The Sword Dynasty

513 Gu Sheng

The middle-aged woman laughed.

"This joke is not funny."

She smiled and looked at the driver.

The scar on her face is a sword wound, which looks very shallow, but because of the tearing of the sword gas and the splash of strength, it has lifted off a lot of skin, and even cut off the possibility of a lot of flesh and skin re-growth together.

Plus somehow, in addition to this sword wound, there are many shallow wounds interlaced together, which looks like someone has repeatedly scratched her face with a sharp blade.

She said that this sentence is not funny, but she smiled, and when she laughed, the many scars on her face were pulled together, like a very vicious flower, with countless negative emotions blooming, so give People's feelings are extraordinarily violent and brutal.

A real force of shame has fallen on the driver on the front of the car. This former yellow robe messenger in Jiaodong County followed Zheng Xiu's man from Jiaodong County to Changling knowing that he would be torn into countless times by this power. The flesh and blood fragments, but his smile was calm, with a gloom of winter sunshine.

"This is indeed a very funny joke."

He looked directly at the middle-aged woman and said slowly and seriously: "But that's the fact. Although you are sisters with Zheng Xiu, but that person deliberately cut your face, it was hers. play off."

The smile of the middle-aged woman disappeared.

She looked at the man with a condescending gaze, and let the Buddha look at a ants indifferently.

All the creatures around this road seem to have fled in fear and are extremely dead.

Pan Ruoye's face became increasingly pale.

She looked at the shocking scar on her master's face and wondered what would the master do if the man said it was true?

The middle-aged woman seemed to spend some time thinking back about a lot of things, and then said indifferently: "When he came to me for a sword, he and Zheng Xiu had not met."

"You are telling the truth."

The man on the front of the car nodded and said, "You haven't even met each other, but for her, you are already a threat. After you are the royal family of Chen Guo, although Chen Guo no longer exists, your The status includes the forces behind it, which is no less than that of the daughters of Changling’s old and powerful gatekeepers. The most important thing is that Changling’s old and powerful gatekeepers had a lot of money. At that time, no one had the talent and grace to build swords like you.”

The middle-aged woman's eyes flashed a weird luster, just like the brilliance brought to her by some kind of memory. She also said weirdly, "But I have a bad temper."

"For some people, a grumpy personality can be seen as jealous and hatred, as a straightforward." The man on the front of the car said: "Especially for those geniuses who are uninhibited by themselves, this may become an attraction."

After a pause, he went on to say: "Geniuses are often not ordinary people, there will be a lot of differences."

Countless dust rose from the ground.

The middle-aged woman suddenly sneered extremely violently, and her robe hunted, "So you mean, when Zheng Xiu had just arrived in Changling, or she had not arrived in Changling before she had met me , She already thought I might be her opponent?"

The man on the front of the car said respectfully and seriously: "It's true."

Then before the middle-aged woman continued to speak, he added another sentence, "You don't know her growth experience in Jiaodong County, so you can't understand it."

The middle-aged woman's eyes narrowed slightly, she just asked directly: "Why do you betray her? In Changling, even if you are her servant, the actual status is probably no less than those of the company. first."

"So you have such doubts, just because you don't understand Jiaodong County, her growth experience and family members."

The man on the front of the car took a deep breath and said slowly: "You can't explain it clearly if you don't understand it."

"You better speak faster." The middle-aged woman said indifferently: "I don't have much patience."

"Jiaodong County is also an old gatekeeper. However, Wai Wang got up and was unable to enter Changling. Although he had the strength, he was always excluded. In the eyes of Changling's old powers, I am afraid that it is only a countryman. Jiaodong County knows this very well. "

The man on the front of the car nodded and said, "The strength and status are not proportional to each other, and naturally the deformed ambition naturally breeds... The idea of ​​Jiaodong County is not only to be among the Changling Gate Valves, but to completely overwhelm those who once looked down on Jiaodong County and Laughing at the old tyrants of Jiaodong County. Just like the rise of Bashan Jianchang ultimately depends on a few people who are against the sky, the rise of Jiaodong County will eventually need someone like Zheng Xiu."

"The Jiaodong County generation is very lucky. You only know that the Zheng family has such a highly talented spiritual genius, but you don't know that it is not one."

"Her generation, plus the side room, there are four highly talented spiritual geniuses."

"It took fifteen years for Jiaodong County to finally achieve the goal of raising a Zheng sleeve like Gu Gu."

"Now the Changling people, including all the people in the world, say she is cold, but if she knows how she left Jiaodong County alive, she naturally understands that if she can't do it so cruelly... it's not her who left Jiaodong County to Changling ."


The middle-aged woman frowned slightly.

Pan Ruoye's breathing could not help but hurry up. She couldn't help but look at the man on the front of the car and said: "You mean, she actually has several siblings who are equally talented, but her family is forcing them to kill each other. Usually forced them to practice, and eventually all the others died, leaving her alive?"

"Some died directly in her hands, and some didn't die directly in her hands, but they were almost the same."

The man on the front of the car looked at her and nodded, then said: "When the elders of her family used various extreme methods to select a person who could enter Changling, they also taught them how to choose their subordinates and how to control their subordinates. Loyalty."

"Faithfulness under the control?" Pan Ruoye couldn't help repeating this sentence, she thought it was awkward.

The man on the front of the car said: "Because in her view, there is nothing that can be trusted and immutable between her subordinates and her, so even loyalty is controlled in her view. For her, family is the most important One of the control methods. So in order to get a subordinate who is capable and loyal enough to her, what she did was to kill my original family and then managed to give me a new family."

Pan Ruoye took a breath, suddenly thought of a possibility, and was speechless for a while.

The man on the front of the car slowly said, "When I wasn't even a cultivator, I was just an ordinary reader, and when I was traveling with my family, I encountered a rogue, my whole family was killed, only I was saved by her family Afterwards, I woke up from a nightmare a few years later, and there was a beloved woman and a new family. But she did not expect that after many years I arrived in Changling, but because of a small matter, let I finally found out that the gangsters who killed my family back then, including my new family, were all just her arrangements. My new family is just her deployment."

Speaking of this, the man on the front of the car smiled bleakly, looking at Pan Ruoye, his voice was a little deeper, "You may not believe it at the time. At that time, in order to complete her home furnishing, she sought a subordinate like me and sent someone When I killed my family, she was only seven years old... just a seven-year-old child, she was already able to accomplish such a thing."