Behind him, in the empty air, a shadow appeared out of thin air.

The shadow is very short and a dwarf.

But in his hand, there is a very long sword.

This sword is almost at its extreme, and it is even no less than the sword light of the Dantai Sword Watch in the Minshan Sword Society.

Just a flash, the sword light pressed against the waist and abdomen of Zhongshuhou and penetrated the young man's chest.

However, only at this moment, the faint flame in the eyes of Zhongshu Hou was turned into more shocks and even despair!