The Sword Dynasty

509 Direct

Heavy snow.

An army was quietly waiting in the wilderness, because the snow flakes were too large, so it appeared heavy, falling on the armor, and even making the kind of booming sound of the arrow falling on the leather drum.

The first general held two golden ropes in his hands. At the end of the golden lock were two snow apes whose height was more than double that of ordinary sergeants.

When smelling the familiar breath that finally appeared in the wind and snow, the two snow apes growled at the same time.

"General Yelu, the snow is too great, so don't hurry up, go to my camp and drink a pot of hot wine."

The armor on the head of the general is also pure gold, which is out of place with the world at this time. Because the surroundings are too pale and cold, the pure gold armor on his body is more dazzling, and the beams of light are like the golden sun burning When he got up, it finally seemed to him that orange flames were rolling.

He wears a face of pure gold on his face, and several unique runes are like tears, with crystal light flowing in it.

At this moment, his voice penetrated the snow and made all the snow in front boil like a hot porridge.

"Why be polite."

There was a faint sound in the snow, but it contained an unimaginable majestic voice.

The boiling Feixue suddenly subsided and fell to the ground like heavy lead. Obviously only one person came, but the sound of Feixue's landing seemed to follow thousands of troops.

"It's not polite, my crown prince of Donghu, the great general of Wu's country. At this time, the war between Wu's and Daqin has not been completely stopped, and he is not in Wu's leadership, but he went to Donghu for a snow walk. Entertain one or two?"

The Donghu general looked at the man who came slowly, wearing a white fox fur coat, and said: "I hope the general Yelv Canglang is compassionate and waits for me to move early to rest. Don't let me wait for a walk with me. "

The man in the white fox fur coat was Yelu Cangwolf, the first figure of the U.S. military. At this time, his face was calm, looking at this huge army looming in the snow and the vast world behind the army, his eyes There was a hint of unspeakable sigh, but the tone was still cold and pale: "Emperor Donghu has no other use. It is powerful to set up a prince. He has set up five princes in a row, but they are not satisfied, and they are all abandoned. There are only the first prince, the second prince, the third prince... Donghu has the first prince, the second prince, and the third prince."

General Donghu's tone suddenly changed: "General Yelv, you fled to Wu's and became General Wu's. My emperor will not pursue it, and he still forms an ally with Donghu. I want to talk about the failure of old accounts?"

"No need to be nervous, I'm just here to send the letter." Yelu Canglang looked at the Donghu general and smiled faintly.

General Donghu shook his head and said indifferently: "Unfortunately, no matter who you want to send a letter to, I will not let you pass."

"I know."

Yelv Canglang raised his head slightly and smiled, "I know you will follow me, so the person who really sent the letter should have already sent the letter to that person."

General Donghu's body suddenly shook, and the golden light on his body flew like countless golden ropes.

Huo Ran turned to look behind him.

In the endless snowstorm, like the end of the sky, there is a huge and majestic shadow.

That is a mountain.

In the legend of the Donghu people, it is believed to be the Gamboji Mountain where the gods live.

"what do you want to do?"

The Donghu general turned slowly with some stiffness, looked at Yelv Canglang, and slowly said, "Who do you want to send a letter to?"

Yelu Cangwolf looked at him and did not answer.

Not because he did not like the general, but because the answer was meaningless, because even he was unfamiliar with the person.


The huge mountain has a huge cross-shaped staircase that occurs naturally.

The stone steps up to several feet in each level are covered with immortal ice and snow, and the meridians like sapphires carry a vicissitudes and strange power.

Not just the air, even the world's vitality has become extremely thin at this height.

At the bottom of the mountain, close to the pastures available to ordinary herders, there are some grottoes, where many real ascetic monks live.

The ultimate pursuit of these monks is to reduce their own request for this world as much as possible, reduce food intake as much as possible, and pursue the peace and joy of the spiritual world as much as possible.

In the winter when this blizzard came, even these real ascetic monks withdrew from these caves, but in a grotto on the mountainside, there still remained a ascetic.

This grotto is not deep. During the summer season, the sun can fall to the end of the grotto.

On the stone walls on both sides are carved a few sages who can't see their face. The appearance of the face originally seemed a bit fierce. However, because the time of carving is not known how many years have passed, the taste of the years is intertwined. In a dim environment, it is There is a kind of compassion.

At the end of the grotto are some dark purple cotton pads with frost, and a very thin old monk sits on it.

The old monk's skin seemed to be tanned leather, tightly attached to the bones of his body, but when he opened his eyes, his eyes were crystal clear, revealing the true five-color light.

A young man with a sword on his back appeared in the cave entrance, and as he opened his eyes, his figure reflected in the depths of his pupils.

Feeling the smell of the sword unique to that city, this old monk felt that it was a fatal encounter. He opened his mouth, and the vocal cords in his throat rang for the first time after many years without shaking, making a gentle voice, "You are long Lingren?"

The young man bowed to salute and said, "The younger Li Xixing, who was born in Changling, is a Qin person. Your senior is your old friend, and trust me to bring you something."

"Old friend?"

The old monk looked at the young man in doubt, and asked without emotion, "What?"

Li Xixing got up, and a piece of wood popped out of his hand, falling to the old monk.

When this piece of wood flew in the air, the old monk's eyes were masterful, and the statues of several Venerables on the stone walls on both sides made a strange sound. The thin air was alive, like a fountain. The mouth of the cave sprayed out.

An inexplicable symphony of golden iron sounded.

The old monk stood up.

As he stood up, the piece of wood stayed in front of him, then turned into a powder between his breaths, and collapsed, and the lines on the piece of wood still existed in his double pupils.

"So it turns out."

The old monk laughed and saluted Li Xixing, saying, "What else does he say to me?"

"I hope Donghu and Wu's friendship will be good." Li Xixing said.

The old monk thought for a while, with real joy, saying, "Okay."

"Is there anything else?"

"No more."

"it is good."

When the second word "good" was spoken, the figure of the old monk disappeared from the cave.

An empty and vast meaning crossed Li Xixing's body and suddenly went away.

Li Xixing had seen countless strong men, especially Gu Huai, who had already seen them. However, this kind of breath still made him breathe.


A hill is covered with yellow, white and dark red buildings.

These towering buildings that hold down the mountain are the palace of Donghu.

In many of the ground floor buildings of these palaces, countless serfs wailed under their whips, and there were many female slaves’ white tender bodies weeping under the master’s fat body.

Donghu and the world are different from each other at this time, except for the rich and powerful, the rest are all slaves.

Outside the palace are sergeants holding Jin Ge patrolling.

An old barefoot monk appeared on the main mountain road of the palace without warning.

"who are you?"

Sensing the powerful breath of the old monk, a general stuck in the mountain asked cautiously.

"I want to see Yelu really should."

Yelu really should be Emperor Donghu.

The general wanted to ask again, but the monk's footsteps never stopped.

The general screamed loudly and couldn't help but shoot.

On the mountain road, the gold flow surged, and countless sergeants came from the mountain road in all directions in the palace.

A wooden staff appeared in the old monk's hand.

This wooden stick is black, like a burnt stick.

When this wooden staff appeared, his footsteps slowed down, and any terrible breath on his body disappeared, just like an ordinary monk who had no knowledge of practice and had never practiced.

But the terrible breath was gathered in the wooden stick in his hands.

He was just very simple, without any fancy handing out this wooden stick, striking the person or the blade close to his body.

No one hit the air, and no one can bear his blow.

Whether it is a low-level practitioner in three realms and four realms, or even several generals in seven realms, there is no difference before his wooden staff.

Just a stick, and flesh and blood flew on his body, and died.

"What the hell are you?"

No one can stop the old monk's blow, and the old monk just penetrated the palace and appeared in front of Emperor Donghu.In the panic-stricken voice of Emperor Donghu, the old monk simply handed out the wooden stick again and struck a note on Emperor Donghu's head.

With a pop, the head of Emperor Donghu burst like a paper lantern easily.

The whole Donghu Palace suddenly died like a snowstorm.

The old monk turned and walked straight out along the mountain path when he came.

The sword point on the piece of wood awakened the true meaning that he lacked most in his practice is actually the word "direct". If you can walk across the river barefoot, why not step on a floating reed?

One pass will do everything, and today this is done. Since no one can resist the entire East Hu Palace, he naturally only needs to use the most direct method.

In this way, directly killing Emperor Donghu, the people of Donghu Palace will naturally know his identity, knowing that he is the strongest practitioner in Donghu today.

"Make friends with Wu's."

When he walked out of the palace, he turned his head slightly and said this to the people in the palace.