The Sword Dynasty

503 The New Giant

This is the secret of a period of time.

Everyone wanted to know what kind of entanglement happened between Baili Suxue and that person that year, that person wanted to enter Minshan Jianzong and had a hard time.

But almost no one dared, and no one had the opportunity to ask Baixue Xuexue in person.

Regarding the entanglement between Baili Suxue and that person, there have been many kinds of guesses in the practitioner's world. Most of them think that the most likely guess is that Baili Suxue actually had a fight with that person.

Because when the man was just famous in Changling, he was looking for powerful swordsman challenges, so that the challenge duel in Changling is now common practice, and even the unfighting is considered to be extremely cowardly.

Most people guessed that the person actually challenged Baili Suxue, and Baili Suxue was invincible and was humiliated, so later that person wanted to enter Minshan Jianzong, but Baili Suxue was closed but the door was gone. After all, the man could not enter Minshan Jianzong.

In fact, even Jing Liuli guessed like this.

Because when she asked, Baili Suxue was silent, she couldn't help but ask: "Master, did he really challenge you?"

A smile appeared on the corner of Baili Suxue's mouth.

When he smiled, the corners of his mouth were upturned, full of pride, but his eyes were full of emotion and ridicule.

He shook his head and said, "I didn't fight him, I didn't see him when I closed the door, just because he was too stupid."

"Too stupid?"

Jing Liuli looked at him stunnedly. She couldn’t imagine that the whole world knew that the man in the past was a unique genius in the world. No matter how he felt about spiritual practice or fought against the army, fighting openly and secretly, no one could compare.

In her view, even if she respected the extreme master, it seemed that she was not qualified to say that the person was too stupid.

"Stupid is stupid, old things, there is nothing to say."

Baili Suxue turned around and stopped talking.

Jing Liuli looked at the back of Baili Suxue, thinking he was silently watching the everlasting ice and snow on the top of the mountain, but did not know that he was just looking at the Changling tomb and the imperial palace that he could not see.


The sunlight fell on the cold palace deep in the Changling Palace.

The blood sample of Acacia slowly retracted onto the beam, staggered across the roof of the temple.

On the prison bed below, a vague figure of flesh, or a vague flesh of flesh, was twisting non-stop, making a groaning moan.

The Huangpao practitioners regretted that they pulled out the thin needles stabbed in the blood flesh of Shen Xuan one by one, and even cleaned the fresh blood, they received it in an iron box.

The two officials in charge of records were not like the yellow robe cultivator who would never be able to leave this cold palace for life, but bowed salute to Shen Xuan, who twisted on the prison bed, and retreated from the palace. At that time, the two officials spoke softly to Shen Xuan, "Congratulations to Master Shen."

When the two officials retreated, two more officials walked in quickly.

One was an elderly medical officer who began to deal with Shen Xuan's injury as quickly as possible.

One is a clothing officer, carrying everything necessary to clean the body and a brand-new set of official uniforms.

The bloody smell in the cold palace was washed away, and began to be filled with the unique smell of some rare elixir.

The painful moan in Shen Xuan's mouth also slowly disappeared, but it became a heavy breathing sound.

"Senior Shen, you have to be are willing to work hard, and the glory and wealth are behind... such a drug, I have not seen it twice in my life...The queen's mother and daughter don't need to say more to you in the future."

The elderly medical officer whispered in his ear. In his view, only at this time would Shen Xuan begin to wake up and have his own sense of autonomy.

Shen Xuan's body was gradually cleaned, the flesh and blood on his body began to regenerate, and even the pain was quickly suppressed by the cool medicine.

However, even the elderly medical officer did not know that when Shen Xuan heard his words at this time, the corners of his mouth were slightly upturned, which caused a very ironic smile.

"Wound a person to the end, even if the best elixir is used to show grace, even if flesh and blood can be recovered, can everything be recovered?"

Shen Xuan smiled sarcastically in his heart.

At this time, his eyes were especially empty, looking at the roof of the upper hall. Among the dry vines at the top of the upper hall, the only dark red vines that were alive were sucking fresh nutrients, especially delicate, and one of them even spit out new shoots.


When he smiled sarcastically in his heart, Huang Zhenwei, wearing a light yellow robe, stared silently at the corner of the turret at a section of the wall under construction.

The wall foundation has been built from the east. On the edge of the entire Changling City, many wall foundations have been built. Just waiting for the mining rocks to arrive, the Changling City, which originally had no wall, will soon stand up a majestic City wall.

Except for those gigantic towers that stand on the Changling Mausoleum, the height of this wall will exceed the height of all other buildings in the Changling City.

On another corner tower in the distance, several generals were silently watching Huang Zhenwei.

Before the Changling City had no city walls, the guards at the turrets all had guards. Although there were supreme generals, the supreme generals were actually obedient to the Moshou City.

In fact, Moshoucheng is the supreme commander of the entire Changling garrison.

Although the Zhengwu Division has a garrison barracks within Changling, all the troops outside Changling are also dispatched by the Zhengwu Division, but the city guards are still an extremely important and powerful force.

After the death of Mo Shoucheng, under the advice of the queen, the city guard army naturally handed over to Huang Zhenwei.

Huang Zhenwei is a student of Mo Shoucheng. He has always studied with Mo Shoucheng. He has no objections and dissatisfaction with all the generals of the guards regarding his position as the successor of Mo Shoucheng. However, what makes them somewhat difficult to understand is that Huang Zhenwei was originally a division. first.

When the city walls were built and the guards were transferred to his hands at the same time, the power of Huang Zhenwei naturally surpassed the rest of the chiefs and Hou Mansion.

What is even more difficult for them to understand is that new news came out of the palace today.

Shen Xuan, the cool official who was in charge of the Dafu Water Prison, will become the middle sentence of the Great Qin Dynasty.

For the general middle and lower rank officials, the three words "intermediate criminal order" may not be a big deal, but for the high-ranking officials who have experienced the old things and the changes of the Bashan sword field, these three The words are too thrilling.

Everyone knows that the Daqin dynasty is fast and powerful because there is Bashan sword field, and Bashan sword field promotes the reform of the Daqin dynasty.

But most people in the world only know that the main thing is the merchants, but they do not know that there is a Li family besides the merchants.

The Li family changed the criminal law and the merchants changed the ancestral law.

Some of the Li family’s heavy penalties and some of the ideas proposed even exceeded the imperial power. The most important thing is that the intermediary order is a vision of that person, and an official position that overrides the various divisions.

These high-ranking generals who defended the city could not understand how the queen would reopen the middle sentence, but they can be sure that as long as the news is true, there will be two more large tombs in the future, close to even flush. Two-phase giant.

One is Huang Zhenwei they are following at this time.

One is Shen Xuan who came out of this big floating water cell.

"Southern Expedition and Northern Warfare, hoping to be a feudal lord, it might not be as good as a cool man walking out of the torture chamber."

A defender shook his head with a sneer and said.

When he said this, he was reminded of Liang Lian, the general of the dead Tiger and Wolf Army.

His mood at this time was somewhat uneven, representing the mood of most generals.

"It doesn't matter how we think."

Another general next to him looked at him at this moment, and said indifferently: "I am just curious about the mood of the Holy Ghost, and how the Holy Ghost would think of her practices."