The Sword Dynasty

519 Persimmon

When Zhao Xiangfei left, she said to Lilingjun, "My life is yours. If I die, can you live alive in Dachu? If you don’t understand every time, think about it more. point."

At the other end of the mountain and the water, Ding Ning slowly put down the pile of files in front of him and shook his head slowly.

Minshan Jianhui will start, it is his real battle with Zheng Xiu.

She is in the light, he is in the dark, so he has won several invisibly in front.

However, no matter what happened in Changling, no matter how many people died around her, everything seemed to be proceeding in an orderly manner with her will.

There is no doubt that she is much stronger and scarier than before.

She is playing a game of chess.

He is also playing a game of chess.

"In this world, later, it became a game between me and you?"

Ding Ning looked at Feixue outside the tent and smiled bitterly.

The wind came to the north, blowing the snow falling between the world and flying south.

Some snow is heavy, so it falls directly on the wasteland.

Some snow is light, and it is carried in the cold current, turning into a cloud and flying across the Yinshan.

When Ding Ning smiled bitterly, a cloud of clouds slowly drifted past Wu's thousands of camps, fell a lot of heavy snow, and then continued slowly south.

As time goes by, when this cloud drifts away from the Wu's wilderness and floats behind the Yin Mountain, Changling has been removed from the old year to welcome the New Year.

A courtyard that was a bit too cold.

Listening to the crackling sound of burning bamboo in the streets and alleys of Changling, Shen Xuan put a piece of persimmon in his lips and chewed slowly.

Persimmon is synonymous with "things", and the persimmons were originally fiery red color, red and hot, in Changling, the new year's persimmon is not only used as a dessert to drink tea, but also a moral meaning.

Persimmon Ruyi, everything goes well, just things in the world, how can everything go well?


A mountain located on the big river.

Below the middle of the mountain is white mist, but above the middle of the mountain is clear, making the mountain float on the water and float on the fog.

This mountain is not far from Changling. Except for the few geniuses who are deliberately selected by the people in this mountain gate, the rest of Changling can't enter the whole life.

This mountain is where the Spiritual Xujian Gate is located.

It is well known in the world that Minshan Jianzong and Lingxu Jianmen are the two strongest places in the world.

However, compared with Minshan Jianzong, Lingxu Jianmen is more mysterious.

A distributing man carried a paper bag of persimmons in his hand and slowly climbed up the mountain along the stone path.

The mountains are quiet, but there are occasionally several disciple disciples beside the mountain stream, who suddenly see this gaseous and quiet, just like the men who are walking in the streets of Changling and visiting friends in the New Year, they are all slightly stunned.

They have never seen this man who distributes.

However, the distributing man was not surprised at all, but he nodded toward them with great fortitude, and then went up.

On the side facing the Wei River, there is a rock like a natural reclining Buddha.

There is a stone cottage below.

The walls and roofs of Shilu are covered with dense moss. Some moss even grow strange golden yellow flowers.

The furnishings in Shilu are extremely streamlined, yet there is an exquisite tea table with all tea drinking utensils.

Hearing the footsteps of this man from afar, a man in a purple shirt in Shilu began to make tea.

The man with a purple shirt has an ordinary face and an ordinary figure. However, the skin on his body is shimmering with some transparent luster. It seems that the whole person is disillusioned in the air as he breathes.


Looking at the distributing man who came in, the man in purple shirt nodded his head first as a salute, and said a courteous call, but the hint of rejoicing between the eyebrows quickly turned into a little chill, and he looked at the dispersing man holding in his hand The bag of persimmons said, "Brother, what do you mean?"

"I met only a year later, naturally for He Xi." The distributing man looked at him and said.

The man in the purple shirt frowned, saying, "But brother, you should understand that I don't like persimmon, or even see persimmon."

The distributing man has sat down opposite him and said gently: "Why?"

The man in the purple shirt looked a little ugly, and said, "Brother asked, knowingly."

"Naturally because of the young master."

Distributing the male anti-guest as the main, began to make tea, slowly said: "The chaos of Changling in the old days, Wang Jingmeng went into Changling, Master Ming wants to help him, but you don't want him to go."

The man in the purple shirt took a deep breath and looked up at the man who sent out his hair, his brow furrowed tighter.

The disseminating man did not evade his gaze, but then slowly said: "You don’t want Brother Ming to go, first, because you think that Brother Ming will help him, but it doesn’t help, and he will definitely die. Second, because you and Wang Jingmeng have hatred. So you poisoned Master Ming... You have dispelled heart, you just want Master Ming to fight weakly and give up, but you did not expect that Master Ming knows that he is poisoned and still goes. Dried persimmon, your poison was also among the dried persimmons. You wanted to live with the younger brother Ming, but instead let the younger brother fight against the poisoned death. So you feel guilty, don’t like food, don’t like to see dried persimmons."

"It's not that you don't like food or see, but you can't eat or see at all." The man in the purple shirt lowered his head slightly and said, "Senior brother Renhou, after so many years, when I mentioned the old things of the year, what the hell?

"The old things in those days, you would not let Brother Ming go, although you don't want Brother Ming to die, but the people who use swords in my generation only want to be happy, why not fear life and death, friends will not go without difficulty, great unrighteousness. If it is not you and Wang Jingmeng has a grudge. Presumably Brother Ming is going, you will never stop by this method."

The distributing man looked at him seriously and said, "But what if you and Wang Jingmeng's hatred don't exist at all?"

"What?" The man in purple clothes suddenly heard the meaning in the man's words, suddenly looked up and whispered softly.

"You always thought that your uncle was killed by Wang Jingmeng, but what if it wasn't him that killed him, but someone else killed him?" said the man.

The man in Ziyi is slightly stiff, and his eyes are full of incredible light.

"I knew about it at the time, but when Changling's chaos, when Brother Ming died, I practiced in the East China Sea. When I returned to Changling, Wang Jingmeng died, and Bashan Jianchang no longer exists. This matter has become an old thing. It’s useless, too.” After a pause, the distributing man continued: “Not to mention what I said alone, you may not believe it.”

The body of the man in purple was inexplicably chilly. The wind blew the golden yellow flowers blooming on the moss outside Shilu, and then even the light shining into Shilu outside shook the Buddha.

"Your uncle has nourishment for you and teaches you to practice, but it is not Wang Jingmeng or Wang Jingmeng who killed him. Bai Qi was killed, just like the Li family was killed. This is what Zheng Xiu and Yuan Wu meant, but he finally put this matter on his body." The distributing man just said calmly.

The man in Ziyi's breathing was a bit difficult. He looked at the distributing man and slowly said: "I really can't believe the brother completely, because although I believe the brother is a man, but brother you were the master of the final sword. It’s too close. Other people don’t know, but I know that if Brother Shi was also in the mountain gate, he would go to Changling together with Master Ming.”

"Of course I can't convince you alone. But I'm not alone." The distributing man looked at him and said, "Ji Qingqing is now outside the mountain. If she also said to you personally, what should you do?"

"Chen Guoqing's son Ji Qingqing?" The man in purple clothes raised his head very slowly and smiled bitterly.

In the following moment, he took a sip of tea and then asked, "If that is the case... Brother has solemnly mentioned the old thing today, why did it change?"

"It's just private enmity, and I don't think Brother would want me to manage to become the Sovereign of the Spiritual Void Sword Gate. The life and death of so many people with the Spirit Void Sword Gate will avenge me." After he paused, he looked at the dispersing man and said.

"Zheng Xiu wants An Baoshi to be the sovereign."

Distributing a man Su Rong said: "They have arranged An Baoshi into the virtual sword valley."

"So this is three to three?"

The man in Ziyi thought about distributing what the man said, the other three people in the Spiritual Xujianmen, and the woman who had been cut off his face waiting at Shanmen, sighed and stood up.