The Sword Dynasty

500 Proof

This torture chamber was located deep in the harem. It was only used as a cold palace in the first emperor's time. At this time, a vine called Acacia vine was densely wrapped, and only one road could enter and exit.

This acacia vine is a parasitic plant that can be described as greedy.

This vine parasitizes all plants that can be parasitized. When all the surrounding plants are killed by it's dried nutrients, the vines begin to parasitize each other.

The result of parasitizing each other is that only one of the thickest vines is left. When the parasitic host is lost, it will not be rooted in the soil, and it will eventually die.

So the final result of this vine growth is to destroy all the plants that can be parasitized around it, and finally destroy yourself...unless someone deliberately provides it with parasitic trees.

This cold palace is obviously someone who deliberately provided a parasitic host for this vine, so the picture is like the gathering place of lone souls and wild ghosts depicted in many storybooks, dead trees and vines are entangled, and the number of living Ten vines are alive, and the fuchsia skin is like bleeding.

When the queen stepped into the cold palace, the vines seemed to come alive, trembling like joy.

These vines pierced the dormitory in the cold palace. The top of the dormitory was covered with dead vines and living vines, and the dead leaves underneath became blankets.

Unlike ordinary trees whose dead leaves turn yellow, the leaves of this vine are dark red even if they are dry, which seems to indicate the bloody and cruel growth process.

Shen Xuan stood above the dark red withered leaves, bowed his head, listening to the familiar footsteps, but his face did not change in any way, only his pupils were dyed dark red, exuding a certain A strange and fanatical luster.

"I don't fully believe what you said about Gu Huai's death."

The queen's voice rang, "Because I understand Gu Huai, if he does not have the ability to overcome the battle against Maha, he will definitely not venture into Zushan."

The queen stayed at the door of the palace, her beautiful eyes looked at Shen Xuan with her head down without any personal emotions, waiting for his answer.

Her appearance seems to be more and more perfect, but it is because it is more perfect, so at this moment she is not like a person in the world, but like a god Buddha.

Shen Xuan was very silent for a moment in front of her.

Then he slowly said: "You are indeed saying good, I do have a hidden part, I also shot Gu Huai."


The queen glanced at him and said, "You should understand what Gu Huai means to me and to the entire Great Qin Dynasty."

Her voice was calm without emotion, and there were not even many surprises.

However, even though this was what Shen Xuan had expected, there was still some uncontrollable chill in his body.

He didn't control his own body's reaction, causing his body to tremble slightly with real fear.

"Because I have selfishness."

He took a deep breath and still hung his head, saying, "I want to live, I want to go back to Changling."

The queen looked up quietly.

She could see the extreme eyelashes beating slightly.

Then she looked at the owner of the big floating water cell with her head hanging down and had lost an arm. She asked in a very simple way: "Gu Huai is dead. Why do you live and why dare you go back to Changling?"

Shen Xuan remained silent for a moment, then looked up to meet her gaze and said, "In my opinion, Gu Huai is dead, and I might become more important in Changling... This is still my selfishness . You should understand that I don’t want to be held in the dark water cell all my life."

The queen looked at him calmly and said, "More important? What the hell do you want?"

Shen Xuan lowered his head and said, "Intermediate order."

The queen's beautiful eyelashes jumped again, beating more quickly.

Her perfect face was even a little white, with real anger and chill.

Intermediate order, this is an official position that has never been in the Great Qin Dynasty, but that person's vision.

And after Yuanwu ascended the throne, after she officially became the queen, let alone no one dared to mention it in front of her, and no one dared to mention that person in the entire Changling, in the Chaotang, and dared to mention something closely related to that person Imagine.

Shen Xuan didn't look up, just took a deep breath and said, "I brought back the celestial tactics."

The queen was silent.

As soon as she was silent, the air in the whole temple became colder, and all the air was forced away by a gloomy cold air from the extremely high starry sky.

Shen Xuan held his breath.

He knew she was weighing and thinking, and all he could do was wait for the final life and death.

"That wine shop boy really died?" The queen was silent for a moment, looking at him and asking this question.

Shen Xuan nodded hard and said, "The Wu Family can also prove it."

The queen looked at him and said, "But you still have to prove yourself... Even if you bring back the continuation of the God of Heaven, this is only the condition you used to exchange. I still can't fully believe you."

Shen Xuan looked up at her and said seriously, "I understand, so as long as I can prove it, I will not resent you."

The queen nodded and expressed satisfaction.

Shen Xuan bowed his head to salute, and then his hands showed a pure breath of life, a dark red withered leaf floating from the ground, falling into his hands, but gradually showing a ruby ​​luster, It became heavy like jade, and the leaves began to be filled with many words and lines engraved with his heart.

In the depths of the queen's indifferent eyes there was a fanatical color that could not be described by words.

This is the continuation of God's secret that the man wanted to watch, but he didn't get it in the end, and now, it finally came to her.

When the leaf that finally turned into ruby ​​fell into her hands, she felt the breath of the profound mysterious lines, her body shivered slightly, and she could be sure that this classic could not be fake .

She said nothing and turned away.

"Master Shen, offended."

A yellow robe practitioner walked out of the vines and smiled at Shen Xuan.

He opened the box he was carrying and opened it in front of Shen Xuan unscrupulously.

Then he almost violently, through a hollow steel needle, directly pierced a blood vein on Shen Xuan's neck.

Shen Xuan snorted in a hurry. His feet were hammered like a hammer and hit the ground.

"Master Shen, these methods, but you taught me."

"Similarly, I am here to give you thanks."

"Master Shen, you are still lucky compared to me, as long as you can hold it through, as long as you spit out the words, as you said to the Queen Mother, there is still a good future waiting for adults, so adults Don’t you hate me."

Seeing Shen Xuan's face twisted in pain, the yellow robe practitioner laughed, and the facial features were almost twisted, full of cruelty and pleasure.

In the following moment, he didn't care about Shen Xuan's feelings, and a strong natal breath also emanated from his body. Those huge vines that hung above suddenly surged like a python, and fell down. Tighten it tightly and hang it.

A dozen steel needles pierced Shen Xuan's body continuously, and the different medicines poured into it made Shen Xuan's body twist and even began to tear.

This yellow robe cultivator didn't even have extra movements, just because of his fierce twisting, Shen Xuan had already become bloody, and he could no longer see the human form.

This is the most secret place for confessions.

There are too many hidden secrets here, so the yellow robe cultivator who is arranged here can only stay here for a lifetime, and can never walk out of this cold palace alive.

He is the subordinate of Shen Xuan.

However, since he lives here, he can't leave this cold palace, and can never touch the outside world again, so he naturally doesn't need to think about Shen Xuan anymore.

But what he did not expect was that Shen Xuan did not have any hatred towards him at this time.

Because in the past many years, Shen Xuan has been waiting for such an opportunity, such an opportunity to prove himself.

He spent a lot of time to practice... so that he could withstand such torture and say what he wanted to say.

At this time, although he suffered from the pain that ordinary people can't imagine, he still kept a trace of clarity in his mind, and no one would see that his bloody face at this time, even a trace of satire Smile.

"What the hell do you want?"

The queen's voice still seems to echo in this cold palace.

"Dear Queen...I have worked for you for so long, have you never considered it, or disdain to think about it, thinking that I am not worthy of considering what I want?"

"Why do some people know what I want?"

"This is the difference between you and others."

"As now, you have to use this method to let me prove... It's just that in my eyes, I am always a dispensable dog, which is no different from those yellow robe people."

Shen Xuan smiled sarcastically.