The Sword Dynasty

502 Love and hate

Such a serious discussion about whether a person who is no longer in the world likes or dislikes a person at that time, is a purely ordinary friend or a confidant to a person, especially whether a certain lover does not exist, whether he will love On another person, this seems like a boring thing.

However, this is important for both parties.

For the straight game, this is one of the last wishes of those who respect him most and follow his life.

He knew that the person at that time had always wanted to find Changsun Qianxue, and he had always wanted to resolve his misunderstanding.

For Changsun Qianxue, it means more profoundly.

She is the eldest lady of the grandson family in Changling.

Before the rise of Bashan Sword Field and the assistance of Yuanwu Reform, the most powerful of Changling was the old dignitaries headed by Gongsun's family.

Her identity is even more noble than Daqin's princess.

She met the man, and she was hopelessly in love with the man.

However, the man and Zheng Xiu walked together. The man not only refused her love, but also turned around to destroy the Gongsun family.

The huge grandson family, so many people, she was the only one left.

The most important thing is that the Gongsun family once had the opportunity to deal with him. It was precisely because of her relationship with the man that she gave up a certain killing game and allowed the man to grow up.

In a sense, the Gongsun family believes that that person's feelings towards her, even if Zheng Xiu comes first, will not fail her.

Being rejected is different from being deceived and used.

She was silent at this time, but her tight lips shuddered.

"You should know him well."

"If he is not the one you thought before, Zheng Xiu's method is absolutely impossible to succeed, he is absolutely impossible to die in Changling because he wants to save some people."

Looking at Changsun Qianxue, whose lips started to tremble, he didn’t stop talking about it. He looked at Changsun Qianxue and said directly: "In a sense, Zheng Xiu is more mature than you, she Know him better than you."

The temperature in the car suddenly dropped, and real blue-black ice and snow appeared in the car with the breath of Changsun Qianxue.

There is no change outside the carriage, but in the cramped space of the carriage, there is a terrible killing intention.

The elder Sun Qingxue said extremely coldly: "You mean I shouldn't suspect him at all?... He was the principal of the whole Changling at that time. Although he was young, he was the respected leader of all of you, I 'S family was slaughtered in Changling, you shouldn't suspect me at all?"

"Time will prove everything."

The loser knew she could kill herself easily at this time, but he didn’t have any fear, just looked at her seriously and slowly said: "At least when he died in Changling, you should understand . Yuan Wu and Zheng Xiu burned so many books and killed so many people, didn't they want to put many mistakes on his head?"

Grandson Qianxue took a deep breath, and the blue and black ice and snow in the carriage disappeared. She shook her head coldly and said, "Maybe he didn't think so, maybe he was going to die, and maybe there are nine dead silkworms. The means to get back to life."

The loser looked at her with the same eyes as the monster, "There is no way to resurrect in the world. Even if there is, a person's physical body and spiritual will are all collapsed. If you want to resurrect, then it is the real law of rebellion... I am afraid that There is no difference in ascending the legendary Nine Realms. Who can ensure foolproof? If it can't be foolproof, who will bet first and then live and bet on his own life and death?"

After a pause, his mouth could not help but have some sarcasm, "If you change Zheng Xiu or Yuan Wu, you will naturally endure in silence, find a foolproof opportunity and then fight back for revenge."

The elder Sun Qianxue was silent for a long time and said, "Like he believed Zheng Xiu incomparably, after many years, the only thing I learned was not to trust anyone easily. I want to see the night owl."

"As long as you are willing to."

The loser nodded again and said sincerely, "He should want to see you more."

Chang Sun Qianxue's face was restored to her usual coldness, listening to the sound of the wagon wheels, she turned to look at the wagon curtain that was constantly floating with the shaking of the carriage, and said softly: "So Bashan Jianchang has not really disappeared in these years. ...You can be in Chu, and you can make Chu and Zheng Xiu reach an agreement, treat me as a kind of transaction, and safely send it to Chu. This shows that the entire Da Chu Dynasty is actually your Bashan sword field? "

The loser laughed straight away.

"you could put it that way."

His smile was a bit bleak, and he was not proud.

Because he is very clear what price Bashan Jianchang paid.


Jianzong Minshan, above the snow line.

Baili Suxue's figure is colder than the unmelted glacier.

Jing Liuli stood next to him, his body trembling slightly.

Baili Suxue also had a leaf in his hand at this time.

This leaf is also dark red, like dried blood condensing, and also has many mysterious lines.

Jing Liuli cannot comprehend the meaning between these mysterious lines, but she has experienced such runes, so she is very familiar with the special breath emitted from these lines.

This can only be the supreme master of Minshan Jianzong.

This leaf, Shen Xuan returned to Changling Mausoleum, was sent to Minshan Jianzong before returning to the palace.

The continuation of the God of Heaven fell on Shen Xuan's hand.

It was difficult for her to believe that the wine shop boy she had followed for a long time was really dead, but she believed that if he did not die, she would never let Xu Tianshen tactics fall into Shen Xuan's hands.

What does it mean that Shen Xuan deliberately sent such a leaf representing the continuation of God's tactics?

She was too excited to understand.

"Ding Ning is not dead."

Baili Suxue said, the first sentence, but let her breath stop directly, so she raised her head in disbelief.

"He is from Bashan Jianchang."

Baili Suxue said another sentence, making her body more stiff.

Then Baili Suxue looked at her and said, "Shen Xuan chose Bashan Jianchang."

Jing Liuli still couldn't understand, staring blankly at Baili Suxue.

Baixue Xue looked at the red leaves in his face blankly, watching it turn into ice chips in the cold.

"The continuation of God's formula has been changed."

Hearing his words, Jing Liuli finally reacted. She breathed hard, trembling: "This is Ding Ning's changed continuation formula... He deliberately made such a continuation formula into Zheng Xiu's hands?"

Baili Suxue looked at her without answering.

But Jing Liuli, who was very familiar with him, had seen the answer from the look in his eyes.

A rapture of indescribable expression suddenly rose in her mind.


After hesitating for a moment, she looked at Baili Suxue and asked, "What happened to you before you and Bashan Jianchang? Why do you hate him so much?"